What’s behind the Spectacular Sivir skin?

In the lore, Sivir is known to be Princess of Shurima, the last in the bloodline of Azir, and therefore the only Shurima’s heiress.

As such, there is no denying she shares some similarities with the amazonian princess Diana, more widely known as Wonder Woman.

Spectacular Sivir looks a lot like Wonder Woman, from her headpiece down to her over-the-knee boots! Alright, she might be wearing less than the DC heroine, but are we really going to argue with that? 

Released in June 2010, Spectacular Sivir is the very second skin for Sivir, right next to Warrior Princess Sivir.

We all know the drill with old skins – they don’t have any unique animations or varieties (chromas). So you may ask yourself: “What makes this skin so special?”. 

Well, let’s find out!

Spectacular Sivir – Overview

Spectacular Sivir 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art✖ Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

With the Spectacular skin, Sivir gets a superheroine makeover. She wears red and blue bikini armor with golden curves and outlines.

A golden tiara headpiece, red and golden bracers, and thigh-high boots complete the entire appearance, making Sivir look truly spectacular!

Spectacular Sivir’s weapon remains to be a crossblade, with a few noticeable changes. Here the weapon consists of four colors altogether – gold, bronze, and blue/silver.

The four gems in each of the blades are blue, encircled by gold and bronze decorations. The blades’ color is gray, and they are sharp and pointy.

Like the original skin, Sivir has long black hair, which has been her signature hairstyle in many other skins.

This is definitely an improvement over the old Spectacular Sivir skin, which had all the basic animations.

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Passive – Fleet of Foot

The passive remains the same for Spectacular Sivir. A few faint bluish lines can be seen behind the champion when she auto-attacks.

Q – Boomerang Blade

The crossblade’s rotating animation is slightly slower than the original, giving the blade a better look as it moves away and back to Sivir.

W – Ricochet

The bouncing crossblade looks pointier and sharper than the original, but that’s mainly because of the weapon’s design.

Spectacular Sivir Abilities
Spectacular Sivir Ability Animations

E – Spell Shield

The spell shield retains the original look. It wraps Sivir in a purple bubble that explodes when it blocks an ability.

R – On the Hunt

Sivir’s ultimate also remains unchanged. It appears as whirlwinds surrounding her and gives her and her allies nearby movement speed that decays over time.



Sivir jokes by standing up straight and saying:

“Cut purse? No. Cut throat? Yes.”


Sivir taunts by throwing her blade around her and catching it with her other hand, and she says:

“Look up. See the buzzards circling.”


Sivir dances by moving her arms in a wavy motion left and right while making little steps to both sides in a loop.


Sivir stands up straight, puts her left hand on the hip, and chuckles shortly.


Spectacular Sivir’s recall animation is the same as the original. She throws her blade around her at first and then holds the weapon in front of her, as she recalls.

Spectacular Sivir Emotes
Spectacular Sivir Emotes

Is Spectacular Sivir a Rare Skin?

Spectacular Sivir is no longer available to purchase through League’s store. It is now a Legacy skin, which automatically puts it in the rare category.

And even though it’s an old skin, its rarity grows with each season.

How to get Spectacular Sivir?

The only way to get Spectacular Sivir nowadays is through the Legacy Vault.

That means you can only get this skin from Hextech chests and Masterwork chests, as well as Your Shop, which gives you access to the Legacy skins too. 

With more than a thousand skins in the game, you can assume how low the chances really are of getting this skin in particular.

The randomness of the loot system and the fact that you can only get 4 chests per week doesn’t help the statistics either.

Spectacular Sivir – Price

The price of Spectacular Sivir is 750 RP or around $6 in real money. 

Also, Your Shop has a chance of giving you a discount for the skin that can be as high as 70%.

If you are a lucky one and you do get a 70% discount for Spectacular Sivir, then it will cost you as low as 225 RP. Make sure also to buy yourself a lottery ticket afterward.

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Is Spectacular Sivir Worth It?

Spectacular Sivir is a genuinely awesome skin. The fact that there’s a lot of luck and randomness involved in actually getting it makes it worth much more than its actual RP price.

In reality, the skin does look good on Sivir, but it doesn’t offer much of anything else. If you’re looking for unique animations or voice lines, you won’t find them here.

What you will find, though, is a skin that is probably owned by very few people, which is sometimes worth more than the special effects of the skin. 

The Spectacular skin is a good find, in my opinion, and should definitely not be disenchanted or traded for another skin.

If the RNG chooses you as Spectacular Sivir’s new owner, make sure you keep it.

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