Seraphine’s abilities extend the range and empower the damage of her auto-attacks. This synergizes well with Lich Bane, which is another on-hit effect.

So, Seraphine can combine both her passive and Lich Bane to deal bonus magic damage with her basic attacks.

Seraphine’s passive – Stage Presence is just another auto-attack enhancer. It empowers Seraphine’s basic attacks when she uses an ability similar to Sylas’ passive work.

And because of that, items that also have an on-hit effect, like Lich Bane, are great options for Seraphine.

But it’s not only that.

If you play Seraphine in the mid lane, then Lich Bane is a must-have item. You absolutely depend on it to provide you with extra damage throughout the game.

Remember, Sera’s W doesn’t do damage, while her E is only used for crowd control. And you’ll need something to back up your Q!

Now let’s discuss runes and items first, then we’ll go over how to use Lich Bane!

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Lich Bane Seraphine – Runes

Lich Bane Seraphine Runes

Here are my recommended runes for playing Seraphine with Lich Bane:

  • Summon Aery – is an excellent keystone for poking in the laning phase because of its short cooldown. But it’s helpful for shielding or healing your allies.
  • Manaflow Band – increases your permanent mana and then your mana regeneration, which is extremely useful in the early game too.
  • Transcendence – gives you 10 Ability Haste for free and helps you refresh your basic abilities faster in a team fight.
  • Scorch – burns your target for a bit of damage which can be enough to secure a kill early on.
  • Biscuit Delivery – is a great way to stay healthy in the mid lane. Seraphine is a squishy champion, and the biscuits help her get through the laning phase.
  • Cosmic Insight – lowers the cooldown of your active items (Zhonya’s Hourglass) and your Summoner Spells.

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Optional Runes

I definitely recommend you to stick to my runes if you’re still learning Seraphine. This is a bread and butter rune page that you can use in every game.

However, feel free to add other runes.

Here are all the optional runes you can take on Seraphine:

  • Arcane Comet – gives you a stronger poke in the early game, but it has a longer cooldown.
  • Electrocute – is a great keystone that you can activate with a double ability cast and an auto-attack on Seraphine.
  • Dark Harvest – increases your damage against targets below 50% HP and is especially useful in the late game.
  • Cheap Shot – lets you deal more damage to champion you slow, snare, stun, or charm.
  • Ultimate Hunter – reduces the cooldown of your ultimate significantly, but you’ll have to score 5 champion takedowns to take full advantage of it.

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Lich Bane Seraphine – Items

Lich Bane Seraphine Item Build

And here is the complete item build for playing Seraphine with Lich Bane:

  • Liandry’s Anguish – applies a burn effect to every enemy champion you damage. The damage scales with their maximum HP, which means you’ll do more damage the longer the game goes on. 
  • Lich Bane – is your primary damage booster, so don’t forget to auto-attack once you have your Notes.
  • Archangel’s Stuff – increases your mana thanks to the Tear of Goddess and boosts your AP for a percentage of your maximum mana.
  • Chemtech Putrifier – is a must-have item because it reduces the effectiveness of all your enemies’ healing. It’s a better choice than Morellonomicon for Seraphine because she can apply the Grevious Wounds effect without damaging the enemy champions.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap – boosts your Ability Power by 35% and is generally recommended as a 5th item in the late game.
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity – give you 20 Ability Haste, which reduces the cooldown of your abilities significantly in the early game.

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Optional Items

As with the runes, the items I’ve selected for the Lich Bane Seraphine build work well together. But as each match is different, you’ll sometimes need to adjust.

Here are all the situational items you can purchase on Seraphine:

  • Luden’s Tempest – gives you burst damage and is a better mythic item against squishy champions.
  • Cosmic Drive – grants you a total of 40 Ability Haste, which is super broken.
  • Void Staff – is your best item against tanks because it gives you 40% Magic Penetration.
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter – has a nice synergy with Seraphine’s E, allowing her to always stun and not root the target when she double cast it.
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes – give you Magic Penetration and can be purchased instead of Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

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Summoner Spells and Ability Order

The choice of Summoner Spells for Seraphine is easy. The best combinations for her is Flash and Ignite or Flash and Exhaust, depending on the matchup. Exhaust is better versus assassins, while Ignite is good overall.

And the ability order for Seraphine is simple too:

Q > E > W > R

Lich Bane Seraphine – Guide

If you still have doubts whether Lich Bane works well on Seraphine, let me show you some numbers.

As you know, Seraphine, thanks to her passive, collects Notes when she uses her abilities. These Notes grant her 25 bonus Attack Range each.

Additionally, Seraphine’s next basic attack deals 4/8/14/24 plus a 6/7/8/9% bonus damage from her AP.

Additionally, Lich Bane deals 75% of Seraphine’s basic damage plus 50% of her Ability Power. 

But since these numbers are relevant, let’s just take Seraphine on level 11 as an example instead. And when we calculate it all, we have this:

Seraphine on level 11 deals 180 extra magic damage with Lich Bane and her passive combined. This may not seem like much, but it only gets better in the late game. And the more Ability Power you build, the higher this number will go too.

One advantage that Seraphine has when it comes to using Lich Bane is the fact that her abilities are on short cooldowns.

She can practically spam her Q and E all day long and activate Lich Bane as soon as it comes off cooldown. Of course, Lich Bane has only 2.5 seconds of recharge time, which is also low.

Seraphine can also use Lich Bane to quickly take down turrets, even in the mid game.

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So, yes. Seraphine works great with Lich Bane, and you should definitely build it if you play this champion in the mid lane. 

And like I mentioned already, you might not deal the greatest damage possible, but Seraphine has other tools too. Her healing is honestly broken, while her crowd control is unmatched.

And Lich Bane is only here to buff your damage, so you have a good amount of everything!

Last Update: March 2, 2024