The latest Warden skin for Gragas is a real treat, bringing new animations, sounds, chromas, and even new voice effects!

As a Warden, Gragas gets an amazing new shiny look that separates him from his previous skins.

Along with five more champions, Gragas chooses to proudly wear the armor of the old Protectorate and becomes one with the order that fights the Marauders.

Warden Gragas was released in January 2021. This is an epic skin and is available to purchase through the in-game store.

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Warden Gragas – Overview

Warden Gragas 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

You might not be used to seeing Gragas dressed in such shiny and polished armor.

The Warden theme does bring a big change to this large fella, dressing him up in silver, blue, and golden.

He is covered from head to toe in what appears to be metal armor, with his long white hair and braided beard hanging on the outside.

Warden Gragas’ barrel is the flashiest part of the skin. It has the brightest animation that we’ve seen so far for any of Gragas’ skins, thus making his abilities more vivid and evident than ever.

As mentioned at the beginning, Warden brings Gragas everything you can expect from a new skin.

The new voice filter, as well as the bright abilities with the new SFX bring even more immersion to the Wardens as a whole. 


There are 8 chromas for Warden Gragas: Amethyst, Citrine, Pearl, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, and Turquoise.

Each of them offers a recolor for his outfit, beard, and barrel. 

Although for some of the abilities, the barrel’s color corresponds to one of the chromas, the abilities’ animations themselves don’t change in any way.

Warden Gragas Chromas


Passive – Happy Hour

The passive that heals Gragas doesn’t have animation of its own.

Q – Barrel Roll

Once the barrel rolls to the targeted location, it is surrounded by a circle filling up with blue whirlwinds. Over time, the barrel becomes red and starts shaking before it bursts, leaving glowing particles.

W – Drunken Rage

Gragas takes a sip straight out of his barrel and starts glowing bright blue for a couple of seconds.

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E – Body Slam

While Gragas is dashing in the pointed direction, he gains big semi-transparent wings and creates a light blue forcefield in front of him.

R – Explosive Cask

The barrel gains wings as it flies to its landing location and creates a radiant explosion in a circle.

Warden Gragas Abilities



Gragas says his joke line and laughs at it himself. I guess it really is that funny:

“The only time I have a drinking problem is when I spill it.”


By pressing Ctrl + 2, Gragas will say his taunting line while slapping his belly:

“I’ll drink you under the table, scrub.”

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Gragas dances by shaking around with one of his arms up. He stands under a blue spotlight while doing it too!


For the laugh command, Gragas laughs out loud in a very deep voice.

Warden Gragas Emotes


The new recall animation has Gragas putting his barrel on the ground in front of him and kneeling down.

The barrel forms a golden eagle symbol in the air right afterward. Gragas then gets up and takes his barrel before disappearing.

Warden Gragas – Price

The price of Warden Gragas is 1350 RP. That is around $10 (or €10). 

The cheapest way to get this skin (without discounts) is to purchase the $10 RP pack of 1300 + 80 RP.

However, Warden Gragas can also appear in Your Shop if you often play with this champion. The skin’s price has a chance to drop anywhere between 30% to 70%.

And that’s an amazing deal for a new skin like Warden Gragas!

There’s a random chance of receiving this skin from one of your hextech and masterwork chests too.

In that case, the skin price would be a bit different, as you won’t be paying with RP anymore. Warden Gragas’ price through the loot system would then be 1050 Orange Essence.

Is Warden Gragas Worth It?

This ‘big boned’ troublemaker looks awesome with the newly added visual and sound effects.

The bright colors offer beautiful visuals for Gragas himself, as well as for his abilities.  Warden Gragas is, in fact, the only skin for Gragas that also offers chromas to choose from.

So, I believe it is worth considering if you like playing Gragas and if you like how the Warden theme looks on him.

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