Sivir has always been a favorite to many people, even though we’ve gotten plenty of new and robust marksmen over the years.

She’s also the champion that has always had plenty of skins with little to no clothing for Sivir. Well, Huntress Sivir definitely falls in that category.

At the same time, the Huntress Sivir skin is very different from what we’ve seen so far.

The tribal look with the white body and face paint transforms Sivir into this amazing, fierce indigenous hunter. 

Another major difference for this skin is Sivir’s weapon. It is no longer a crossblade but an actual boomerang!

This change gives a smoother feeling to Sivir’s most important abilities.

And you may have noticed that Huntress Sivir is a real eye candy to have in-game (IYKWIM). 

Huntress Sivir was released in February 2011. As of today, it belongs in Riot’s rare/limited skin category, among the PAX, Neo PAX, and Victorious Sivir skins.

Huntress Sivir – Overview

Huntress Sivir 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

As a Huntress, Sivir bears a striking similarity to the Australian indigenous/aboriginal hunters/scavengers.

She wears red and black tribal clothes with a single red spaulder on her right shoulder, black sandals with straps, strapped gauntlets, and a golden headpiece. 

She has multiple white aboriginal body paintings on her face, stomach, legs, and arms. 

The boomerang also has paintings of its own. There’s white paint on both ends and green, white, black, red, and yellow paint in the middle of the boomerang.

It is truly a unique weapon for Sivir, as this is the only skin with a boomerang for a weapon.

Apart from the weapon’s model change for Sivir’s animations of her Q and W abilities, there aren’t any different animations for the rest of the skin.

Since chromas were first introduced in 2015 and this skin was made way before that, it doesn’t have any visual alterations either. 

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Passive – Fleet Of Foot

Sivir’s passive looks like a couple of bluish lines behind the champion when she auto-attacks.

Q – Boomerang Blade

The name of this ability now comes even more to life as Sivir throws an actual wooden boomerang across the rift.

The animation looks clear and smooth, although it’s not as full as in the other skins, such as Pizza Delivery Sivir.

W – Ricochet

The change of weapon doesn’t make that big of a difference, really, since the boomerang jumps pretty fast from one target to another.

Huntress Sivir Abilities

E – Spell Shield

Sivir’s spell shield has the recognizable purple color, just like in the base skin.

R – On the Hunt

The ultimate grants Sivir and her nearby allies movement speed, which appears as bluish whirlwinds surrounding Sivir. This animation also looks the same as the base skin.



When we use the joke command, we have Sivir saying a rather unusual “joke” as she clenches her fist:

“Cut purse? No. Cut throat? Yes.”

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The Boomerang sure looks cool for the taunt command for Huntress Sivir. As she’s throwing the weapon around her, she taunts and says:

“Takes a lot to stay at the top.”

She then catches the boomerang with the same hand without even looking at it.


Sivir’s dance is simple but fun, nonetheless. She steps to the left and to the right in a loop while also holding her arms up and doing the Arm Wave.


There’s something a bit mean when it comes to Sivir’s laugh. The tone of it is definitely mocking, as well as her posture!

Huntress Sivir Emotes


There’s no new animation for Huntress Sivir’s recall. She takes the boomerang from one hand into the other and then stands with her front knee bent while holding the weapon in front of her.

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Huntress Sivir Rarity

Is Huntress Sivir rare?

Huntress Sivir is a semi-rare skin. This is mainly because many people are unaware that you can purchase this skin directly from the League’s store.

And before you go looking for it in the Skins section, let me tell you: you won’t find it there. 

How to Get Huntress Sivir?

The only way to get the Huntress Sivir skin without going through a third-party website is by purchasing the Champions Bundle.

You can find the bundle in the Bundles section, under the Champions Tab in League’s store. The bundle includes the skin and 20 champions, hence the name.

Obviously, Riot wanted to play a bit of “hide and seek” with this skin. Also, it can be pretty pricey if you don’t own all of the champions.

Of course, we have a little tip for you that will save you some precious RP. 

Instead of purchasing the bundle right away, you can buy the listed champions that you don’t own with Blue Essence.

That way, you would have to pay with actual money only for the skin.

Watch my YouTube tutorial on how to get Huntress Sivir in League of Legends.

Huntress Sivir – Price

The price for Huntress Sivir is 975 RP. 

When purchasing it from the Store’s Champions Bundle, make sure to follow our tip mentioned above. 

Unfortunately, this skin is not loot eligible. In other words, it will never appear as a drop from one of your hard-earned chests.

It is also impossible to get it through Your Shop since Huntress Sivir, like the PAX and Victorious Sivir skins, are a limited edition. 

Riot has a strict policy when it comes to limited-edition skins, so getting it from the bundle is the only option so far.

Is It Worth It?

The only “WOW” factor this skin has (apart from the very seductive chest area *cough cough*) is the uniqueness of Huntress Sivir’s boomerang.

I appreciate Riot’s level of detail in making this skin, nonetheless, considering it is more than 10 years old. 

In my most humble opinion, this skin is only worth getting if you already own all of the champions from the Champions Bundle.

Paying anything more than 975 RP for a skin that doesn’t have any new animations or sounds is just too much.

Of course, if you were planning on getting the champions listed in the bundle in the future, then it still might be a good deal for you, even if it costs a bit more RP. 

The same applies if you’re a skin collector that has set out to own every possible Sivir skin in the game.

In that case, you might want to check our PAX Sivir overview, where we have a few tips on how you may still be able to get the skin if you don’t already have it.

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