Our dear League of Legends has had one hell of a run. For a game that started with painful-to-look-at graphics and very shaky servers, it has come very far. And in its golden days (season 3), LoL was exciting to everyone.

But is League of Legends still a fun game to play in 2022?

League of Legends is a fun if you play with friends. Forming a team and destroying the enemy Nexus is both challenging and rewarding. But playing ranked solo queue alone is often frustrating and toxic, which drives people away from the game.

The fact is – different people enjoy different things. We all have reasons why we like or dislike League. Champions that excite you may be the very picks that tilt other players. And while you may enjoy a fast assassin meta, many players may enjoy a slow-paced tank meta.

And the point is – we don’t have to agree 100% on whether League of Legends is fun nowadays. If you only play the game with your friends, then you’re probably having a blast. But if you’re trying to climb from the pits of elo hell alone, then you’re probably wondering the question of this post.

Does that mean that ranked solo queue is what makes League not fun?

Not exactly. Yes, it does play a major part in it, which I’ll elaborate on below, but it’s not the only reason. 

In my opinion, LoL has abandoned its roots and has evolved into a completely different game. And the majority of players also feel abandoned by Riot Games.

But let’s analyze all aspects and see why League of Legends may not be a fun game for you anymore.

Why so Many Players Have Fun with League of Legends

If you’ve never tried LoL yourself or you’re thinking about uninstalling the game, here are the top reasons why League of Legends may still be worth playing in 2022!

1. LoL is one of the best PvP games in the world.

Teamfights in LoL

It’s the truth – there is no other game like League of Legends. In League, every idea, every click, every inch of the screen matters. Mistakes are punished hard, and every second is essential. And no matter if you’re in a 1v1 duel or a 5v5 team fight, you still need to dodge abilities, aim skill shots, and everything in between. 

League is the perfect mix of knowledge and skill in a video game. It requires motor skills and memory, as well as experience and intelligence. League allows you to measure these characteristics with other people and determine whether you’re better than them.

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2. In League, you can progress and build up your skill every day.

League is an easy game to learn. Its entry skill is pretty low, and the whole experience of picking up LoL is fun. In every match, you find different challenges which become easier and easier each time you sit down to play.

Once you start logging in every day, you also start seeing progress. You learn your champion’s combo, you pick up some fancy tricks, and you start carrying your friends to victory. This sort of achievement feels very satisfying to many of us, and it’s one of the reasons why we keep playing the game!

3. You can play over 150 champions in League of Legends and 5 roles in total.

It’s tough to not have fun in LoL when there are so many champions to play. You have marksmen, mages, assassins, fighters, tanks, and enchanters as the main categories. But each champion has its own playstyle and flavor. And each game can feel like a new experience if you change your pick all the time.

Additionally, LoL offers 5 different roles – top, jungle, mid, ADC, and support. Every role has its own “duty” and approaches the game from a unique angle. It’s much like going through a different door but ultimately reaching the same destination. And experimenting with new roles is always fun!

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4. LoL is a great way to have fun with your friends.

Playing LoL with friends is always fun.
Playing LoL with friends is always fun.

Despite what people may say, League is a fun place to hang around with friends. Sure, you may argue from time to time about silly things like Dragons or ganks, but you will have fun. And not having friends to play a game with is the number one reason people give up from playing it.

With friends, you can plan your team composition and make strategies to win the match. You can participate in Clash, a pro-like tournament for amateurs and casual LoL players. You can even play ranked games together in Flex Queue and earn cosmetic rewards along the way.

5. You can climb in the ranked solo queue or become a pro player.

Solo queue is easily one of the best parts of League of Legends. It may be tough to admit, but that’s why we keep logging in day after day, isn’t it? We all want to reach the highest rank we can and become the best.

And a great motivator is the League’s professional scene. We all look up to players like Faker or Doublelift, trying to become as good as them. Many of us dream of becoming pros so we can compete on an international stage.

In League, that’s totally possible if you’re good enough. The only thing standing between you and your esports career is every other person doing the same thing. And it’s up to you to prove whether you have what it takes or not.

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5 Reasons Why League of Legends is NOT Fun

And this is why League of Legends may not be the game for you, no matter whether you’re looking to get into it or you’re tired of trying your best in solo queue!

1. Ranked solo queue is way too stressful and not fun to play.

If you ask any League of Legends player whether it is actually fun playing the game, he’ll tell you no. In fact, playing solo queue often feels like the opposite – people go there to torture themselves physically and mentally.

We play solo queue because we want to achieve something – higher rank, cosmetic rewards, becoming a pro player. And with each victory, we feel closer to these goals. But losing means going away from them. So the very idea of losing in League is dreadful to many of us.

For example, in every game, you can be triggered by how some players actually play the game. In other, you can stress over the possibility of some champions destroying your team. And losing your hard-earned LP over that is not easy to accept. It pushes us away from our goals, and it causes stress.

2. You can’t carry games by yourself and you depend on random teammates.

You can say that I’m wrong for believing that one person should be able to win a game of League of Legends if he’s better than everyone else. After all, it’s a 5v5 MOBA and not a solo game. 

However, it shouldn’t be possible to only win games if you play as a team when you can’t choose the other 4 players in your team! What are the chances of receiving only good teammates in LoL? And if it was possible for us to filter which players we want on our team, it wouldn’t be unfair. But, that’s not the case.

LoL is designed in such a way that you depend on your team for absolutely everything. If you don’t have a good jungler, you will lose because of Dragons. If you’re ADC feeds, you’ll lose in the mid game. If your mid laner fails, you’ll lose everything on the else on the map. There’s simply no end to it!

And playing League of Legends is no fun when you depend on the random chance of getting good teammates in order to win.

You need friends in LoL to win games.
You need friends in LoL to win games.

3. People are toxic.

League has always been associated with toxicity in video games. At one point, it was the game with the most toxic community in the world. And honestly, that hasn’t changed much in 2022.

Riot Games have made numerous efforts to reduce toxicity in LoL, but it has never really worked. Ranked solo queue is a toxic environment on its own, and no amount of bans or chat restrictions can change that. People simply turn into monsters when their LP is at stake.

So if you want to play League today, you can bet that you’ll come across one or many angry players trying to ruin the game for you. It’s simply unavoidable. LoL is an open game where everyone can make an account and play, even if they’ve been banned before. And so, no one really feels accountable for their words or actions.

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4. The new champions and reworks break the game.

No one can explain the actions of Riot Games in the last couple of years. The champion designers and the balance team have also made efforts to explain to us why they add certain champions to the game. But they seem so disconnected from what the player base wants that it’s simply hard to believe they actually play LoL after all!

Each new champion Riot releases is the new most broken pick in the game. Aphelios, Samira, Yone, Gwen, Akshan… where’s the end? These champions have 10 more tools than your regular champions. They can fight, heal, burst, dash, block abilities, and enter invisibility. As a result, you need 20 more bans per game to eliminate all the champions you don’t want to deal with.

The case is similar with the old champions that get reworked. First of all, the rework changes them entirely. So you need to build your skill from the start again, despite the champion being your main for years.

But second, the reworked champions all get broken ability kits. Take Mundo, for example. Mundo is immune to crowd control abilities. So you can’t stun him, even though he has more damage than most mid lane champions while he is also immortal. 

Where’s the logic in the new champion designs and reworks? What’s the purpose of destroying League in such a way? These are the questions most players have for Riot Games.

5. The gameplay is too fast, and skill/knowledge doesn’t always win games.

Samira does over 2200 damage in 0.56 seconds.
Samira does over 2200 damage in 0.56 seconds.

There was a time in League of Legends when dodging abilities with Flash usually meant an outplay. Do you know why? Because if you could dodge someone’s cooldown with your Flash, that means that you have one more ability to use than him in the duel.

But the reality now is – you can dodge 90% of a champion’s damage, but you’ll still drop down because of a random one shot! The damage is so high in LoL nowadays that you get assassinated almost instantly.

Even tanks and support champions can one shot you even if you know their abilities pretty well and how to play against them. Garen, for example, can silence you and slay you in 1 second while you can’t do anything. So we can’t really say that skill wins games in LoL when there is no time to even use that skill.

These are the top 5 reasons why League of Legends is not fun to play.

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Is League of Legends Even Supposed to Be Fun?

Yes, like any other video game – League of Legends is supposed to be fun too. But because the game is designed mainly for the professional scene, it’s tough to enjoy it. Solo queue is often a battle of who gets mad first, so you’re actually dealing with other people’s problems instead of playing a video game.

Gaming is entertainment. And it’s sad to admit that playing League is not enjoyable for most people. We’re supposed to be excited to log in, practice our champions, and reach our desired ranks. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to stay motivated in LoL nowadays.

Riot Games should take away the focus from the professional scene. Their number one priority should be to make LoL a fun game for the average player, not those who get paid to play it.

So yes, League is supposed to be fun. But many people have trouble finding the fun.

How to Have Fun In League of Legends?

Despite its negative sides, League of Legends is still a good game. And believe it or not – you can control whether you have fun in it or not. At least to some extent.

So, here is how you can make your playtime in LoL fun!

1. Play with friends.

It’s a cliche thing to say, but playing League with friends rather than alone makes all the difference in the world. 

When I play normal games with my buddies, I’m truly happy. I don’t care who feeds, who’s on the enemy team, or what I am supposed to do with my build. I’m just happy to share experiences with my friends!

That’s when I try to play things like Zoe jungle just so I can share more positivity and make my friends laugh.

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2. Disable your chat to block the toxicity.

Disabling your chat is one of the best things you can do in League if you play alone. There is really no reason for you to speak to other players, even the ones in your team. 

Instead, you can use the in-game pings to communicate everything. You can ping your jungler to assist you with a gank, or you can warn your teammates that your lane opponent is missing. And if you want to see significantly less toxicity in LoL, simply turn off the chat.

3. Play different champions.

It’s easy to feel like League of Legends is not fun anymore if you only play a single champion. Especially if that champion gets nerfed or suddenly becomes weak, then you simply can’t find the game exciting anymore.

So whenever you feel bored, I heavily recommend you to try new champions. There are over 150 characters in League, and you should experiment with new picks all the time. Each champion has a unique playstyle, which at least guarantees you a new experience.

Having fun in League of Legends with Zoe bot lane.
Playing Zoe in the bot lane for fun.

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4. Play different roles.

Your role may also be the reason why you aren’t having fun in LoL anymore.

For example, people agree that top lane is not a fun role because it’s passive and slow. But the jungler and support are the two most exciting roles to play because they do so many things right from level 1.

So, try yourself at each role and see where you fit the best.

5. Try new builds.

You can’t have fun in a video game if you keep repeating the same steps over and over again. 

And playing a champion two different ways is often fun.

For example, Veigar is one of my favorite champions in League of Legends. I play Veigar as a one-shot mage, but I also play Veigar as a tank. I go between these builds depending on the matchup and my overall mood.

Don’t be afraid to try new things in LoL. That’s how you keep the experience fresh and exciting, even if you’re a veteran player like me.

Does LoL Get Boring for Me?

Yes, LoL gets boring from time to time. And like any other video game, the more you play it, the less there is to discover. But League of Legends gets updated very frequently, and it’s never stale. The meta shifts all the time, and there is always something to get excited about.

League can never become completely dull. The patches, which come every 2 weeks on a schedule, always bring a set of changes. These are everything from balancing the champions through buffs and nerfs to adding more skins and cosmetic rewards for players.

In this way, Riot Games keeps League of Legends fun and makes it feel like a new game in 2022.

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Conclusion: Is League of Legends Fun for a Master Player?

Is LoL really fun?

LoL offers one of the most competitive PvP environments in the gaming world. It’s packed with challenges to overcome and different champions to master. It can be incredibly exciting to play LoL with friends or climb the ranked ladder alone. The solo queue has its fair share of toxicity, but it’s avoidable.

I would be a hypocrite if I said that League is brilliant and doesn’t have its flaws. In fact, it might even have more negative than positive characteristics.

But for me, League of Legends will always be a fun game to play. Whether it’s a mage, ADC, or tank meta in the mid lane, I can always find champions to enjoy the game with. Yes, there are things in LoL that frustrate me regularly, but there are also things that make me laugh.

That said, I really hope I helped you make a decision whether LoL is worth your time!

If you’re a total beginner, I absolutely recommend you to try League of Legends because it is really fun, especially if you’re a lover of PvP games. And if you’re a veteran, like me, I’d advise you to take a break from LoL if you need to, at least for a bit. You might realize that it’s not such a bad game after all!

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