Sejuani is an amazing champion in the jungle role, with her dashes, knock-backs, slows, and stuns. And, she’s gotten some really cool skins over the years.

However, Beast Hunter Sejuani doesn’t really feel like a completely new skin, although it is.

Beast Hunter Sejuani has different armor for Sejuani and her boar, Bristle, but most of the colors remain the same. Instead of a new skin, one might say it seems like a rework of her original look.

But, don’t just take my word for it, as here we dive deeper into what exactly you’d be getting with Beast Hunter Sejuani.

Beast Hunter Sejuani was released in February 2016. The skin belongs in the Prehistoric alternate universe that represents two sides: the hunters and the monsters.

This is a regular skin and is available to purchase through League’s store.

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Beast Hunter Sejuani – Overview

Beast Hunter Sejuani 3D Model

Outfit Animations
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

The most visible part of the champion is, as usual, Sejuani’s mount.

Her boar, Bristle, has the same white/grey color of its fur as in the original skin, with some added armor on its head and a big horn on its forehead.

As for Sejuani herself, she’s wearing turquoise full-body armor, with some red elements. On her head, she wears a helmet that extends into a pointy horn.

Sejuani’s weapon has the same bright blue aesthetic that we’ve seen for her base look, with slight changes.

Beast Hunter Sejuani doesn’t have any new animations for the recall or new visual/sound effects for the abilities. There also aren’t any chromas for this skin.


Passive – Fury Of The North

The passive that grants Sejuani Frost Armor has the same look of the symbol as the original.

Q – Arctic Assault

The animation of Sejuani’s dash also remains the same here. It is followed by a short animation of ice breaking once she collides with an enemy.

W – Winter’s Wrath

Sejuani swings with her flail in the pointed direction. This also looks the same as the base skin.

E – Permafrost

Permafrost’s passive has the same unchanged symbol. The animation of the stun also doesn’t change here.

R – Glacial Prison

Beast Hunter Sejuani Abilities

The big circle appears as a raging swirling storm that surrounds the enemy target, while the enemy champion is entombed in ice.

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Sejuani plays with her boar and says:

“Who wants a treat? Bristle wants a treat? Not until we’ve trampled our foes to dust!”


The boar moves energetically as Sejuani says to it:

“Don’t worry, Bristle, I’ll leave you the scraps.”


Sejuani’s mount Bristle jumps up and down, kind of like a mechanical bull. During this time Sejuani is tightly holding on to it.


Sejuani looks up and laughs shortly.


The recall animation, which is the same as the original, shows Sejuani slightly rising from her boar. Then she steps on Bristle’s head with one foot as she recalls.

Beast Hunter Sejuani Emotes

Beast Hunter Sejuani – Price

The price of Beast Hunter Sejuani is 750 RP.

That’s around $6 in real money, so you would at least need to get the $10 RP pack if you wish to purchase this skin. This RP pack contains 1300 + 80 RP, which means you can even save up for one more skin.

Since this skin is loot eligible, it can appear as a drop from a chest or even come up for sale in Your Shop.

The price of Beast Hunter Sejuani is 450 Orange Essence if you craft it from a chest, while the discounted price from Your Shop can be as low as 225 RP!

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Is Beast Hunter Sejuani Worth It?

Unfortunately, I must say no. The skin shares too many similarities with the base skin, and just doesn’t feel like it’s worth the price.

Although it’s a regular skin for just 750 RP, the lack of difference in the color palette makes the outfit change not that visible either. 

Perhaps if you managed to get a discount for the skin, or if you’re a die-hard Sejuani main that wants to collect her skins, I would maybe understand wanting to purchase Beast Hunter Sejuani.

For everyone else, I’ll just say: skip this one.

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