Prehistoric Cho’Gath is both amazing and terrifying, as it transforms the tanky champion into an ancient and scary being. But, this skin’s beauty is even more apparent once Cho’Gath starts stacking his ultimate.

So, there’s no wonder why this is one of the most popular skins for the Cho, The Terror Of The Void.

With the smooth gray skin and golden back spikes, this is possibly the most polished skin for Cho’Gath. 

Prehistoric Cho’Gath was released in June 2015. It is a regular skin and is available to purchase through League’s store.

The skin is a part of the Prehistoric skin line, which includes two more champions, the so-called ‘monsters’ Prehistoric Anivia and Prehistoric Renekton.

Prehistoric Cho’Gath – Overview

Prehistoric Cho'Gath 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

There aren’t too many things on the Rift scarier than Prehistoric Cho’Gath with 10+ stacks on his R – Feast. But even before level 6, Cho’Gath still looks amazing with this skin.

The combination of grey and gold goes very well with him and the prehistoric theme. He truly does look like a creature that has lived a couple of million years ago.

The red glowing eyes make Cho’Gath appear even more frightening. He has a couple of golden rings and black spikes that extend to its very tip of his long tail.

Prehistoric Cho’Gath doesn’t have any chromas or a new recall animation. That’s because the skin came out before Riot started including these features on a regular basis.

Instead, it brings new animations for some of his abilities and an ever-growing monster that will definitely bring you closer to the immersion of the (very) old times.

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Passive – Carnivore

When Cho’Gath slays an enemy, there’s a green light that appears.

Q – Rupture

Cho’Gath’s Rupture has a different animation for the spikes that rupture from the ground. They appear inside the entire circle and are brown/gray in color.

Prehistoric Cho'Gath Abilities Animations

W – Feral Scream

The roar’s cone has the same animation and purple color as the original skin.

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E – Vorpal Spikes

Cho’Gath’s claws’ glow is more evident because of the color of the skin. Also, the spikes are greater in number, and their color is black.

R – Feast

The purple nightmarish fog that appears around the enemy when Cho’Gath uses his ultimate remains unchanged.



There’s really no question why this carnivorous monster’s joke line is:

“Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!”


For the taunt command, Cho’Gath opens his horrific mouth widely and says:

“Death is not the end for you, I have seen to it. For eternity, you are mine!”


Cho’Gath dances left and right with his two sets of limbs in a loop.


While Cho’Gath is laughing, he also claps with his hands.


The recall animation has the same look as Cho’Gath’s original skin. He makes a roaring motion with his mouth, although no sound comes out, and he opens his claws widely.

Prehistoric Cho'Gath Emotes

Prehistoric Cho’Gath – Price

How much does prehistoric Cho Gath cost?

The price of Prehistoric Cho’Gath is 750 RP. This is the cheapest skin for Cho’Gath that’s available directly through the in-game store.

But, there are also other ways of getting this awesome and terrifying skin.

One way is to craft it if you happen to receive Prehistoric Cho’Gath through one of your chests. Its price would then be 450 Orange Essence

The other way is to also purchase it with RP through Your Shop. This way, you can get a discount going from 30% to 70% off. The only downside is that there’s no guarantee Prehistoric Cho’Gath would appear for sale.

However, you can increase your chances if you played Cho’Gath regularly in the past six months.

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Is Prehistoric Cho’Gath Worth It?

Definitely, this skin is worth buying! Once Cho’Gath gets a couple of stacks, his appearance is screaming at everyone in the game: “Look at me! Look at me!”.

And who wouldn’t want the enormous creature that’s as wide as the entire mid lane to look like a prehistoric nightmare?

Of course, I could make the same point for all of Cho’Gath’s skins (and I would).

Nonetheless, for the 750 RP (which is only about $6 in real money, by the way), you are getting a very nice, smooth look for Cho’Gath.

So, I believe this skin is really worth the price!

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