Renekton has always been one of the scariest early-game champions in League of Legends. No matter his runes and items, Renekton is always able to dominate his lane and snowball leads. However, with a full lethality build, Renekton is an unstoppable monster in season 13.

If you’ve never faced a lethality crocodile in League, you don’t know fear.

Lethality Renekton is a powerful build that can one-shot anyone on Summoner’s Rift in 1 second. And in this post, I’ll explain how the runes, items, and the whole build works while also talking about the tactics you’ll need to do in-game.

I’ve also listed Renekton as one of my top 10 best LoL champions for carrying from the mid lane role. And with the lethality build, he’s “free LP”.

That said, let’s lets talk about lethality Renekton in greater detail.

How to Play Lethality Renekton in Season 13?

Lethality Renekton vs Nasus

If you haven’t tested the lethality build yet, here are my top tips for ensuring your success from level 1.

Go for quick trades and not extended fights.

Since you’ll be building a lot of lethality and armor penetration, there won’t be room for defensive stats too. Renekton is a fighter/bruiser type of champion in LoL. But without the bonus health and armor he usually builds, he is a much squishier target.

So even though the lethality build gives Renekton more damage, it takes away his survivability. And because of that, you’ll have to play a bit more cautiously, at least early on. 

So always go for quick trades when you play lethality Renekton and don’t linger for too long once you spend your ability combo.

Try to assassinate one target quickly and turn the team fight into 5v4.

Renekton has tons of burst damage. And with a few lethality items, he can one-shot a squishy champion before the fight even starts.

So, it’s always useful to use Prowler’s Claw on a squishy enemy (even on the support) and eliminate them quickly. Once the fight is 4v5 and your cooldowns are up, you can jump in again and try to slay another target.

Take advantage of Prowler’s Claw.

Prowler’s Claw is one of the most broken mythic items in League of Legends, especially on such a powerful champion as Renekton. You can use it to dash to an enemy champion, increase the damage done to them, and quickly assassinate them with one ability rotation.

Everybody knows that Renekton doesn’t scale too well and he isn’t the best late-game champion. But Prowler’s Claw allows him to stay relevant until the end of the match because of the potential to one-shot an enemy champion.

So, here’s the complete build guide for lethality Renekton.

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Lethality Renekton Runes for Season 13 LoL

Lethality Renekton Runes
  • Press the Attack
  • Triumph
  • Legend: Tenacity
  • Coup de Grace
  • Sudden Impact
  • Ultimate Hunter

PRESS THE ATTACK is the perfect keystone for Renekton as a champion. It synergizes very well with his kit and allows him to deal way more damage.

Press the Attack does bonus adaptive damage after you strike your target 3 times within 4 seconds. It works similar to Electrocute but it also increases the damage done for a few seconds afterward.

For Renekton it’s very easy to proc Press the Attack because of his W (2 auto-attacks). So as long as you first stun your target, you’re going to do a lot of damage with Renekton.

TRIUMPH is here to keep you going in a team fight. It restores a bit of your lost HP upon a champion takedown, allowing you to stay alive. And it can be pretty helpful in 1v1 duels too.

LEGEND: TENACITY passively increases your overall tenacity in the game. And you need the tenacity to get out of any stun or snare you encounter quickly.

As I explained above, lethality items make Renekton very squishy. And you can’t afford to sit immobile for more than 1 second. So, you need tenacity.

COUP DE GRACE is a rune that allows you to deal more damage to enemy champions below 40% health. It makes your all-in a bit more powerful, so it’s definitely worth taking.

SUDDEN IMPACT is a fantastic rune that only has 4 seconds cooldown. It grants you armor penetration each time you use a dash, so it’s perfect for Renekton.

You can either proc Sudden Impact with Renekton’s E – Slice and Dice or with Prowler’s Claw active. In other words, it’s always active when you need to one-shot an enemy.

ULTIMATE HUNTER is another must-have rune for Renekton. Rene’s ultimate doesn’t only increase his damage, but his health and survivability too. 

Having this spell every 40-50 seconds is honestly broken since it prevents enemies from quickly taking you down, especially when you’re a threat. So, definitely pick up Ultimate Hunter.

Lethality Renekton Items for Season 13 LoL

Lethality Renekton Items
  • Plated Steelcaps
  • Prowler’s Claw
  • The Collector
  • Yoummu’s Ghostblade
  • Serylda’s Grudge
  • Edge of Night

PLATED STEELCAPS should be among your first if not the first purchase when you play lethality Renekton. For only 1100 gold, Plated Steelcaps give you bonus armor and a bit of damage reduction.

These boots are extremely valuable in the top lane because they can block a good amount of damage.

PROWLER’S CLAW is your best lethality mythic item for Renekton. Besides its stats of attack damage, lethality, and ability haste, Prowler’s Claw has an amazing active that lets you one-shot the enemy carry.

When you activate PC, you dash behind your target. You deal a bit of damage in the process while also increasing your damage done for a few seconds. And this gives you the perfect opportunity to burst an opponent down.

THE COLLECTOR is another fantastic lethality item that you need to pick up. It gives you a lot of damage, a good amount of lethality, and even some critical strike chance.

The Collector executes enemies when you damage them below 5% HP, allowing you to take much more champion takedowns throughout the game.

YOUMMU’S GHOSTBLADE is a convenient item to have especially when you’re facing a long-ranged team. Its active allows you to get Ghosting and increase your movement speed for several seconds, making you much more effective at chasing targets.

Besides that, Ghostblade also gives you AD, lethality, and ability haste.

SERYLDA’S GRUDGE is one of the most powerful AD items in the whole League of Legends. Not only does it give you bonus attack damage, but it also increases your armor penetration to 35%.

With Serylda’s Grudge, your abilities will slow down your targets, making it very difficult for them to escape your damage.

EDGE OF NIGHT is a great item to get in the late game, especially against enemies with a lot of CC. 

Even though Edge of Night grants lethality, it’s considered a defensive item. It can block an important spell that could otherwise stop you from bursting down an enemy. So, I’d advise you to always build it!

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Optional and Situational Items for Lethality Renekton

As with any build, there a couple of optional items you can go for on lethality Renekton.

For example, Duskblade of Draktharr can be a great replacement for Prowler’s Claw if you don’t like using its passive.

Serpent’s Fang and Chempunk Chainsword can help you counter shielding and healing in League of Legends.

And Umbral Glaive can be useful against picks like Teemo because it will reveal his mushrooms. 

But you can also build Guardian Angel if you simply can’t survive the enemy’s damage.

Lethality Renekton Ability Order and Summoner’s Spells

Here’s the order of the abilities you need to max first on lethality Renekton.

Lethality Renekton Ability Order

And for the Summoner’s Spells, the most powerful combination is Flash + Ignite because of the pressure it gives you early on.

But if you’re in the top lane, taking Teleport can often prove more valuable than Ignite.

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Renekton isn’t the most diverse champion in League of Legends. And frankly, he doesn’t have too many different builds that work well. However, the lethality Renekton build is a total blast to play, especially if you win the laning phase.

With a few lethality items, Renekton’s damage skyrockets. And I can’t help but recommend you to try it out!

Good luck!

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Last Update: March 2, 2024