Justicar is the first skin we got for Aatrox in League of Legends. We initially saw it with the release of the old Aatrox in season 3.

Back then, he was a new type of champion, a dark and demonic villain on the Summoner’s Rift.

And Justicar was an interesting spin on that whole idea, giving his character an alternative side – one that fights to protect and spread the good.

When Aatrox’s abilities were reworked, Riot also updated his base in-game model and his skins. This also included Justicar, so that’s why now we have a high-quality, light-infused darkin warrior in LoL!

Justicar Aatrox is a simple yet beautiful skin. It has interesting visual effects and colors, unique to the Arclight universe. But should you buy it?

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Justicar Aatrox – Overview

Justicar turns Aatrox into a light version of himself. Here he wears bright and shining armor polished in gold. The design of the massive wings is angelic rather than demonic. 

And the sword that Aatrox uses here is made out of blue crystal, which glows with yellow every time he attacks. This is by far the most distinguishing characteristic of this skin, and it’s simply gorgeous!

Joke, Taunt, Recall, and Dance


“Uh, nice world you have here. I intend to destroy it, you know, FYI.”

When Justicar Aatrox jokes, he lifts his sword up towards the sky. He looks like he can decide the world’s fate. 


“Behold, immortality!”

Aatrox taunts by sticking his sword to the ground and flexing his big blue wings. And his presence is dominating.


Aatrox’s dance animation is amusing too. He stabs the ground again, folds his arms, and nods into the wind. 


Justicar Aatrox recalls by slowly ascending up towards the sky. First, he kneels, then he gives himself entirely to the light and disappears. Upon landing, Aatrox kneels again.


Passive – Deathbringer Stance

Aatrox has two different animations for his basic attacks. First, he slashes in the left direction. And then, he cuts in the right direction. 

However, when Aatrox has his passive up, he attacks by plunging his sword directly into his target.

Q – The Darkin Blade

The Darkin Blade is a cooldown of three separate abilities bound into one. And the Justicar skin gives Aatrox’s Q new lighting effects on each strike.

First use – Aatrox slams the ground in front of him with blue light.

Second use – Aatrox’s second swing is infused with light and wind.

Third use – Aatrox creates a circle of golden light as he stomps the terrain.

W – Infernal Chains

When Justicar Aatrox sends his Infernal Chains, a light breaks the ground before him and creates a fissure.

The second animation of this ability creates a wormhole beneath the target and a field of blue and golden light around him.

E – Umbral Dash

Umbral Dash doesn’t have any unique animation. Aatrox simply lunges forward if he is not using an ability. But if he is, then Umbral Dash matches the animation of the ability he’s casting.

R – World Ender

And World Ender takes Justicar Aatrox to the sky, flexing his blue wings. These wings are outlined with white color, giving Aatrox a look of an angel of death.

When the duration expires, Aatrox returns to his normal form, and his wings disappear.

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Justicar Aatrox – Lore

What exactly is Justicar Aatrox?

Unfortunately, there isn’t too much confirmed information about the lore of the Justicars and how they work. Currently, we have only two champions with this skin line – Justicar Aatrox and Justicar Syndra.

One thing we know for sure is that Justicars are part of the Arclight universe. They’re highly distinguished protectors that serve justice and order.

Aatrox, in particular, is the most powerful defender of these values and the very thing that holds the chaos back!

Is Justicar Aatrox an ascended?

Aatrox in the Arclight universe isn’t an ascended but a sentinel. There, everyone is a light-infused version of themselves and is morally good.

The Arclight champions are combinations of god-like entities (Aatrox is actually the sword) and a mortal vessel (the body he chose to possess). And they fight for good!

Justicar Aatrox – Price

The Justicar Aatrox price is 975 RP. That’s roughly $8 (or €8 too).

My recommended route for you is to buy 1380 RP for $10 (or €10). This is the cheapest way to obtain 975 RP if you have 0 right now.

After the purchase, you’ll be left with 405 RP, which is enough for another skin of 520 RP when it’s on sale!

How do I get Justicar Aatrox?

It’s simple – head over into the store inside the League of Legends client. Once there, look for the skin in the search bar. 

You can also get this skin by looting it from a Hextech chest in the Loot section. 

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Should You Buy It?

Among the old Aatrox skins, Justicar was nothing special. However, the new design is a fantastic opportunity to see this champion in a new light.

The animations aren’t too heavy, and the colors are completely different from the original appearance.

For many people, Justicar Aatrox is very similar to Victorious Aatrox.

And because the second one was a free reward from Riot Games to players that participated in the season 9 ranked play, Justicar is not worth the money. 

Of course, there are differences between Justicar and Victorious, but we can agree with the general statement.

So if you have the Victorious skin for this champion, you might not need Justicar too. But if you don’t and you’re tired of the dark skins for Aatrox, then totally go for Justicar!

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