JavaScript has emerged as a key platform for teams who want to be millionaires. It’s popularity has been the backbone of companies interested in using their code to go public. Tracking the success stories of publicly traded companies can provide valuable insights into the industry’s growth, innovation and what might fit best for your plans to start a company and eventually take it public. This curated collection explores some of the top JavaScript tech companies that have made it big. We delve into their founding stories, funding raised, pitch decks, and where they’re located.


  1. Reddit
Reddit home page

   – Founded: 2005

   – IPO Date: N/A

   – Funding: $1.25B+

   – Early pitch deck here

   – Current Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

   – Noteworthy: Reddit’s tagline is “dive into anything”. It serves as a social news aggregator and discussion platform. Users who have registered can contribute videos, photos, links, or texts within specific threads or “subreddits” dedicated to various topics. Fellow users can then express their opinions and perspectives by upvoting, downvoting, and commenting on the posts.

Posts with a higher number of upvotes (or karma points) are positioned more prominently on the starting page, typically signaling a higher quality of the content.

Slack home page

   – Founded: 2009

   – IPO Date: 2017

   – Funding: $770M

   – Early deck here

   – Current Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

   – Noteworthy: Slack simplifies team communication by providing dedicated channels where you can collaborate with colleagues both within and outside your organization, mimicking in-person interactions. Additionally, with Slack’s support for asynchronous work, you have the flexibility to work at your own pace while maintaining access to essential information regardless of your location. Salesforce acquired Slack in 2020.

3. Discord

Discord home page

   – Founded: 2015

   – IPO Date: anticipated 2023

   – Funding: $995.4M

   – Early deck here

   – Location: San Francisco, CA

   – Noteworthy: Discord stands as a widely embraced digital distribution platform, particularly prominent within the gaming and streaming communities.

Functioning as both a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Instant Messaging platform, Discord enables users to engage in communication through calls, texts, video calls, and media sharing within designated communities known as “servers.”

Boasting over 300 million actively registered users, Discord provides a versatile platform where individuals, ranging from local hiking clubs to study groups, can establish spaces for discussing shared interests.

Tinder home page

   – Founded: 2012

   – IPO Date: 2015

   – Funding: $50M

   – Pitch deck here

   – Location: Los Angeles, CA

   – Noteworthy: Tinder, the digital dating and geosocial networking app, enables users to express anonymous likes or dislikes for other users’ profiles, featuring one or more pictures, a brief bio, and their interests.

With a user base exceeding 75 million active monthly users, the app is accessible in over 190 countries globally.

Coursera home page

   – Founded: 2012

   – IPO Date: 2021

   – Funding: $460M+

   – Location: Mountain View, CA

   – Noteworthy: Coursera, as an extensively adopted online course platform, partners with more than 200 universities and companies to offer a broad spectrum of online courses and certificates. With a thriving community surpassing 87 million individuals, Coursera enables learners to attain professional certifications from internationally acclaimed universities. Students enjoy cost-effective and career-relevant online education, incorporating hands-on projects that can be completed at their preferred pace.

6. Asana

Asana home page

   – Founded: 2008

   – IPO Date: 2020

   – Funding: $212M+

   – Location: San Francisco, CA

   – Noteworthy: Asana is a web and mobile app crafted to streamline task, project, and daily work management for enterprises. Serving as a collaborative tool, Asana makes task coordination across the entire company seamless for teams. The app offers features including easy Gantt chart generation, visual tracking of work through Kanban boards, and real-time synchronization of tasks across all devices.

7. AirBNB

AirBNB home page

   – Founded: 2007

   – IPO Date: 2020

   – Funding: $3.6B+

   – Pitch deck here and here

   – Location: San Francisco, CA

   – Noteworthy: A well-known entity in the tourism sector, Airbnb serves as a platform linking travelers with homeowners offering rental spaces.

Functioning as an online marketplace for vacation rentals and tourism experiences, Airbnb spans across more than 220 countries and regions, witnessing over 190 million bookings in the year 2020 alone.

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Last Update: March 1, 2024