Over the years, we’ve had plenty of skins for Sivir (13 to be exact!), but only a few of them offer an outfit that has our marksman covered from head to toe.

Such is the Warden Sivir skin, and today I’ll tell you all about it!

This skin is a part of the Wardens skinline, which transforms six champions into knight-like heroes. All of them, including Warden Sivir, are covered in shiny armor. 

The short lore behind the skin includes our sellsword Sivir swearing to the order and trying to uphold the principles of the destroyed Protectorate.

Although we don’t know what the Wardens’ true purpose is, they are trying to fight against the Magelords and stop them from rising. 

Warden Sivir was released in February 2015. It is a regular skin and is still available in League’s shop. Warden Sivir is the first skin of the skin line, along with Warden Nautilus. 

Warden Sivir – Overview

Warden Sivir 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

As a Warden, Sivir wears a full-body plate armor with golden outlines. This is the first time we can’t see any part of her face, as it’s covered with a silver-golden helmet. 

Only her long white hair remains uncovered and flows behind her as she moves.

Warden Sivir’s weapon has a new model as usual. She now wields a tri-blade that forms an incomplete circle with its slightly rounded edges.

Its color scheme consists of the same metallic silver and gold.

Although it might be weird to see a sellsword such as Sivir in this law enforcer role, it does suit her well. 

Unlike other newer Warden skins, this one doesn’t come with visual alterations such as chromas. It also doesn’t get any new sounds or animations, with the exception of Sivir’s weapon. 

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Passive – Fleet Of Foot

Sivir’s passive has the same animation as the base skin. 

Q – Boomerang Blade

The weapon has a faster spinning animation for this ability. And it leaves a yellow trail as we’ve seen in most of Sivir’s skins.

W – Ricochet

As the tri-blade bounces between targets, it spins just as fast as the Boomerang Blade animation. 

Warden Sivir Abilities

E – Spell Shield

There are no changes to the look of Sivir’s Spell Shield. It has the same purplish hues and the same animation.

R – On the Hunt

Sivir’s ultimate doesn’t change here either. The tornado encircling her looks just like the base skin for Sivir.



One of the joke commands for Sivir include her saying:

Cut purse? No. Cut throat? Yes.”

As Sivir says this, she stands up tall and tightens her fist.

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The bold Blade Mistress taunts her enemies while throwing her deadly weapon around her as she says:

“Takes a lot to stay at the top.”


If you use the dance command on Sivir, you will see her move her arms in wavy motion in a loop.


With the Ctrl + 4 command Sivir will put her hand on her hip and laugh cynically.


Warden Sivir does the recognizable recall movement, which includes throwing the blade around her and standing in a warrior pose.

Warden Sivir Emotes

Warden Sivir – Price

The price of Warden Sivir is 750 RP. That’s around $6 (or €6). 

The skin is also loot eligible. This means there’s always the chance of Warden Sivir appearing in Your Shop or as a drop from one of your chests. 

Your Shop has skin offers with discounts ranging from 30% to 70%. In other words, you can get this skin for as low as 225 RP! 

The Hextech and Masterwork chests can also get you Warden Sivir. You’d therefore have the possibility to purchase this skin with orange essence instead of RP.

Buying the skin permanently would then cost you 450 orange essence.

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Is Warden Sivir Worth It?

As previously mentioned, this is a regular skin for Sivir. It’s not that pricey, but it also doesn’t offer any new features for Sivir.

The only change we get with the Warden Sivir skin is a new outfit and weapon. 

Although I enjoy playing Sivir, I must admit I’m not a fan of this skin that much. In my opinion, there are better skins for Sivir that just click better with her character.

Some of those skins are Warrior Princess Sivir and Spectacular Sivir.

The good news is that the skin is always available to purchase through the store. So if you do like Warden Sivir, you can get the skin any time you want. 

And maybe I’ll change my mind in the future too. Who knows?

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