Who is Warden Nautilus?

Well, for one, the lore says that Nautilus is a shock trooper who has bound his soul to the Warden armor. Each of the Wardens, including him, is sworn to the old Protectorate principles, which can be harsh and unforgiving.

This is without a doubt one of the shiniest skins for The Titan Of The Depths.

Warden Nautilus’ armor makes his entire look much more polished and is a definite upgrade from the base one. 

We can see Nautilus as a massive entity covering a big portion of the image in the splash art. Right in front of him, almost miniature in comparison stands Warden Sivir.

When did Warden Nautilus come out?

Warden Nautilus was released in February 2015. This is a regular skin and is available to purchase in League’s store. 

Warden Nautilus – Overview

Warden Nautilus 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

The beefy Nautilus gets a knight in shining armor makeover. His full-body armor is silver and gold, unlike what we’ve seen so far.

On his head, he wears a helmet that covers his entire face, thus making this the only skin that completely conceals his bright glowing eyes. 

Warden Nautilus’ anchor is grey and gold with a blue gem in the middle. The golden endings of the anchor are in the shape of a bird.

The colors correspond to the Warden theme perfectly.

Apart from the original outfit, there are no chromas for the Warden Nautilus skin up to this day. There are also no new voice lines or effects and no new recall animation.

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Passive – Staggering Blow

Nautilus’ passive roots enemies in space and appears as a circle around the enemy that slowly diminishes. This has the same look as the base skin.

Q – Dredge Line

When Nautilus throws his anchor in front of him, he is instantly pulled to it, whether it’s an object or an enemy. The only difference here is the change of the model of the anchor.

W – Titan’s Wrath

The shield surrounding Nautilus has shiny knight bucklers orbiting around him, as well as a very bright blue circle while the shield holds.

Warden Nautilus Abilities

E – Riptide

The Riptide ability remains unchanged for Warden Nautilus. The waves of explosions have a bright greenish tone.

R – Depth Charge

Nautilus’ ultimate also doesn’t have a new animation. It erupts in a line to the targeted enemy and looks like a big explosion coming from underneath.



Nautilus puts his anchor in the ground while saying his joke line:

“Sometimes I think this anchor just weighs me down.”

Then all of a sudden, he starts levitating and even swimming through the air. As he does this, he sings to himself: “Ladadi, ladada…”. So funny!


For the taunt command, Nautilus puts his anchor in the ground again and punches it with his fists. While doing that, he says:

“You are in the deep end now!”

In the end, he laughs heartily.


Nautilus throws the anchor on the ground and shortly dances while standing up. He then lies on the ground and starts spinning like a breakdancer!


Before Nautilus starts laughing, he throws his anchor up in the air above him.

Warden Nautilus Emotes


Nautilus throws his anchor on the ground and buries it in the ground by pounding on it with his fists before he disappears.

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Warden Nautilus – Price

The price of Warden Nautilus is 750 RP.

This is around $6 in real money, but if your balance is 0 RP, you’d have to get the $10 RP pack. 

Warden Nautilus can also drop from a chest or even appear in Your Shop with a discount.

Depending on which of both ways you receive it, you’d either need to pay 450 orange essence or a reduced amount of RP.

The price of the skin through Your Shop can vary anywhere from 225 RP to 525 RP.

It can also drop from Hextech Chests and Masterwork Chests.

Is Warden Nautilus Worth It?

As previously mentioned, Warden Nautilus sure looks more polished than some other of his skins. The price is also fair for the features this skin offers (which are not many). 

If you really liked the underwater titan dressed as a knight, then you should definitely get it. I, however, don’t enjoy the entire Warden theme.

In my opinion, the only champion that looks good with the knight-like outfit is Karma.

But, Warden Nautilus is one of the cheapest skins for this champion, and, as such, it sure makes a nice upgrade for the money!

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