It’s the year 2018. After years and years of waiting, Riot finally announces that they’re making an April Fools’ skin for Sivir, called Pizza Delivery.

Everyone loses their minds. Memes are destroyed, and dreams are fulfilled. Yet, nobody knows exactly what to expect and how serious Riot’s attention to detail would be. 

And one thing’s for sure – Riot Games really took their time and effort in making Pizza Delivery Sivir. The splash art doesn’t disappoint either.

In it, we can see Sivir ringing the doorbell while holding a pizza, dressed as a real-life pizza delivery girl!

The skin was available for purchase in the store from 30th March 2018, just in time for April Fools’, of course. 

Pizza Delivery Sivir is an epic skin from the Culinary Masters skin collection. This fun and remarkable skin for Sivir has many one-of-a-kind features, and I’ll tell you all about them here!

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Pizza Delivery Sivir – Overview

Pizza Delivery 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

Sivir, our pizza delivery girl by day, Blade Mistress by night, gets a complete makeover here and a couple of very unique animations. 

Her outfit consists of a white T-shirt, short jeans with a blouse tied around her waist, black fingerless gloves, and white sneakers with red thigh-high socks.

She also wears a red cap and has her hair tied in a ponytail. All in all, she totally rocks the pizza delivery girl look.!

The best part about this skin, the pizzas, vary in all kinds of different toppings. Going from pepperoni all the way to pineapple, Sivir has a pizza for everyone’s taste.

The base Pizza Delivery skin features three different pizzas with the toppings: pepperoni, ham and cheese, and mushroom pizza.

Now Sivir can feed her enemies without actually feeding her enemies.

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Pizza Delivery Sivir Chromas

Pizza Delivery Sivir has 5 chromas in total, which means 5 different color schemes for her outfit. 

Not only does the Pizza Delivery skin get different color palettes, but there are also three unique pizzas for every chroma. These are:

  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Catseye
  • Obsidian
  • Rose Quartz

The Amethyst chroma even has vegetarian-only pizza variants. So yes, Riot has thought to put a little something for everyone’s taste.

Pizza Delivery Sivir All Chromas


Passive – Fleet of Foot

The passive remains precisely the same as the original here. 

Q – Boomerang Blade

Pizza Delivery Sivir’s Q ability appears wider than the regular Sivir’s Boomerang Blade. Because of this, it’s much easier to aim, and it has the pay-to-win element.

Also, each time this ability is used, the type of pizza changes.

W – Ricochet

Instead of whole pizzas, for the Ricochet ability, there are slices of pizza bouncing between enemy targets. Each time it hits a target, it also splashes melted cheese and some toppings.

E – Spell Shield

Instead of the purple bubble, Sivir is now surrounded by an orange shield with some toppings flying about.

R – On the Hunt

Sivir’s ultimate is also different in color. The whirlwinds surrounding Sivir are now yellow/orange in color.

Pizza Delivery Sivir Ability Animations
Pizza Delivery Sivir Ability Animations



For the joke command, Sivir stands up straight, clenches her fist, and says:

“Cutpurse? No. Cut-throat? Yes.” 


For the taunt command, Sivir throws her pizza (instead of crossblade) around her and catches it while saying:

“Look up. See the buzzards circling.”


Sivir makes waves with her arms in a loop for the dance command while stepping to the left and to the right.


Sivir stands up straight for the laugh command, puts her left hand on the hip, and chuckles shortly.


The recall animation for Pizza Delivery Sivir can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Sivir throws the pizza up in the air, makes a 180-degree turn, and catches it in the pizza box. She then hops on the scooter, sounds the horn, and spins around, as she recalls!

Pizza Delivery Sivir Emotes
Pizza Delivery Skin Recall

Pizza Delivery Sivir – Price 

The price of Pizza Delivery Sivir is 1350 RP.

Converted to real money, that would be around $10 (or €10). If you have 0 RP, you can purchase the $10 RP pack, which gives you 1300 + 80 RP.

Pizza Delivery is also loot eligible, meaning you can always get it as a random drop from Hextech chests or Masterwork chests. That way, the skin would cost you only 1050 orange essence instead of 1350 RP.

And last but not least, there’s always the possibility of Pizza Delivery Sivir appearing in Your Shop. In that case, you can get quite a discount on this skin.

The lowest possible price for Pizza Delivery Sivir would be around 405 RP, which is less than $4.

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Is Pizza Develiry Sivir Worth It?

After going through all the new features this skin offers, I think the answer to this question is pretty clear. 

Yes, Pizza Delivery Sivir is definitely worth having in your collection.

I mean, with three different pizzas per chroma, you would be getting 18 unique pizzas, given you purchase all of the chromas as well.

The skin is fun, refreshing, and really enjoyable to play with. And as previously mentioned, Pizza Delivery can count as a pay-to-win skin.

The ability animation on Sivir’s Q is very clean and easy to aim. So it gives you an advantage because it’s much more difficult for your opponents to dodge it.

My personal favorite part of this skin is the recall animation. There’s just something so entertaining watching Sivir drive around on that scooter with the pizza box in the back.

I simply love it!

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