Odyssey is a sci-fi skin for Sivir and gives the tough Blade Mistress a super galaxy makeover.  She remains as deadly as ever, just a bit more colorful than before! 

Sivir is known in Runeterra as a skilled sellsword, and her Odyssey description doesn’t contradict that at all!

In the lore, she runs her own small bounty-hunting operation on the edges of the galaxy. 

Besides Sivir, there are 11 more champions that get Odyssey skins for themselves, each with a few chromas to choose from.

Odyssey Sivir was released in October 2020. This is an epic skin and is available through the League’s store.

Odyssey Sivir – Overview

Odyssey Sivir 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

With this skin, Sivir looks like a space mercenary coming from an alternate universe. She wears a futuristic red jacket, gray/blue pants, and brown boots.

The single yellow eyeglass completes her outer space look.

Odyssey Sivir has purple and blue hair, which is much more colorful than we’ve seen so far in any of her skins. 

Her weapon is also very distinguishable, with hot pink melting into orange and yellow. The bright colors definitely make the whole experience more immersive while playing too. 

Odyssey Sivir brings us new animation and sound for her recall, as well as new visual and sound effects for most of her abilities!

Although this isn’t the first alternate future/universe skin for Sivir, it is the only one available for purchase through the League’s store.

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Odyssey Sivir has a total of 8 chromas, which is more than what any of her previous skins offer.

This amazing collection consists of the following chromas: Catseye, Emerald, Merc, Rainbow, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, and Tanzanite.

Each of the chromas offers a different color palette for her outfit, weapon, and hair. The abilities’ animations remain unchanged, however, with the exception of the color of Sivir’s weapon.

Odyssey Sivir Chromas


Passive – Fleet Of Foot

Like in the base Sivir skin, the passive appears like a few blue lines behind the marksman. Sadly, there are no new VFX or SFX for this ability.

Q – Boomerang Blade

As the futuristic blade flies in a straight line, it leaves a colorful trail which is a combination of pink, orange and blue. The weapon’s rotation isn’t too fast, making the animation very pleasing to the eye.

W – Ricochet

When this ability is activated, the bouncing weapon leaves circles in the same color as a trail while flying from enemy to enemy. Its glaring animation looks amazing here as well!

E – Spell Shield

The shield has a similar look to the base skin. The only thing that makes it different is the added futuristic lines that complement the Odyssey theme.

R – On the Hunt

Odyssey Sivir’s R is almost the same as the base animation for the ultimate. With the bluish tornado surrounding Sivir, there are a couple more blue circles rotating around her as well. 

You can really only see the difference if you compare both animations at the same time. 

Odyssey Sivir Abilities

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Sivir has two joke lines that she says while making a fist with her hand. One of them is:

“Cut purse? No. Cut throat? Yes”


Pressing Ctrl + 2 triggers Sivir’s taunt emote. She tosses her weapon around her during the taunt and catches it after it makes half a circle around her. She also says:

“Takes a lot to stay at the top.”


The dance is a simple loop of the Arm Wave movement while Sivir moves left and right.


Sivir laughs wholeheartedly as she puts her hand on her hip. The pose almost makes it seem like she’s making fun of her enemies too.


Odyssey Sivir throws her weapon in front of her. And while it spins, she pulls something that looks like the tail of an intergalactic animal from the water.

The tail slowly teleports away, and she receives her paycheck, the three golden orbs. 

The entire animation looks very cool, but it might be difficult to understand what’s going on the first time you see it.

Odyssey Sivir Emotes

Odyssey Sivir – Price

Odyssey Sivir’s price is 1350 RP.

That would cost around $10 in real money. This is an epic skin, and as such, it’s available to purchase in League’s store. So, you can get this skin by purchasing the $10 RP pack that contains 1380 RP.

Odyssey Sivir can also drop from one of your Hextech or Masterwork chests. You could then pay 1050 orange essence for it instead of spending Riot Points.

And, of course, since this is a loot eligible skin, there’s always the chance of it appearing in Your Shop for a lower price. The discounts are always random though, so you can expect any sale ranging from 30% to 70% off.

The chance of Odyssey Sivir skin appearing in Your Shop is much bigger if you play the marksman regularly.

There are a couple more skins for Sivir that are still available through the in-game store. 

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Is Odyssey Sivir Worth It?

Odyssey Sivir brings new visual and sound effects to the marksman’s abilities but somehow still doesn’t feel complete. You’d expect a bit more for a skin that was made in 2020.

Also, since Pulsefire Ezreal came out in 2012, we know that Riot can create a good skin if they want to.

However, this skin is far from bad. The colors used for the weapon are mesmerizing. They transfer really well on Sivir’s Q and W ability.

The chromas also look pretty good, but, in my opinion, the original looks the best.

So, I can’t answer this question with a simple yes or no, since I fell in love the first time I saw the blazing trail of Odyssey Sivir’s Q.

I was just a bit disappointed that after Blood Moon Sivir, they released a skin that felt like it had less work done on it.

Finally, I believe the skin is worth the 1350 RP for everyone that enjoys playing Sivir.

For everyone else, you might want to wait for the loot system to do its magic and even give you a nice little discount!

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