Boneclaw Shyvana is an amazing and cheap skin that transforms the dragon lady into a tribal shaman that reminds us of ancient Runterra.

The skin has been around for a long time, with the latest visual update dating from 2015.

Although it didn’t belong to any skin line initially, Boneclaw Shyvana became a part of the Prehistoric Hunters skin line later on.

Boneclaw Shyvana was released in February 2011. This is a regular skin and is available to purchase through League’s Store.

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Boneclaw Shyvana – Overview

Boneclaw Shyvana 3D Model
Outfit Animations ✖
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

Boneclaw Shyvana differs in many ways from her original skin.

While her red outfit for the base skin reminds us of the inspiration for the champion – Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft, Boneclaw definitely couldn’t be further from it!

The skin features Shyvana wearing ragged clothes made of fur and leather. In her human form, she also has two fist weapons which appear to be the upper and lower side of a dragon’s skull.

She also wears a headpiece made of bones, and her hair is purple, long, and shaped like a tail.

Shyvana’s dragon form is also very different from what we’ve seen previously. She has brown fur, and on the back, she has a long silver mane.

As a dragon, she has all the prehistoric features we’ve seen on the other champions, from the uncovered bones on her tail to the sharp claws on her extremities.

Since Boneclaw Shyvana was released in 2011, it doesn’t offer new animations, SFX, or chromas.

That means that the recall, as well as the abilities, remain precisely the same. However, it might be enough that this skin shows Shyvana completely differently and is a lot cheaper than other newer skins.

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Passive – Fury Of The Dragonborn

There’s no visual representation for Shyvana’s passive.

Q – Twin Bite

The ability immolates Shyvana’s palms in her human form. As a dragon, the animation is similar, but it deals damage in a cone instead of only to a target.

Boneclow Shyvana Abilities

W – Burnout

Both human and dragon Shyvana have the same twirling red circles surrounding her. The only difference is that the circles are bigger when Shyvana is in her dragon form. 

E – Flame Breath

If you observe carefully, the big fireball that human Shyvana unleashes has the shape of a dragon’s head.

Dragon Shyvana’s Flame Breath has the same animation while traveling, but once it reaches the targeted destination, it leaves a big scorched area that damages anyone walking over it.

R – Dragon’s Descent

Shyvana turns into her terrifying dragon form by dashing and knocking the enemies in her way. The ultimate also correspondingly empowers her abilities.



For the joke command, human Shyvana puts both her hands together, making opening and closing motion with the skull fist weapons, and she says:

“What do you get when a dragon sneezes? (chuckles) Out of the way.”

Dragon Shyvana doesn’t have any joke emote.


Human Shyvana steps with both her hands extending forwards, and she says:

“Come get a glimpse into the belly of the beast!”

For the taunt command as a dragon, Shyvana crawls on the ground and says in a very deep voice and growls:

“Think you’re a dragon slayer? Come here and try.”

Boneclaw Shyvana Emotes


Shyvana’s dance includes multiple different movements, including side stepping, turning around, and even hopping in place.


Shyvana stands up straight and laughs. As a dragon, Shyvana growls while she laughs, making her laugh much more terrifying.


For the recall, human Shyvana remains on the lookout with her arms extended and ready to attack. In her dragon form, Shyvana also looks left and right and growls before recalling.

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Boneclaw Shyvana – Price

The price of Boneclaw Shyvana is 520 RP. 

That’s around $4 or €4 in real money. If you want to purchase this skin, the cheapest pack you could get will cost you $5 or €5 and contain 650 RP.

Your Shop might also give you a discount of up to 60-70% if you are a regular Shyvana enjoyer. This means that you can get the skin for as low as 200 RP, or around $1.5.

Last but not least, since Boneclaw Shyvana is a Loot eligible skin, you might even receive it from opening a chest. In this case, it would only cost you 220 Orange Essence, so you don’t have to pay with RP at all!

Is Boneclaw Shyvana Worth It?

This is the cheapest skin for Shyvana and offers a very interesting depiction of the champion.

Although there are no new flashy animations for her abilities and such, the skin itself looks perfect!

So, yes, I believe Boneclaw Shyvana is totally worth the money and definitely more worth than some of her other, more expensive skins.

The truth is, we have gotten less for more.

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