In the early days of League, Dynasty Ahri was one of the few skins inspired by the Asian culture and aesthetics. It transforms our favorite fox lady into a geisha, something like the Sakura skin does for Karma.

As such, it is an excellent skin that combines the real world with the fantasy of Runeterra. But should you buy it?

The truth is, Dynasty Ahri is one of the oldest skins in LoL too. And it suffers from that primitive skin philosophy that says skins should only change the champion’s outfit.

A couple of years back, Riot Games updated Ahri’s visual effects and gave her spells new animations. They also improved the appearance of her skins but didn’t give unique visuals to every one of them.

So even though Dynasty Ahri doesn’t have one-of-a-kind spell animations, it’s still a skin worth checking!

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Dynasty Ahri – Overview

Dynasty Ahri 3D model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art✖ Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

Dynasty gives Ahri a new outfit mainly composed of a kimono (the top part) and a skirt (the bottom part).

The kimono is predominantly white, while the dress is colored pink. The two parts blend together nicely and create a unique appearance for this champion.

Ahri also wears knee-high white socks and traditional Japanese footwear. Her hair is pulled together with two beautiful Kanzashi that keep it from falling. 

Ahri’s sphere glows the same way as in her base appearance. But her nine tails are colored with dirty gray and not the original white. And they’re pretty impressive when fully spread!

Dynasty Ahri doesn’t add new voice lines or movement animations. 

And since the skin was created when skin lines weren’t a thing, it doesn’t have its own lore. It’s simply just Ahri dressed in an anime costume, but that’s enough for many people. 

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Passive – Essence Theft

Since Dynasty Ahri doesn’t have many new spell animations, her orb looks exactly like her base appearance.

So when Essence Theft is at nine stacks, the orb simply turns green. And when the stacks are consumed, it turns back to blue.

Q – Orb of Deception

Although the Dynasty Orb of Deception mimics the original animation, it also adds pink sakura leaves.

They appear behind the orb and follow its path in both directions. The sakura leaves are an interesting addition to the ability.

Still, you don’t notice them that often during regular gameplay.

Dynasty Ahri's Q and W animations
Dynasty Ahri’s Q and W animations

W – Fox-Fire

Ahri’s Fox-Fire animation starts off the same old way. Once used, the ability causes Ahri to suddenly glow up and spin in a circle.

Then the three flames appear around her, but here they aren’t entirely blue. Instead, they’re a mix between blue and pink!

E – Charm

Ahri’s Charm doesn’t have any effects on the Dynasty skin. Its animation is simply a large pink heart flying towards her enemies. Ahri turns all pink for a split second after using it, but that’s it! 

R – Spirit Rush

And the appearance of Spirit Rush is 95% the same as in the basic Ahri skin. However, Dynasty adds a little bit of pink color here too.

Each time she dashes forward, there is a burst of pink light behind her. It disappears very quickly, so it’s another hard-to-notice element.

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Ahri jokes by throwing her sphere up in the air, then juggling it between her nine tails like a basketball. She also says:

 “If you’d like to play with me, you’d better be sure you know the game.”


Ahri taunts by saying this infamous line and treating her sphere as if it was her opponent’s heart – ready to burst.

“Should I make your pulse rise? Or… stop!” *Giggles*


The dance animation of Dynasty Ahri is truly unique. It starts with Ahri moving forward, then moonwalking back and spreading her arms.

She then spins and bursts into more dancing. Throughout the animation, pink sakura leaves fall, and the ground beneath her feet is ignited by a red flaming rune.

Dynasty Ahri's E and R animations
Dynasty Ahri’s E and R animations


Dynasty Ahri recalls by throwing her sphere up in the air, then catching it before it hits the ground. Then she plays around with it for a couple of seconds and finally disappears.

Dynasty Ahri – Price

The Dynasty Ahri price is 975 RP. That’s roughly $8 (or €8).

And the best way to get this amount of RP is to take the $10 deal that equals 1380 RP if you don’t have any RP on your account.

However, if you have  300-400 RP lying around, you can also get the $5 deal of 650 RP

Some servers (EUW and EUNE) offer €2.5 deals that give you 310 RP. These are often recommended when you only need a small amount of RP to purchase a skin.

They’re also suitable for buying a Masterwork Chest and Key, which only cost 225 RP and have a chance to drop you the Dynasty Ahri skin! 

Masterwork Chests have a 20% increased chance to drop a skin shard, after all, so you can get this skin from it.

Is Dynasty Ahri Worth it?

If you’re wondering whether Dynasty Ahri is worth the money, my honest opinion is no. And here’s why!

No new animations. If you can separate the few instances where Dynasty adds pink coloring to Ahri’s spells, you’ll end up with her basic appearance!

No distinguishing colors. Yes, this skin gives Ahri an entirely new outfit, but the colors don’t differ too much from her original skin.

So instead of having the fox lady dressed in white and red, here you have her in white and pink. And that’s really it!

No gameplay advantages. Dynasty is the farthest thing from pay-to-win skin in League of Legends. The animations don’t help you in any significant way, so you have no reason to buy the skin.

However, if you’re an Ahri main or a skin collector, then it’s definitely worth having! I own the skin on one of my accounts despite my reserved opinion.

But I got lucky with the Hextech chests, so there’s that. 

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