From its very beginning, League of Legends has made sure to honor the winter holidays through the Snowdown Showdown event. This event brings us new Christmas and winter-themed skins each year.

And one of those skins is Snowstorm Sivir!

If you’ve been playing League since 2018 or earlier, you surely remember the snowy version of the Summoner’s Rift. Whether this change is making a comeback ever again, we still don’t know.

However, we know that Snowstorm Sivir should be appearing in the shop again during Snowdown Showdown.

Snowstorm Sivir was released in December 2013 and belongs in the Winter Wonder skin collection. This is a Legacy skin, and as such, you can only buy it when the Legacy Vault reopens.

For the winter-themed skins, this usually happens around December each year.

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Snowstorm Sivir – Overview

Snowstorm Sivir 3D model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

The bold Blade Mistress transforms into a wild Winter combatant. As such, she wears Nordic-inspired clothes in deep blue and brown. The blue gems on multiple pieces of her outfit may also catch your eye. 

On her head, Snowstorm Sivir wears a modified Russian hat with a cutout snowflake as its centerpiece.

The best part about the skin is Sivir’s weapon, of course. Sivir now cuts through her enemies with a razor-sharp giant snowflake!

The snowflake’s animation is bright, clear and will surely bring you in a holly jolly mood, even if it’s not December yet.

The skin also brings us a new sound and animation for her recall, as well as one chroma. Snowstorm Sivir’s only chroma changes Sivir’s snowflake into an even brighter snowflake and gives her a golden winter outfit. 

Snowstorm Sivir chroma


Passive – Fleet Of Foot

There are no changes for Sivir’s passive, which appears as a few bluish lines behind the champion.

Q – Boomerang Blade

The giant snowflake’s animation is very sharp and pleasurable for the eye. If you look harder, It also leaves a trail of smaller, white snowflakes as it flies back and forth. Just magical!

W – Ricochet

Using the Ricochet ability makes the sharp snowflake bounce from enemy to enemy. The animation is definitely clearer in comparison to some other Sivir skins, such as Huntress Sivir.

E – Spell Shield

The shield surrounding Sivir remains unchanged for the Snowstorm Sivir skin.

R – On the Hunt

There is only one change for Sivir’s ultimate ability. The whirlwinds surrounding her are still there, but now they are accompanied by tiny snowflakes! They are most visible while Sivir is moving.

Snowstorm Sivir Abilities



The joke command’s animation for Sivir is as simple as it gets. She just stands up straight and tightens her hand into a fist, as she says:

“Cut purse? No. Cut throat? Yes.”


Snowstorm Sivir’s taunt command is more pleasing from an aesthetic viewpoint. She throws her beautiful snowflake around and catches it without even looking. During this, she says:

“Takes a lot to stay at the top.”


Sivir’s dance is also simple, as she moves left and right while doing the dance movement called the “Arm Wave.”


The way Sivir laughs at her enemies has always reminded me of her bold personality. She sure is the bold Blade Mistress and wants her enemies to know it too!


Snowstorm Sivir’s new recall animation is truly enchanting! She spins the snowflake and throws it high up in the air. The snowflake then continues spinning, as it creates a storm of snowflakes that fall down in big numbers.

During this, Sivir stands for a couple of seconds with her right arm up in the air before she disappears.


Snowstorm Sivir Rarity

Snowstorm Sivir is a somewhat rare skin. As a Legacy skin, it can only be purchased during the limited Snowdown Showdown event in December.

Otherwise, it’s not possible to buy it from League’s in-game store.

During December, all of the Legacy Snowdown skins are available for everyone to purchase. So, if you miss this year’s event, you would have to wait eleven months for next year’s sale. 

Snowstorm Sivir Price

Snowstorm Sivir’s price is 975 RP.

In real money, that would cost around $7-$8. If your balance currently is 0 RP, that would mean that you have to buy the $10 RP pack. This pack includes 1380 RP, so after the purchase, you’d have 405 RP left to spare!

Snowstorm Sivir can also appear for sale in Your Shop. The skin’s price can be anywhere from 30% to 70% off.

This deal would be too good to not act on it, especially if you like playing Sivir (which you probably do if you’re seeing a Sivir skin in Your Shop).

Is Snowstorm Sivir Worth It?

Absolutely! If you like winter and everything about it as much as I do, you’d truly appreciate this seasonal skin for Sivir as well. 

There’s always been something magical that gives us warm, fuzzy feelings during the holidays. With the Snowstorm Sivir skin, it can feel like Christmas every day!

The price of 975 RP is also pretty fair if you’re asking me. It’s the same price as Huntress Sivir, but here you’re also getting a unique recall animation instead of the base one, and did I mention snowflakes?

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