Playing LoL only for LP and rank can sometimes be boring and even frustrating. But the Challenges & Titles in League of Legends give you another way to have fun in this game.

But how do Challenges and Titles really work in League of Legends?

Challenges allow you to track your progress in different aspects of League of Legends. And Titles let you show off your achievements in the different categories.

This is the easy way to explain Challenges and Titles. However, I’ll explain everything you need to know about them in much greater detail in this post.

So even if you don’t know what Challenges or Titles in LoL are, this guide will teach you all of that!

Let’s begin!

What Are Challenges in League of Legends?

Challenges are a brand new way to calculate some of your matches’ smaller yet unbelievable moments.

There’re six Challenge categories, each with a different focus and set of obstacles. Five of them are permanent while the sixth one, Legacy, is always seasonal.

Like Riot Games said, Challenges are here to give League of Legends players meaningful progressions besides the ranked ladder.

Expertise, Teamwork & Strategy, Imagination, Veterancy, and Collection are the five categories of Challenges and they scale from Iron to Challenger.

In each category, there are specific challenges that you can complete and show them off later via Tokens or Titles.

For example, the “Unkillable Demon King” Challenge requires you to win a certain number of games without dying so you can display the “Unkillable Demon King” title.

However, the number of games you need to play with 0 deaths is different if you’re currently at Iron or at Platinum level with your Challenges.

And some Challenges in League are much harder than this one! 

On the other hand, in each of the five categories, there are also subcategories that group similar Challenges together.

For example, Domination is a capstone in Expertise that emphasizes on dominating your lane opponent.

Being three levels ahead of the enemy in the exact same role (Mid, Top, etc.) and having a 20% higher vision score are some of the Challenges in this group. 

So, completing these challenges can actually be difficult, especially the ones that require you to perform at your top level. 

But the good news is that League players can gain points towards subgroups within the main five by leveling up their individual Challenges. 

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All Challenges & Categories in League of Legends

Categories of LoL Challenges

In League of Legends, there are six primary Challenges categories and over 300 challenges. Each part of your skill is tested, and when you pass, you are rewarded with achievements demonstrating your mastery of that skill.

These are the Challenges categories in League of Legends:

  • Imagination: Challenges that focus on exceptional objectives.
  • Expertise: Challenges linked to mastering a champion or role.
  • Teamwork & Strategy: Challenges that focus on operating with your team.
  • Veterancy: Challenges for game veterans who have shared “big lifetime numbers.”
  • Collection: Challenges related to gathering loot like skins, champions, and icons.
  • Legacy: Only limited-time Challenges that come and go.

As I explained above, each of these categories has its own subcategories that contain the actual challenges/task for you.

But it’s possible to level up in each of them if you can actually complete the specific challenges.

Riot Games stated that they’ll also add more challenges as League of Legends moves forward. So keep in mind that the number of specific challenges in LoL may increase as patches and seasons come and go.

And who knows, maybe they’ll even add more categories!

However, the only challenges you should be worried about completing are the seasonal ones from Legacy.

Also, the Grandmaster and Challenger levels of some specific challenges are available to only a limited number of players on each server.

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How Does the League of Legends Challenge Points System Work?

A score is assigned to each specific challenge and you earn profile points for completing it. Your profile’s rank is based on these points so that you can go from Iron to Challenger.

For example, completing the “Double Decimation” from Imagination grants 100 Challenge Points.

Keep in mind that different challenges grant different amounts of points. They’re fairly organized by difficulty so that the more “extreme” tasks would be more rewarding while the easier ones give fewer points overall.

Additionally, the LoL challenge points system has a unique lobby symbol for you to flex your skills.

And, before queuing for an ARAM, TFT, or Summoners Rift, you will be presented with a unique rank gem between the wings in the lobby. This summarizes you and your group’s overall performance in the challenge. 

Afterward, hovering over a player’s profile will show you the challenges they’ve taken on and the ranks they’ve achieved in each challenge category.

And, if you’re into that sort of thing, League has now completionist elements for you to enjoy. You can expect your score to steadily rise as the system starts to catch up to your achievements over time.

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How to Change the Challenges/Tokens on Your Profile?

How to Change Tokens in League of Legends

There are many ways to customize the accomplishments you are most proud of with the LoL Challenges. 

If you click on the Summoner Icon in the upper right corner of your League Client, you’ll be taken to the customize identity screen. Here you have complete control over how your challenges are displayed.

So, choose your three favorite tokens and display them for everyone to see.

If you didn’t know, Tokens are simply the representation of your completed Challenges. These appear on loading screens and your user profile. 

That’s why this is an excellent way for you and everyone else to see what you’re most proud of or how you like to express yourself in League of Legends.

Last but not least, you’ll also discover a new tab called “titles,” where you can see which Challenge tokens grant you unique titles based on your accomplishments. 

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What Are Titles in LoL?

You can unlock Titles in specific challenges when a certain rank is achieved. And in your Challenges tab on your profile, you can keep track of how many times you’ve met the challenge’s requirements. 

For example, In the “Monsterhunter” collection of the Teamwork and Strategy capstone, you can get a title such as “Gets the Wurm” if you successfully complete a challenge.

To earn points in this challenge, you must secure the Baron Nashor within the first minute of its appearance. 

Titles can be displayed beneath your summoner name on the player card.

As Riot intends to reduce the amount of toxicity in their games, not all achievements depend on actual combat and performance. 

You can change your title by clicking on the Summoner Icon and selecting the Title tab beside the Tokens. You can see all of the titles here and perhaps choose the one you like the best.

How to Get/Farm Challenges and Titles in LoL?

The best way to farm Challenges in LoL is to target specific challenges in each match. Read thoroughly what the challenge demands from you and try your best to achieve it in your next match.

If the challenge you’re going for is really difficult, invite some your friends to help you out.

Playing with friends can really boost the speed of farming challenges in League of Legends.

Even if you manage to “complete” a task in one match, it will only count toward the progress bar of the challenges you’re currently working on. But one-time-only challenges are often more hard to accomplish! 

In any case, you’ll have to put in some time to improve your progress on the challenge before you can completely claim the rewards. This is because Riot Games wants to make this feature fun for all players. 

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How Do You Get the “Unkillable Demon King” Title in LoL?

How to get the Unkillable Demon King title in League of Legends

For this, you’ll need to win games without dying to get the Unkillable Demon King. And if you only have one death in your match, the 

The easiest way to obtain this title is by playing champions you’re most comfortable with or with a long-ranged champion. By playing a ranged champion, you keep can stay away from the danger while still participating in all the fighting.

For this, I recommend you check my Zoe tips and my Veigar tips.

This is strategy is not a 100% guarantee, so be careful especially if you aren’t a mage player.

Also, you can try playing more ARAM games since they’re quite faster than the normal queue. And, your whole vision will be narrowed down to one lane, making survival easier for you on a ranged champion.

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How To Show Off Your Achievements?

Click on your Summoner Icon, then select Tokens or Titles. Every challenge in which you’ve earned a rank will be displayed here. 

There are three options available; to switch between them, simply click on the one you’ve already chosen in the search bar at the top of the window.

It’s also possible to complete challenges all the way up to the Master tier, but it will take a lot of hard work, perseverance, and skill to get to that level of difficulty.

The more you progress through these challenges, the more tokens you will be rewarded. On your profile, on the loading screen, and when your friends move the mouse over your name banner, they will show up for everyone to see. 

You’ll see images of what you’re best at, depending on your rank. The color of these images will change. And they are an excellent way to display your abilities proudly.


And that’s everything you need to know about Challenges and Titles in League of Legends!

I personally love the fact that Riot Games have made something for every League player to participate in. We can all chase different challenges and titles on our own and I think that’s healthy for the state of the game.

The good thing about the League of Legends Challenges is that you can either do them alone or with your friends. And a lot of titles can be farmed on ARAM games, so not only Summoner’s Rift.

That said, good luck on your quest to unlock your favorite titles in LoL!

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