With JavaScript, we can easily sort a map by keys or get a sorted map by values using the JavaScript sort() function.

sorted_map_by_keys = new Map([...map_to_sort].sort((a, b) => String(a[0]).localeCompare(b[0])))

sorted_map_by_num_values = new Map([...map_to_sort].sort((a, b) => a[1] - b[1]))

sorted_map_by_str_values = new Map([...map_to_sort].sort((a, b) => String(a[1]).localeCompare(b[1])))

In JavaScript, the map object is useful for holding key-value pairs. By default, the map object orders the key-value pairs by the order of insertion.

Since the default order for a JavaScript map object is by order of insertion, we need to write our own code if we want to sort the map by the keys or the values to get a sorted map.

We can easily get a sorted map in our JavaScript code with the JavaScript sort() function.

Let’s say we have the following Map.

var map = new Map();

We can get a sorted map by keys in our JavaScript code with the sort function applied to the keys in the following way.

sorted_map_by_keys = new Map([...map].sort((a, b) => String(a[0]).localeCompare(b[0])))


// Output
Map(4) {'Apple' => 'Good', 'Banana' => 'Maybe', 'Lemon' => 'Yes', 'Pear' => 'No'}

You can see now that the map is sorted in alphabetical order by keys.

How to Sort a Map by Values in JavaScript

As we saw above, it is easy to sort a map by the keys of the map. We can also sort a map by values easily in our Javascript code.

If your map has string values or a mix of string and numeric values, we can get a sorted map by string values in the following way using the JavaScript localecompare() function.

Let’s say we have the same map as above. Let’s sort the map by values.

sorted_map_by_str_values = new Map([...map].sort((a, b) => String(a[1]).localeCompare(b[1])))


// Output
Map(4) {'Apple' => 'Good', 'Banana' => 'Maybe', 'Pear' => 'No', 'Lemon' => 'Yes'}

If your map only has numeric values, we should use a different sorting function.

Let’s say we have a different map with numeric values.

var map = new Map();

To sort this map by its values, we will use a different sorting function for numeric values.

sorted_map_by_num_values = new Map([...map].sort((a, b) => a[1] - b[1]))


// Output
Map(4) {'Banana' => 1, 'Pear' => 2, 'Lemon' => 3, 'Apple' => 4}

As you can see, the map is now sorted by values.

Hopefully this article has been useful for you to understand how to obtain a sorted map in your JavaScript code.

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Last Update: March 20, 2024