Veigar is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends. He was initially released in 2009, when the game was still in its early days.

And over the years, Veigar has experienced both high popularity and a low pick rate. His ability kit has stayed roughly the same, even though the game has changed fundamentally.

So now the question is – is Veigar still a good pick in LoL?

That’s what I’m here to discuss! I’m Diamond+ mid laner, and I’ve been actively playing LoL ever since seasons 2-3.

And even though I have a couple of insights about Veigar as a champion, I also talked to other high-ranked friends about his viability. 

So, here’s my analysis on Veigar and whether he is a good champion nowadays in League of Legends!

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Is Veigar Still a Good Champion in League of Legends

Veigar is a good champion for one shotting

Yes, Veigar is a good champion to learn the game with. He’s excellent for beginners in the mid lane role. Veigar has high burst damage and one shot potential, as well as a stun.

So, he’s always useful regardless of the matchups.

On the surface, Veigar can seem like the perfect champion in League of Legends. And really, his strengths are apparent – high damage and reliable utility.

However, the truth is – Veigar hasn’t been anywhere near the top of the meta lists for years. And it’s pretty likely that he ever will!


Well, Veigar struggles with a few critical problems, such as:

  • All of Veigar’s abilities are short-ranged – many champions simply outrange Veigar and make it difficult for him to reach them.
  • Veigar is a squishy champion – he has no defensive ability (apart from his E) and no way to avoid the incoming damage.
  • Everybody knows how to play against Veigar – players avoid getting too close to Veigar and usually escape every Event Horizon.

But does this make Veigar a bad champion in LoL?

Absolutely not! It just means that Veigar has to work really hard (probably harder than many champions) to achieve victory in League of Legends.

And it’s good to know these weak points if you want to become a Veigar main yourself!

You can find many different builds for this champion on this blog, such as the tank Veigar build and the Dark Harvest Veigar build.

All of them include a guide that teaches you how to win as Veigar. I totally recommend them!

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Is Veigar Good For New Players in LoL?

Veigar is an excellent beginner-friendly champion in League of Legends. He doesn’t have any complicated mechanics, and you can learn to play him in one day.

And If you practice his basic combos, such as E>W>Q>R, you’ll be able to quickly bring down opponents and eventually carry games.

There isn’t anything hidden about playing Veigar as a beginner. You have to know how to exploit his strengths while simultaneously avoiding his weaknesses. 

In short, you should focus on building your passive AP early on. And don’t try to duel champions at the start of the game.

Instead, you always want to be present in team fights and to play around your team. Veigar can one shot an enemy champion but also support his own teammates.

So, use him like that!

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Is Veigar a Decent Mid Lane Pick?

Veigar bursting an enemy

Veigar can be a great mid lane pick in certain situations. Although he has many unfavorable matchups, he’s also a counter to many champions too. As an AP mage, Veigar has both single target and AoE damage.

And if played correctly, he can win team fights by himself.

So why should you play Veigar mid?

Veigar is really good because he has unlimited power. The more stacks you have, the more damage you’re going to deal. Because of this, he’s often able to eliminate even tanks from the fight.

And that’s something that not too many mid laners can do.

Veigar also has an AoE stun, which is one of the best abilities for team fighting in LoL!

Can Veigar be a Good Support?

Yes, Veigar can be a great support pick. Instead of maximizing your W second, you can max your E. This will significantly lower the cooldown of your stun and give you more utility.

Because of this, you can support your teammates by providing utility and high burst damage.

Even though Veigar can’t shield or heal an ally, he is really good at supporting. His E – Event Horizon is one of the scariest abilities to face in the bot lane, especially when the jungler is around.

He can set up kills constantly for his ADC and load them up with gold.

One interesting build you can try as a support is tank Veigar. You basically build tank items and remain unkillable while providing your team with utility and damage. It’s lots of fun.

So, I totally recommend playing Veigar support!

How is Veigar Doing in High Elo?

Veigar is not a great pick in high elo. High-ranked players generally have enough experience to know how to shut Veigar down.

They usually counter him with early game assassins or long-ranged mages that don’t allow him to farm, stack, and scale.

So it’s tough to succeed as Veigar in high elo.

But are there successful Veigar mains in Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger?

Sure! It’s not impossible to climb as Veigar. But you have to work twice as hard to win a Diamond+ match as Veigar than as another mid lane pick.

And if you’re near this elo, expect that your opponents will try to exploit Veigar’s weaknesses early on!

Veigar is good beginner mid laner

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Veigar in Lower Elos

Veigar is amazing in low elo! Unlike in high elo, Iron, Bronze, and Silver players don’t know all of Veigar’s weaknesses.

Veigar can typically abuse the chaotic environment of low elo solo queue by constantly stunning opponents and one shotting them.

So is Veigar good for climbing too?

I always recommend Veigar to anyone looking to get out of Iron, Bronze, Silver, and even Gold. You’ll have an easy time managing the mid lane.

And you’ll have an even easier time taking advantage of the way people play in the low elo.

Players will often walk into your stun and do similar mistakes that will grant you free kills and gold.

So, there is no reason not to play Veigar if you’re looking to climb in League of Legends, especially in low elo!


So what can we conclude about Veigar’s state in the modern League of Legends game?

Well, we can safely say that Veigar is a great pick for low elo but a questionable one for high elo. He’s pretty good at one-shotting enemies, and placing stuns, but he almost always loses 1v1 duels. 

Can you succeed as Veigar nowadays? Yes, but you’ll have to practice and be innovative with your playstyle. Make sure to check this detailed guide on how to carry as Veigar the easiest way!

Good luck to you!

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