The gaming world is full of characters who utilize knives, daggers, and other types of blades to slash and cut down their enemies.

League of Legends is no stranger to this trend and has a decent cast of champions who use these sorts of weapons. Some of League’s assassins have unique mechanics tied to their blades while others only use their knives in a simple way, for one or two abilities.

But an interesting fact is that a champion’s weapon changes with almost every skin. 

For instance, Talon’s regular weapon is an arm blade, similar to Ezio’s blade in Assassin’s Creed. However, Enduring Sword Talon gives Talon a huge sword to use instead.

So in this post, I’ve listed the champions that wield all the standard types of blades (such as knives, daggers, and stilettos) in their original design.

But I’ve also added those champions that have unique blade weapons that don’t have their own category. You’ll find those at the end of the post. So, scroll down!

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All Champions in LoL That Use Knives, Daggers, & Different Types of Blades

1. Akali, the Rogue Assassin

Akali's Kama and Kunai

Akali wields 3 ninja weapons – Kama, Kunai, and Shuriken. Her Kama is similar to the western sickle and she uses it whenever her passive is activated. Akali throws her shuriken when you use her E. And her Kunai blades come flying whenever you press her Q, Five Point Strike.

To be precise, the Kunai are Akali’s only knives. In reality, these are small Japanese daggers that look like darts. They’re super sharp and deadly and are designed so you can hide them in your sleeve. Like a true ninja.

Akali’s Kunai in-game look quite big compared to the standard real-life size, and she holds 2 of them. However, the Q icon features 3 Kunai blades, and the animation shows us 5 (Five Point Strike).

So I’m not sure how many Kunai blades Akali has up her sleeve.

2. Katarina, the Sinister Blade

Katarina's daggers

Katarina has always been the go-to choice for players that enjoy the rogue playstyle in LoL. She’s an assassin that utilizes twin daggers for nearly everything she does. And these twin daggers were infused with Katarina’s own blood.

With her Q and W, Katarina throws and leaves daggers on the ground. Thanks to her passive, she slices all enemies around her when she collects them back. And with her ultimate, Death Lotus, Katarina unleashes the full fury of her daggers, dealing lots of AoE damage.

One thing Katarina mains should be happy about is that Riot Games has never changed Katarina’s daggers into other types of weapons. On all of her skins, Katarina wields knives, although sometimes they appear bigger and look like swords.

And I’ll add that some skins make Katarina’s daggers especially deadly, especially on skins like Death Sworn Katarina or Prestige Faeire Court Katarina.

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3. Shaco, the Demon Jester

Shaco's shiv daggers

Many players forget that Shaco’s weapons of choice are also knives or daggers. This is due to the fact that Shaco’s box and illusion are what people associate with him the most. But the truth is – Shaco wields 2 shives in LoL.

A shiv isn’t a popular type of weapon simply because it’s an experimental or improvised knife where the handle and the blade are stuck together with a rope or some glue. 

But I’m not sure why Riot Games have decided that Shaco’s weapons are shivs when they look like standard knives on every skin.

Regardless, two of Shaco’s abilities make use of his shivs. The first is his passive, Backstab, which gives Shaco bonus damage on his next auto-attack if he strikes the target from behind. 

And the second is his E, Two-Shiv Poison, which also benefits from Shaco’s passive while being a ranged throw-dagger type of attack.

4. Pyke, the Bloodharbor Reaper

Pyke's weapon skewer blade dagger

Pyke’s weapon situation is a bit confusing. He’s officially called a harpooner but he doesn’t wield a harpoon. And his official weapon is a skewer, but what he’s using in-game is not a skewer. Riot Games, rethink this one.

Pyke’s weapon is a large knife or a dagger. The blade is heavily serrated from one side and is similar to the Serrated Dirk item in League’s shop. Different Pyke skins give this knife different looks, but the general idea of the blade is present on each of them.

When you use Pyke’s Q, Bone Skewer, you can either stab the closest enemies with his knife or extend the knife (with a rope) to pull an enemy toward you. And with Pyke’s R, Death From Below, you also utilize his blade to finish off an enemy champion.

All in all, Pyke is one of the coolest blade users in LoL.

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5. Talon, the Blade’s Shadow

Talon's arm blade

It’s hard to pinpoint the number of Talon’s weapons due to how AoE-oriented some of his abilities are.

Normally, Talon only wields one weapon, an arm blade. He carries this blade always and uses it whenever he auto-attacks or casts his Q, Noxian Diplomacy.

However, Talon also has an entire arsenal of daggers and double-edged blades. For instance, Talon throws deadly daggers when his W is activated. And when you cast his R, he produces dozens of double-edged blades that follow his direction and chosen targets.

As I mentioned above, some skins transform Talon’s arm blade into a sword, so it’s cool that we have a variety.

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6. Zed, the Master of Shadows

Zed's arm blades

Unlike Talon, Zed has 2 arm blades for each of his arms. They’re sometimes called Dual Shadow Blades and Zed uses them with his famous Forbidden Technique.

Zed’s blades play an important part in his overall playstyle since they’re used in each basic attack he performs, as well as each cast of his E, Shadow Slash.

But Zed can also throw shurikens at his target with his Q, and his shadows can repeat his attacks.

7. Kassadin, the Void Walker

Irelia's blades

Kassadin is the 3rd champion in League of Legends that wields an arm blade. But Kassadin’s arm blade is a void-infused one, called Nether Blade of Horok.

According to lore, Kassadin’s weapon originates from the same person, Horok, that Ezreal’s gauntlet is from. In fact, some say that these two gauntlets are twins. This is evident by the fact that Kassadin uses the right-hand gauntlet on his right arm while Ezreal the left-hand one.

In any case, Kassadin’s blade is present on all of his skins and he uses it whenever you activate his W, Nether Blade, or perform a basic attack.

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8. Irelia, the Will of the Blades

Irelia's blades

Irelia’s weapon situation is a bit unique since she can’t be categorized in any standard way. And this is because she doesn’t actually hold a knife or a dagger in her hands.

Instead, Irelia’s constantly followed by many blades and she commands them to slice down an enemy. Irelia’s blades are present in each of her abilities and we can’t know their exact number since different spells use a different number of blades.

Some of Irelia’s skins depict her blades as regular knives, others look bigger and more similar to swords, while some look like propeller leaves. 

Bonus: Naafiri, the Hound of a Hundred Bites

Naafiri Dagger

The only reason I’m even mentioning Naafiri in this post is the simple fact that she was once a Darkin imprisoned in a dagger.

In-game, Naafiri doesn’t wield any weapon since she’s a count. However, we can see the blades on her back. And unlike Camille, Naafiri throws her blades at her targets to deal damage.

But you tell me whether Naafiri deserves to be called a blade master in LoL or not!

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