Welcome to the League of Draven! 

Except for today, it’s the League of Beast Hunter Draven, which is more or less the same thing. You see, this skin feels almost the same as the original Draven skin.

However, you could say that the orange hair makes a huge difference.

The skin is a part of the Prehistoric Hunters and Monsters skin line. The skin line includes four champions that take the role of the hunters and three champions in the role of the ‘monsters.’

Beast Hunter Draven was released in February 2016. This is a regular skin and is available to purchase through League’s store up to this day.

Beast Hunter Draven – Overview

Beast Hunter Draven
Outfit Animations ✖
Splash Art Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

Beast Hunter Draven has very distinguishable long orange hair tied in a ponytail with a black undercut. He wears a vest with no shirt underneath, giving us the distinct Draven look.

His mustache is even longer than usual and dark in color.

The weapons have a very primal appearance and look like they are made out of animal teeth and bone, which is very understandable considering the alternate universe this skin is a part of.

They are also stained with blood at their endings.

As an old skin, Beast Hunter Draven doesn’t have any chromas to choose from. There are also no new animations or effects for Draven’s abilities.

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Passive – League Of Draven

The passive doesn’t have any visual representation/animation.

Q – Spinning Axe

The animation of Draven spinning his axe only changes because of the different weapons for his Beast Hunter skin.

The mark of the location where the axe will land looks exactly the same as the original skin, though.

W – Blood Rush

Draven gets a rush that increases his attack and movement speed. The visuals are the same as the original skin, making his hands glow red.

E – Stand Aside

The animation of this ability is similar to the original skin, with the only difference being the weapon’s model. 

Beast Hunter Draven Abilities

E – Whirling Death

Draven’s ultimate also doesn’t have a new animation. He sends his two axes that create two parallel straight lines on the terrain.



Draven goes through his hair with his fingers and says:

“Draven does it all… with style.”

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While he’s holding both axes, Draven extends his arms widely and taunts by saying:

“Who wants some Draven?”


Draven’s ‘dance’ includes him spinning both axes around him and laughing while doing it. He then sheaths his weapons and extends his arms up in the air, and screams:

“Yeah! Wooo!”


For the laugh command, Draven crosses his feet while he’s standing and gives us a long laugh.

Beast Hunter Draven Emotes


The recall animation includes Draven sheathing his two axes on his back and then points with both his hands to the side.

Beast Hunter Draven – Price

The price of Beast Hunter Draven is 750 RP, or around $6. 

In other words, you’d need to (at least) get the $10 RP pack if you wish to pay the full price for the skin and if your current RP balance is 0.

The price of the skin can also drop through random skin sales in the League’s store or through Your Shop.

However, the sale through Your Shop would only be a possibility for you if you play the champion regularly. This way, you may be able to get Beast Hunter Draven for as low as 225 RP.

Another way to get the skin is through the loot system, a.k.a crafting.

The loot is very random, but if you do get Beast Hunter Draven from a chest, you could craft it for only 450 Orange Essence.

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Is Beast Hunter Draven Worth It?

Well, I don’t think Beast Hunter Draven is worth its full price.

The outfit change does look good on Draven, but unless you get it with a discount or craft it through the loot system, 750 RP just seems like a lot to pay for this skin.

For most people (including me), the lack of new visual and sound effects can decide whether they should buy a certain skin or not.

But, the fact is that this is the cheapest skin for Draven. Food for thought: the Pool Party skin for Draven costs only 225 RP more and seems a lot more fun.

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