What’s behind the Warrior Princess skin for Sivir?

Back in the simple days of League of Legends, there was only Sivir and about 40 other champions, all with one effect per ability.

And although much has changed since then, Sivir still remains a beloved marksman in the bot lane. 

Warrior Princess Sivir dates all the way back to April 2010 and is the very first skin for Sivir. It has been changed a few times over the years because Sivir has received visual updates too.

However, one thing that didn’t change is the obvious similarity to Xena: The Warrior Princess – the inspiration for this skin. 

This simple yet stunning skin transforms Sivir’s crossblade into a chakram, even though the Warrior Princess splash art hasn’t been updated to show these changes. 

Now let’s dive into the rest of the changes we get with the Warrior Princess Sivir skin.

Warrior Princess Sivir – Overview

Warrior Princess Sivir 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art✖ Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

Most of the skins depict Sivir as a deadly ranged warrior, and this one is no different. There aren’t any special sound or video effects, but a few important changes can be noticed when comparing the Warrior Princess to the original Sivir skin. 

While The original Sivir wears a two-piece, the Warrior Princess wears a one-piece black and gold amazonian-like armor.

Her distinguishable headpiece that resembles Wonder Woman’s tiara is replaced by bangs and a headband. 

Warrior Princess Sivir’s hair also appears to be slightly shorter, which adds to the more serious look of a warrior out on the battlefield.

Sivir now wields a circular weapon called a chakram instead of her signature weapon, the crossblade.

Additionally, the weapon’s color is slightly different, with a gold and silver outline of the blades.

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Passive – Fleet of Foot

There are no animations for Sivir’s passive in this skin. And it appears exactly like in the original appearance.

Q – Boomerang Blade

The chakram is slightly faded, which makes the flying weapon not as noticeable as the original. 

Since it’s a bit harder to notice, it might make it harder to dodge for the enemy players too?

W – Ricochet

There is definitely an improvement in the visuals of the bouncing blade. The chakram is bigger and more visible than on the original look for this ability.

Warrior Princess Sivir abilities
Warrior Princess Sivir Ability Animations

E – Spell Shield

The animation of Sivir’s Spell Shield isn’t changed here. It’s the same blue mana shield that spawns around Sivir when the ability is activated.

R – On the Hunt

Sivir’s ultimate is also the same as in her original skin. When the ability is used, a wind surrounds her and her allies, signifying the burst of movement speed. 



For the joke command, Sivir stands upright and says: 

“They say the desert is a cruel mistress. I like the sound of that.” 


When you use the taunt command, Sivir stands upright again and throws her chakram. It circles around her shortly, and then she catches it again and says:

“Look up. See the buzzards circling.”


When Sivir dances, she shakes her arms in a wave from left to right and right to left.


Sivir takes her weapon from one hand in the other and stands in a warrior pose, as she recalls.

Warrior Princess Sivir Emotes
Warrior Princess Sivir Emotes

The Rarity of Warrior Princess Sivir

Warrior Princess Sivir is not that rare skin.

Riot Games still haven’t decided to throw this skin in the Legacy Vault. And I’m happy that it can still be purchased from the League’s store.

Nowadays, many players consider Warrior Princess a rare skin because no one uses it.

We’re all used to playing this champion with the new skins, such as Oddysey or Snowstorm. And it’s simply forgotten.

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Warrior Princess Sivir – Price

The price of Warrior Princess Sivir is only 520 RP. 

That’s around $4 or €4 in real money. Since you can’t purchase just any amount of RP you want, you have to get the 650 RP pack for $5 or €5 if you’re going to buy this skin.

But you should always be on the lookout for the skins that appear in Your Shop. The best deal you can get on Warrior Princess Sivir through it is a discount of up to 60-70%.

This means that you can get the skin for as low as 200 RP, or around $1.5.

Is Warrior Princess Sivir Worth It?

Warrior Princess might not be the flashiest skin, but it’s the cheapest skin for this champion up to this day. If you have some RP left to spare and enjoy playing Sivir, then this would be an awesome deal for you. 

In my opinion, Warrior Princess Sivir is definitely worth it!

For only $5, you get to play as Xena in League of Legends. I especially love how Sivir’s Q – Boomerang Blade appears here, and I’m happy to say that I own this skin!

Warrior Princess has been enjoyed by many players, including pros. But if you’re looking for a Sivir skin that’s overloaded with new animations, I suggest Pizza Delivery or Blood Moon Sivir.

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