How did Prehistoric Renekton come to life?

As a champion based on an ancient Egyptian deity, it was only fitting that Renekton would be one of the 3 “monsters” with Prehistoric skin.

The other 2 champions in the skin line are Prehistoric Cho’Gath and Prehistoric Anivia.

Prehistoric Renekton was released in June 2015. This is a regular skin and is available to purchase through League’s store.

The short lore about Prehistoric Renekton tells us that he’s an intelligent beast, as well as a skilled fighter and weapon wielder.

In this alternate universe set in prehistoric Runeterra, there are champions that represent the monsters, such as Renekton, and others that represent the hunters that are trying to tame or slay them.

Prehistoric Renekton – Overview

Prehistoric Renekton 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

For the first time, the humanoid crocodile Renekton wears shiny gold armor and even has red fins on his back.

His skin is slightly darker than the original, making the fins and armor stand out more. 

The skin may remind us more of some wild creature that’s now extinct and less of Sobek, the Egyptian deity Renekton was based on.

However, Prehistoric Renekton still partially clings on to that fantasy with his golden armor.

Prehistoric Renekton’s weapon has a similar shape as the original, but with sharper and pointier blades.

It’s much more visible and distinguishable because of the lighter outline of the blades themselves and the golden color of the handle.

Unfortunately, there are no chromas or new visual/sound effects for Prehistoric Renekton. This is just a regular skin, with his looks being the only change.


Passive – Reign Of Anger

The passive ability doesn’t have any visible animations by itself.

Q – Cull The Meek

When Renekton cleaves around him, there’s a slashing animation that becomes red when Reign Of Anger is active. This ability looks the same as the original.

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W – Ruthless Predator

Renekton strikes his target twice or three times if the passive is active.

E – Slice/Dice

Renekton dashes in the pointed direction, which can be recast if he hits a target. If he has more than 50 Rage, Reign Of Anger will make his second dash (Dice) red in color.

Prehistoric Renekton Abilities

R – Dominus

With his ultimate, Renekton gets surrounded by sandy storms and whirlwinds. The ability also has the same animation as the base skin.



Renekton lies down on the ground, impersonating a crocodile, and he says:

“What, do I have someone in my teeth?”


We can see Renekton mastering the “Draw me like one of your French girls” pose for his taunt, and his line is:

“Come back when you’ve collected all the bits of yourself!”


Renekton dances around and about with his blade, spinning it and throwing it around.


If you’ve thought you’ve heard a true villain’s evil laugh before, wait till you hear Renekton’s! His laugh is both terrifying and wicked.


Renekton licks his blade and throws it up in the air. This is the same animation as the base skin.

Prehistoric Renekton Emotes

Prehistoric Renekton – Price

The price of Prehistoric Renekton is 750 RP. 

Unless you want a better deal or don’t plan on buying a lot of other skins, the cheapest RP pack you can get is the $10 pack with 1380 RP. 

There’s also another, cheaper way of getting the skin through Your Shop.

For that, however, you would need to rely on the unpredictable loot system, which can give you a discount ranging from 30% to 70% for the skin.

Then again, you might not even need to pay with RP if you manage to receive Prehistoric Renekton from a chest. In that case, the skin would cost you 450 Orange Essence instead. 

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Is Prehistoric Renekton Worth It?

Prehistoric Renekton sure looks good, and I believe the armor’s overall look is stunning, but the lack of new visual effects doesn’t bode well for this skin.

There are definitely more fun skins for Renekton, such as Renektoy or Pool Party. 

Over the years, we’ve kind of grown accustomed to getting a skin with everything included – new recall animations, new look for the abilities, and even new voice effects.

And you probably see my point on why this skin simply doesn’t deliver.

So, if you’re considering purchasing this skin, I would suggest first purchasing the fun ones (which are about the same price).

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