The idea of playing Ahri with Lich Bane is not a new one. Since season 3, Ahri players like myself have been trying to find a functional Lich Bane build.

And even though the majority of the items have changed since then, I’m happy to say that we have one of the best Lich Bane builds for Ahri right now!

But you are new to the idea of playing the fox lady with Lich Bane, then I must clarify a thing or two before we dive deep into the actual build.

Ahri is a short-ranged mage and she always fights within range of her auto-attacks.

Ahri’s abilities don’t have the lowest cooldown numbers, so she often goes for a combo, then waits for her abilities to get refreshed.

But with Lich Bane, she can continue dealing damage during this time.

Lich Bane is a great item that allows all mages in LoL to deal more consistent damage. Ahri’s range is definitely an advantage that not all mages have (Lux or Xerath).

Plus, she can always go in with her ultimate to deal an extra basic attack if it’s needed.

That said, let’s go over the runes and items you need to have in the Lich Bane Ahri build!

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Lich Bane Ahri – Runes

Lich Bane Ahri Runes

Here are my recommended runes for playing the Lich Bane Ahri build:

  • Electrocute – is by far the best keystone for Ahri because it always activates after her combo of E > W > Q. It deals direct burst damage that helps you one shot your enemy.
  • Taste of Blood – gives you a way to regenerate your lost health, and it synergizes with your passive. Plus, it only has 20 seconds cooldown.
  • Eyeball Collection – is a no-brainer choice since it builds your Ability Power in the early game on its own.
  • Ultimate Hunter – puts your Spirit Rush on a 30-seconds cooldown in the late game, which is incredibly useful.
  • Manaflow Band – increases your maximum mana in the laning phase and then gives you mana regeneration for the rest of the game.
  • Transcendence – is a free way to add even more Ability Haste to your kit so you can use your abilities even more frequently.

Generally, you want to stick to this rune page in most of your games. Sometimes it’s worth changing your Electrocute for Dark Harvest or your Ultimate Hunter for Ravenous Hunter.

Similarly, you can go for the Inspiration secondary runes instead of Sorcery. Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic offer a nice synergy that allows you to survive any matchup in the mid lane. 

However, you can simply stick to the runes I’ve chosen here if you simply want to pog your games with the Lich Bane Ahri build!

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Optional Runes

Here are the best optional runes you can take on Ahri:

  • Ravenous Hunter – increases your overall self-regeneration.
  • Cheap Shot – allows you to deal bonus damage to charmed targets.
  • Sudden Impact – grants you Magic Penetration each time you use your ultimate.
  • Coup de Grace – helps you slay targets when they’re on low HP.

Lich Bane Ahri – Items

Lich Bane Ahri Item Build

Here is the best item build for playing Ahri with Lich Bane:

  • Luden’s Tempest – is the highest damage booster out of all AP mythic items. It also gives you stats like Ability Haste and mana, which is always helpful.
  • Lich Bane – should always be purchased second because it’s not a mythic item. It grants Ability Power and Movement Speed besides the on-hit effect.
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass – is the most recommended defensive item for Ahri because you can use it to outplay your opponents and save yourself in clutch team fights.
  • Morellonomicon – is a must-have item since there is so much healing in League of Legends. It has a nice set of stats that all benefit Ahri’s playstyle.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap – boosts your AP by 35%, which also means that your Lich Bane-enhanced basic attacks will deal more damage as a result.
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity – are the best boots you can purchase as a mage because they only cost 950 gold and grant 20 Ability Haste.

Keep in mind that sometimes it’s worth going for the Liandry’s Anguish and Everfrost mythic items. Liandry’s Anguish deals more damage to tanks, and Everfrost is usually built together with Cosmic Drive.

That combination offers more utility, but the Lich Bane Ahri build with Luden’s Tempest offers more damage overall.

Optional Items

Here are all the optional items that fit in this Ahri build:

  • Void Staff – grants you 40% Magic Penetration.
  • Banshee’s Veil – helps you play more relaxed because it can block an essential ability from your enemy.
  • Nashor’s Tooth – synergizes with Lich Bane, but you’ll often need more raw AP than Attack Speed.
  • Mejai’s Soulstealer – increases your power in the mid game significantly, but it requires stacks.

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Lich Bane Ahri – Guide

ONE SHOTTING with AHRI's Lich Bane Build - Easy Win | League of Legends Season 11 Mid Ahri Gameplay
My Full Gameplay with the Lich Bane Ahri Build

Let me start by explaining to you how Lich Bane works in League of Legends.

Lich Bane scales with 75% of your champion’s base physical damage. This is not a large number in any case since the base physical damage of our champions grows only slightly.

For example, Ahri’s base damage is 53 on level 1 and 104 on level 18.

However, Lich Bane also scales with 50% of your champion’s Ability Power. And that’s why the more AP you have, the more damage your auto-attacks with Lich Bane will do.

For example, if you have 500 Ability Power on Ahri, Lich Bane will deal 200 bonus damage without the physical damage added. 

So if you’re still wondering whether Lich Bane is really useful, consider this for a moment.

Ahri’s basic attacks don’t do anything to champions or objectives once the mid game starts. You’re simply using your autos to fill the time gap between your abilities.

But Lich Bane changes that by giving your basic attacks way more damage.

And you can use it to quickly destroy turrets while you’re in the side lane or do extra damage to champions in team fights.

It happens to all of us – we sometimes miss a Charm or Q. And not having a Lich Bane means that you have to wait a couple of seconds before you deal damage again.

That’s why I’m assuring you that Lich Bane is a reliable item because you can’t miss your basic attacks!

Sure, Lich Bane has a 2.5 seconds cooldown, and it doesn’t empower all your auto-attacks. But it’s still better than doing nothing!

Just take a look at what Shiftur did with the Ahri Lich Bane build back in 2014. It helped him secure a victory for his team in a professional match!


The Lich Bane build is a very fun playstyle for Ahri. I’ve been playing this champion for nearly 10 years now, and I can tell you that Lich Bane should be one of the most recommended items for her.

It fits her range and her ability kit perfectly, so why not give it a shot at least?

If you’re a mage-only player in LoL, you might forget to use your autos here and there. But it’s alright! After a couple of games, you’ll get familiar with this Ahri build, and you’ll have no problems.

And you’ll definitely surprise your enemies with your hard-hitting basic attacks that they can’t avoid!

Good luck and have fun!

Last Update: March 2, 2024