What makes Prehistoric Anivia so special?

The skin is an obvious inspiration of the ancient and extinct flying reptile – the pterosaur.

Anivia has had feathers in nearly all skins that came before and after Prehistoric, but she’s never been portrayed like this. So, Prehistoric is one of the most unique skins in Anivia’s collection.

Although Anivia’s title is The Cryophoenix, she definitely looks less like a bird and more like an ancient creature that possibly lived on our planet many millions of years ago.

The touch of fantasy is also added with the ice that covers parts of her body.

Anivia is one of the three ‘monsters’ that received a Prehistoric skin, with the other two being Cho’Gath and Renekton. The skins for all three of them are very smooth and polished but different from each other nonetheless.

Prehistoric Anivia was released in June 2015. This is a regular skin and is available through the League’s store.

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Prehistoric Anivia – Overview

Prehistoric Anivia 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

Prehistoric Anivia’s skin is red and smooth, but she still holds on to her icy aesthetic, as her wings and tail are slightly covered with frost.

Also, her head and her spine are covered in big icy shards. On her shoulders, she wears gold accessories too.

Since this is an older skin, it doesn’t come with any chromas or distinctive animations and sounds for her recall.

There are no new animations for her abilities either, with the exception of her passive.


Passive – Rebirth

During the resurrection, Anivia (or Eggnivia) transforms into an egg with blue spots in a leafy nest.

The only thing visible inside the egg are her two peaking bright eyes. If Anivia remains alive, the essence is brought back to her, and she breaks free from the egg.

Q – Flash Frost

The icy chunk’s animation remains the same as the original. It explodes once it reaches its final destination.

W – Crystalize

Anivia creates a frost wall at the target destination, which disappears after a couple of seconds. This also looks the same as the original skin.

Prehistoric Anivia Abilities

E – Frostbite

The Frostbite Ability appears as an ice lance flying toward the enemy target.

R – Glacial Storm

Anivia creates a storm with whirlwinds and frost in a giant circle.



Anivia jokes about the famous riddle: “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”. Her response is:

“The chicken or the egg? Actually I came first.”


For the taunt command, Anivia walks left and right slowly, and she says:

“Poor creatures, so confined by a single life!”

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Anivia’s dance moves are mostly her clapping and flapping with her wings, as well as shaking her tail.


Anivia laughs while she’s flying in the air, and she puts her wing on her chest.


There are no changes to Anivia’s recall animation. She lands on the ground shortly, then she ascends again as she recalls.

Prehistoric Anivia Emotes

Prehistoric Anivia – Price

Prehistoric Anivia’s price is 750 RP, or around $6.

However, if your current balance is 0 RP, you’d need to purchase an RP pack, with the cheapest one being $10. This pack contains 1300 + 80 RP. 

You can also receive Prehistoric Anivia from a hextech or masterwork chest.

In this case, the skin would cost 450 Orange Essence, which means you won’t have to pay with RP at all!

If you play Anivia on a regular basis, you have a chance of a discount for the skin through Your Shop.

This is completely random, and the price can drop anywhere from 30% to 70%. So, the lowest price for Prehistoric Anivia through Your Shop would be 225 RP.

This skin can also drop from Hextech Chests and Masterwork Chests, although the chance is random.

Is Prehistoric Anivia Worth It?

Prehistoric Anivia does look nice. However, it’s not really worth the 750 RP, in my opinion. The skin has no new animations for her abilities (except her passive), no new sound effects or chromas.

So, unless you can craft the skin through the random Loot system, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it. 

Anivia is one of those champions that Riot hasn’t forgotten and still regularly creates amazing new skins for her.

Her Cosmic Flight and Divine Phoenix skins are definitely much more worth it. If I was an Anivia main, I would definitely consider purchasing those first.

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