With the Warden skin, Quinn gets a completely new look, new animations, and even new voice effects!

Although Quinn has been one of those champions that often gets overlooked when it comes to skins, Riot made the four-year wait worth it with her Warden skin.

The skin turns Quinn into an astonishing mercenary with recognizable silver and golden armor.

The glowing blue in her hair, armor, and weapon also plays a part in making this skin simply breathtaking!

Warden Quinn was released in January 2021. It is the latest of the Warden-themed skins.

We have been familiar with the Warden skin line ever since 2015 when Warden Sivir and Warden Nautilus first came out.

But, unlike them, Warden Quinn doesn’t suffer from the lack of effects past skins had. Actually, the Warden skin for Quinn might be the best one in the entire skin line.

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Warden Quinn – Overview

Warden Quinn 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

Warden gives Quinn a complete makeover, dressing her into a full-body plate armor in silver, blue, and gold.

The shoulder spaulders have glowing blue feathers on them, and on her back, she has golden attachments looking like wings with blue feathers.

On her head, Quinn wears a helmet that almost reminds us of an owl’s head.

The weapon she holds in her hand is also shaped like a golden bird with blue glowy feathers. Quinn’s bird Valor has the same luminescent aesthetic. 

Warden Quinn has a new recall animation and sound, new voice effects, and new animations for her abilities.

The skin also features chromas, for the first time ever for Quinn. This is a complete skin from start to finish, giving Quinn the royal treatment she deserves.


Warden Quinn has 8 different chromas in total: Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, and Tanzanite.

Each of them offers a recolor of her outfit and for some of her abilities, like her Q. However, Quinn’s bird Valor doesn’t get a different color for any of the chromas.

Warden Quinn Chromas



When Valor marks an enemy, it has a different symbol that corresponds to the Warden theme. Also, in the animation, Valor is seen flying away from the marked enemy.

Q – Binding Assault

By using Binding Assault, Valor flies to an enemy and away and marks them, which increases the damage of Quinn’s basic attack.

Heightened Senses

A transparent head of an owl appears for a split of a second. Also, glowing particles and small semi-transparent feathers appear on the screen.


Quinn gains new bigger wings while dashing to the enemy, and her weapon glows even brighter.

Warden Quinn Abilities

Behind Enemy Lines

Quinn gets grabbed by Valor after a short cast. The magnificent bright blue and gold bird flies around with Quinn, and leaves glimmer on its trail.

When Behind Enemy Lines ends with Quinn attacking an enemy, there’s an animation of bright glowing blue arrows falling from above in a large circle.

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Quinn’s bird Valor comes to sit on her arm, flying from above. Quinn then proceeds to speak to the bird, and she says the following:

“Who’s there? Garen who? Yeah, I guess he does say that a lot.”


Quinn extends her arm and taunts by pointing with her finger and saying:

“I’d keep my head down if I were you.”


When Quinn dances, she does a couple of different movements.

First, she extends her arms and moves them as if she’s flying, she then turns around on one leg and continues making shooting motions with her hands.


For the laugh command, Quinn puts her hand on her chest and chuckles shortly.

Warden Quinn Emotes


Warden Quinn recalls by aiming with her weapon left and right. After that, she calls her bird with a whistle.

Valor makes a big orbit on the screen around Quinn, throws an object from above, which Quinn shoots mid-air shortly afterward. 

Once Quinn is in base, Valor is seen flying away once more.

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Warden Quinn – Price

Warden Quinn’s price is 1350 RP, or around $10.

So, if you want to purchase this skin, you’d need to get the $10 RP pack which contains 1300 + 80 RP.

Will there be a sale for Warden Quinn?

Warden Quinn can appear for sale in Your Shop. The discount can be between 30% and 70%. This means that the lowest price for Quinn would be 405 RP, which is less than $5!

You can also get Warden Quinn from one of your hextech or masterwork hests.

In that case, you can pay with Orange Essence instead of RP. The skin would then cost you 1050 Orange Essence.

Is Warden Quinn Worth It?

Honestly, yes. Warden Quinn is an amazing new skin for this unique top lane marksman.

So, if you’ve been considering whether you should purchase it or not, this is your sign to go for it!

The skin has many things to offer, from reworked voice effects to cool animations and chromas.

Most of the older Warden skins didn’t even get new effects for their spells, so this is quite an improvement.

However, I also understand that a champion that has been waiting four whole years for a new skin deserves even more than a Warden theme.

It would’ve been cool and probably much more flashy if we got a Spirit Blossom skin for the highly venerable Quinn.

I firmly believe Riot is moving in the right direction with the new skins, and Warden Quinn (sort of) proves this. I also hope that we’ll see even prettier skins for Quinn in the future!

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