Kha’Zix is one of the scariest assassins in League of Legends. We’ve all lost many games where a fed Kha could one-shot everybody else.

This champion is packed with amazing damage and tools to overpower even the strongest enemy.

He is mostly played in the jungle because he can take advantage of other people’s mistakes and gank them when isolated.

However, is Kha’Zix AP or AD?

Is Kha’Zix AP or AD?

Kha Zix Q in-game info

Kha’Zix is an AD-based champion.

He primarily deals physical damage, and all of his damaging abilities scale with AD. Kha’Zix’s build includes AD assassin items, such as Duskblade of Draktharr, Yoummuu’s Ghostblade, and The Collector.

The way most players play Kha’Zix is pretty interesting since it’s kind of unique.

First of all, Kha’Zix’s most recommended keystone is Dark Harvest since it does a lot of bonus Adaptive Damage to enemies below 50% HP.

Second, Kha’s build is full of Lethality, and he almost never buys Lifesteal or Attack Speed items. And third, Kha’Zix never duels a champion fairly.

Instead, he ganks a squishy target and one-shots them with his overloaded AD damage.

Many don’t consider Kha’Zix a fair champion, and in a way, he really is. However, there are many other champions in League of Legends that fall into this category, so we shouldn’t pick on only one.

Tanks generally counter Kha’Zix because he can’t one-shot them, and he always loses 1v1 duels against them.

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Does Kha’Zix Have AP Scaling?

Kha'Zix AP or AD - Passive
Kha’Zix deals mixed damage thanks to his passive

Does Kha’Zix deal magic damage?

Kha’Zix does have some AP scalings, but they’re mixed with the AD scaling.

For example, Kha’s passive – Unseen Threat does magic damage that grows with each level but scales with AD.

On the other hand, Kha’Zix’s W  scales with AD and does physical damage, but his healing scales with AP.

In other words, Kha’Zix scales with AP, but 95% of his damage is physical. This makes it very unlikely that you can do any serious damage by building full AP on Kha’Zix in your games.

I’ve never tried it because I don’t believe the playstyle will turn out to be decent.

Kha’Zix is one of the many champions in League of Legends that have mixed scalings. But if you take a look at Tryndamere, for example, you can see that he works well with both AP and AD builds.

In Kha’s case, his passive simply isn’t enough to slay anyone in the game.

Kha’Zix AD and AP Damage Scalings in LoL – Table

Kha'Zix AP or AD - Passive Tooltip
Kha’Zix’s passive in-game tooltip

How does Kha’Zix scale with AD and AP in League of Legends?

Take a look at this table:

Kha’Zix AbilitiesBase DamageAD RatioAP Ratio
Passive – Unseen Threat14 − 116 (based on level) magic damage40% bonus AD/
Q – Taste Their Fear60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 physical damage115% bonus AD/
W – Void Spike85 / 115 / 145 / 175 / 205 magic damage100% bonus AD60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160, plus 50% bonus AP – Heal 
E – Leap65 / 100 / 135 / 170 / 205 20% bonus AD/
R – Void Assault///

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As you can see, we can easily say that Kha’Zix is an AD champion in League and should always be played with an AD build. And if his passive didn’t do magic damage, he would’ve been 100% physical damage champion. 

Kha’Zix can easily be mistaken for an AP champion in LoL, especially by beginners. This is because he relies much more on his abilities to deal damage than on his basic attacks.

However, I hope I helped you understand if Kha’Zix is an AD or an AP champion with this post.

Good luck!

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