After a few more traditional looks for Karma, Warden brings us a refreshing new appearance for this champion.

Warden Karma is the first and only skin that features Karma covered from head to toe in shiny armor, making her look like a mercenary soldier. 

Karma radiates peace and tranquility no matter which role she takes in Runeterra. As a Warden, she swears to uphold the doctrine of the now destroyed Protectorate along with five more champions. 

Warden Karma was released in September 2015. This is the fifth skin for The Enlightened One.

Warden Karma is a regular skin and is available in the in-game store.

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Warden Karma – Overview

Warden Karma 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

Karma transforms into a mercenary with full-body silver and golden armor. She also wears a blue cloak on her back, adding to the knightly appearance.

On her head, she wears a helmet that covers her face. Her hair is short and white, as opposed to the dark brown we’ve been used to.

The recognizable objects that float above Karma, including the magical circle, complement the skin beautifully.

The circle is now bright blue on the inside, and the floating objects are also silver with golden birds’ heads in the front.

Warden Karma doesn’t have any chromas to choose from. The skin also doesn’t include new animations or sound effects for any of her abilities and emotes.  


Passive – Gathering Fire

Karma’s passive doesn’t have any animations.

Q – Inner Flame

The ability looks like a very bright ball that explodes in a crackling circle if it hits an enemy. When the ability is empowered with Mantra (Karma’s R), it explodes twice, and the cracks created on the ground are glowing.

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W – Focused Resolve

Karma’s W looks like a colorful bond between her and an enemy. If the bond isn’t broken, it roots the enemy, and the root appears as blue swirling lines around him.

This is the same animation as for the base skin.

E – Inspire

Karma’s cyan shield also has the same appearance as the base skin. When empowered, it also shields allies near Karma.

Warden Karma Abilities

R – Mantra

When Karma’s ultimate is activated, it lights up the floating circle appearing above her, making it even brighter than before.

It then transfers the effect and empowers one of the abilities mentioned above.



Karma only has one joke line for all her skins, but it sure is a good one:

You know what they say: Karma always catches up to you.”


When taunting her enemies, Karma takes a stand, points at them, and says:

“An ideal is nothing… until you fight for it.”


Karma’s dance moves are slow, measured, and spiritual.


For the laugh command, Karma puts one hand on her hip and laughs shortly.

Warden Karma Emotes


During the recall, Karma stands in the tree yoga pose, slowly moving her arms up before disappearing.

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Warden Karma – Price

The price of Warden Karma is 750 RP, or around $6. 

It can be purchased directly through League’s store or crafted through the loot system. If you receive the skin from a Hextech or Masterwork chest, you can craft Warden Karma for 450 Orange Essence.

Another way to get Warden Karma is through the periodic RP skin sale, called Your Shop. This sale allows you to get a skin for a champion you often play for a much lower price.

The highest possible discount of 70% would mean that you can get Warden Karma for only 225 RP. And that’s about $2!

Is Warden Karma Worth It?

I honestly believe that there isn’t a single skin for Karma that doesn’t look good. Her aesthetic makes it so easy to create a look that will be both unique and beautiful.

Warden Karma suffers from the old-skin handicap since she doesn’t get much of anything else besides the different outfit.

This can be a dealbreaker for many players because there are so many amazing skins that offer so much more. But, I still would recommend purchasing this skin if you’re already considering it.

The Warden theme goes very well with Karma, and it isn’t an expensive skin. So, for the price of 750 RP, it is totally expected to get exactly what this skin is offering!

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