It’s very easy to draw the conclusion that Veigar is one of the most OP champions in League of Legends.

People often say that playing Veigar requires no skill, that the champion’s tool kit is completely broken, and many similar things.

But is that actually true? Or is it just another thing that League players say to each other?

Well, I’m a Master mid laner myself and I’ve always had a soft spot for Veigar. I’ve won hundreds of games with him in low elo and in high elo. And I can see the arguments for both sides!

The people that say Veigar is broken, they’re kind of right. But those that defend Veigar and can’t agree that he is OP aren’t wrong either! So what’s the truth?

I recently chatted with a bunch of my Master and Grandmaster friends on this topic. I asked for their own opinions on whether Veigar is an OP pick or not.

And although they gave me different arguments, the points they were trying to make were nearly the same.

So this post is my summary of what high elo players think about Veigar as a champion! 

Let’s break it down!

Veigar in the Lower Elos

Veigar one shot

The majority of the players that claim Veigar is broken statistically come from low elo. More specifically – the Iron, Bronze, and Silver ranked tiers.

Gold is a bracket that stands between average and good LoL players, but it’s also considered low elo.

So the question has to be asked: 

Is the opinion of Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold players an accurate measurement of whether Veigar is an OP champion?

And the answer is: 

Yes, but only for their own tiers.

What do I mean by this?

When a Bronze player says that Veigar is OP, he isn’t wrong! The champion has a few incredible strengths that sometimes you can’t simply ignore.

And it’s natural for that player to feel like Veigar is the most obnoxious pick in the game, despite his obvious weaknesses that high elo players abuse all day long!

So if a Bronze player struggles to win against Veigar, it’s often because he lacks the skills and the knowledge to do so. But this doesn’t mean that winning against Veigar in Bronze is easy either.

If you’re still learning the game and practicing your mechanics, avoiding Veigar’s cage may be the most challenging thing for you.

So if you’re a low elo player yourself, acknowledge that Veigar is OP, but only for you. If you accept that, you can learn to counter Veigar by exploiting his weakness and defeating him every time!

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Why Veigar May Seem OP?

Veigar is a op late game champion only

Here are the reasons why Veigar may really be OP in League of Legends!

  1. Passive Power Growth

Veigar’s passive – Phenomenal Evil Power is the key to his kit. It builds his Ability Power as the game progresses, no matter whether he’s winning or losing and if he’s purchasing AP items or tank items.

In fact, Phenomenal Evil Power permanently grants Veigar 1 AP each time he slays a minion (with his Q) or hits a champion (with any ability).

Because of this, it often feels like no matter how hard you lose as Veigar, you still end up dealing fantastic damage!

  1. Multiple Viable Builds

Since Veigar grows his Ability Power passively, he doesn’t always need to go full AP. And actually, there are many viable tank builds for Veigar that make him unkillable.

The only thing that you really need to get is Void Staff, and the rest can be all Health, Armor, and Magic Resist!

  1. Veigar’s Cage

Veigar’s E – Event Horizon may really be the most broken crowd control ability in LoL. It’s an AoE stun that lingers for a couple of seconds and blocks entire areas.

Even in high elo, players find it difficult to deal with this spell because it stops everything from happening!

If you’re in – you’ve gotta get out! And if you’re out – you’ve gotta wait for the animation to end!

  1. Veigar’s Ultimate

And Veigar’s R – Primordial Burst is admittedly one of the most OP buttons in League of Legends. It’s a point-click ability that deals an insane amount of damage, especially to targets with low HP.

Actually, it’s totally possible for Veigar to literally one-shot an opponent with Primordial Burst. And the only way to dodge is with tools like Zhonya’s Hourglass!

But do these reasons make Veigar actually OP or not?

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Is Veigar Actually Overpowered?

Veigar dealing damage

Most of the time – no. Veigar is no more OP than your average champion in League of Legends. In fact, he’s considered by many to be a weak mid laner in the modern LoL.

But Veigar can seem like an OP champion because the players that are good on him play only to his strengths. 

And here are the reasons why Veigar is not actually OP!

  1. Weak laner

Veigar is no threat to any mid laner in League of Legends. His early game revolves around stacking AP through his passive, so you rarely see an aggressive Veigar early on.

And this is also why champions like Syndra, Zed, and LeBlanc can easily shut Veigar down and dominate him!

  1. Short ranged

Veigar is a mage that only has short-range abilities. This means that you can easily counter him with other mages, such as Lux, Xerath, or Zoe.

But any champion that can easily dodge Veigar’s spells or outrange them is a pick that usually beats him.

  1. Squishy champion

And like all other mages, Veigar is a squishy champion. He’s almost always forced to build either Zhonya’s Hourglass or Banshee’s Veil to protect himself. And if you can break through them, you can easily defeat him.

  1. Late Game champion

Yes, Veigar is an exceptional AP carry in the late game. But it’s not always easy to reach that late game.

In fact, in higher elo, matches rarely last for more than 22-23 minutes. So even if Veigar is OP, he can’t always show it!

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To be honest, there are far more problematic champions to deal with in League of Legends than Veigar. 

Take Viego, for example! There are so many more things you need to be careful about when playing against Viego. And half the time you don’t even know what’s going on.

I recommend you check this post as well where I talk about how good Veigar is in the current state of LoL.

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