Blood Moon is the first skin for Sivir that offers new animations for all of her abilities, including her passive!

It features many aesthetic traits that make Blood Moon Sivir one of the most unique skins for our dauntless marksman.

The skin line includes 18 more champions and has amazing visual changes for all of them!

As Sivir becomes one with her demonic self, her entire appearance changes dramatically.

The paleness of her skin indicates the ever-present demon inside of Sivir, which has intertwined with her human self to the point of no return. 

Most notable are the changes to her abilities, which encircle Sivir and her weapon with a dark red glow. 

Blood Moon Sivir was released in January 2019. This is an Epic skin and is available to purchase directly in League’s store.

Blood Moon Sivir – Overview

Blood Moon Sivir 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

With the Blood Moon skin, the deadly Blade Mistress turns into a demonic priestess. She wears a red and black outfit which goes together perfectly with the Blood Moon aesthetic. 

On her head, Sivir has a set of nightmarish red horns that split into two on each side. This and the glowing blue eyes separate Sivir from her regular human form we have grown used to.

Her head accessories are completed with a mask that covers half of Sivir’s face. In the middle of it, we can see the symbol of the Blood Moon.

Sivir’s weapon is a golden ring with sharp monstrous edges. In the middle, it looks like a mirror to a brewing storm with occasional lightning coming out of it. 

As with most newer skins, this design makes even the auto-attacks look clear and bright, unlike some past skins for Sivir, such as Bandit Sivir.

As mentioned at the beginning, there are new animations for all of Sivir’s abilities. They even get new updated sounds that go together perfectly with the Blood Moon theme.

But that’s not all, since there’s also new recall animation and some new sounds to go with it as well!


There are seven chromas for Blood Moon Sivir: Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, and Turquoise.

Some offer different color schemes for her outfit, weapon, or hair, and some for all three!

For instance, with the Emerald Blood Moon chroma, Sivir wears a green outfit, and her weapon is also green with gold. Also, she has red hair instead of the original black.

Although chromas can differ greatly from one another, there aren’t any recolors of the abilities themselves. They remain the same for every Blood Moon visual alteration.

Blood Moon Sivir chromas


Passive – Fleet Of Foot

For the first time ever, Sivir’s passive gets a different look. The bluish lines are now replaced with deep red blazing animation.

Q – Boomerang Blade

The golden weapon leaves a crimson red, and blue fiery trail during its flight. It has a very distinctive glowing animation which adds to the immersion.

W – Ricochet

The spinning wheel remains very bright and clear when it bounces between enemy targets. Once it comes in contact with the enemy, the blue and red come together and implode with purple hues.

Also, the weapon that remains in Sivir’s hand glows red.

This, of course, happens very fast but makes the visuals much more pleasing altogether. Blood Moon might even have the best animation for this ability, with the PAX skin as its competitor.

E – Spell Shield

Sivir’s E ability has a different look than what we’re used to. Instead of purple, there are deep red hues present in the shield.

And there’s a blue glowy outline that encircles the bubble, which goes amazing together with the red color.

R – On the Hunt

The ultimate corresponds to the captivating appearance of the Blood Moon. The winds that twirl around Sivir are burgundy red intertwined with a slightly noticeable blue.

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Blood Moon Sivir Abilities



The joke emote has Sivir standing upright with her left fist clenched and saying the following line:

“They say the desert is a cruel mistress. I like the sound of that.”


Sivir plays with her lethal weapon by throwing it around her and taunting her enemies. One of her famous lines include her saying: 

“You can’t take it with you, so give it to me.”


The Blade Mistress dances by moving her arms in the air. She also makes little steps to the left and to the right.


The laugh command for Sivir shows her fearlessness as she mockingly looks up and laughs.


Blood Moon Sivir has a new animation in which she throws her weapon in the air above her.

The weapon starts spinning and transforms into a deep red moon with thunder coming out of it. As it spins, it slowly consumes Sivir until she becomes one with the moon.

Blood Moon Sivir Emotes

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Blood Moon Sivir – Price

Blood Moon Sivir’s price is 1350 RP or around $10 in real money.

If you were to purchase this Epic skin directly from the store, you’d need to get the $10 pack with 1380 RP, which is almost the same as the price of the skin.

There is always the possibility of getting Blood Moon Sivir through the Loot system. If you opened a chest with the skin in it and decided to craft it, it would cost you 1050 Orange Essence. 

Lastly, you can get exciting discounts on this amazing skin in Your Shop, going anywhere from 30% to 70%.

That means that the lowest price for Blood Moon Sivir would then be 405 RP! And that’s even lower than Sivir’s cheapest skin, Warrior Princess Sivir!

Is Blood Moon Sivir Worth Your Money?

Yes, this skin is totally worth the money! Blood Moon is definitely a complete skin for Sivir, offering everything from new animations to chromas.

And that’s expected from a skin that came out in 2019 and isn’t that old. 

The bright animations for Sivir’s auto attacks, as well as her W ability makes Blood Moon one of the most visible Sivir skins even in team fights! 

The only ability that didn’t live up to the standards of today’s skins is Sivir’s ultimate.

The dark red and blue colors used for the ultimate kind of conceal the ability since the Rift’s shade is also darker. 

All in all, Blood Moon is a beautiful skin for Sivir and a nice addition to anyone who enjoys playing her. I recently received this skin from one of my chests, and I must admit, I truly enjoy how it feels to play with it in-game!

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