By now, we’re used to seeing Sivir as a fantasy amazonian warrior.  She always wears very light armor and sometimes even less than that (Spectacular Sivir, am I right?). But the Bandit Sivir skin is quite different. 

As a Bandit, Sivir takes the word Battle Mistress from her champion description to a whole new level. She transforms into this wild, barbaric hero that could take out anyone who stands in her way.

Of course, Bandit Sivir was released back in 2011 when the word “chroma” wasn’t even in the League’s dictionary yet. That means this skin doesn’t have many other new features, except for the change in clothing. 

But we’re not here to only focus on the cons, though, so let’s check out all the pros instead!

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Bandit Sivir – Overview

Bandit Sivir 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art✖ Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

Bandit Sivir gets a brown-bordeaux leather barbarian armor with asymmetrical shoulder pauldrons.

Her right shoulder piece has 2 large spikes pointing upwards, making the entire gear even more awesome! The shoulders and the design of the crossblade are the two things that truly stand out for this skin.

Her weapon, the crossblade, has four sword-like sharp edges. It almost looks like it was handmade by a nifty savage crafter because it perfectly matches the rest of the outfit.

This skin can really immerse you into feeling like you’re playing a wild heroine. And who knows, it may warm up to you after trying it out.

Unfortunately, since Bandit Sivir came out back when skins were just starting to be a thing, there is no lore connected to its origin.

The skin also doesn’t come with any new voice lines.

Only the animations on Sivir’s Q and W are slightly changed.

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Passive – Fleet of Foot

There is little to no animation for Sivir’s passive for this skin. Only a faint bluish line indicates that her passive has been activated when Sivir attacks an enemy.

Q – Boomerang Blade

Since the crossblade’s color is a bit darker than the original, this ability is slightly more unnoticeable in comparison with the basic skin.

W – Ricochet

There isn’t much of a difference for this ability compared to the original. The crossblade bounces from enemy to enemy and retains the same look, but not the size.

Bandit Sivir Abilities Animations
Bandit Sivir Ability Animations

E – Spell Shield

The spell shield remains completely the same as the base skin. Once activated, if it blocks a spell, it will explode and give Sivir a portion of her mana back.

R – On the Hunt

Sivir’s ultimate also remains unchanged. It appears as whirlwinds surrounding her and gives her and her allies nearby movement speed that decays over time.



When pressing CTRL + 1, Sivir stands up straight and says her joke line:

“They say the desert is a cruel mistress. I like the sound of that.” 


Pressing CTRL + 2 makes Sivir throw her crossblade, which then circles around her, and she taunts by saying:

“Look up. See the buzzards circling.”


By pressing CTRL + 3, Sivir starts dancing by moving her arms in a wavy motion and steps to the left and to the right in a loop.


If you press CTRL + 4 makes Sivir stand upright and laugh shortly, which looks exactly the same as the laugh command for the base skin.


There isn’t a new animation for Bandit Sivir. As she recalls, she takes her weapon from one hand in the other and stands in a warrior pose.

Bandit Sivir Emotes
Bandit Sivir Emotes

The Rarity of Bandit Sivir

Bandit Sivir is not a rare skin. And it’s available for purchase from the League’s store. You can log in any day at any time to buy this skin. 

The reason why you don’t see it often in-game is that not too many players like it.

Sivir mains usually prefer to play with skins like Pizza Delivery, Snowstorm, or Spectacular Sivir. That’s because these skins actually help their gameplay.

Bandit Sivir – Price

The price of Bandit Sivir is 750 RP or around $6 or €6 in real money. 

So, if your RP balance was 0, you’d have to buy the $10 pack, which gives you 1300+80 RP. 

And If you are a Sivir main or just enjoy playing Sivir regularly, you might find a discount for Bandit Sivir in Your Shop!

If you’re lucky, the price for the skin may drop by up to 70%. This means that you can get the skin for as low as 225 RP, which is the best possible deal.

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Is Bandit Sivir Worth it?

Here’s where I hit you with the facts about spending money on Bandit Sivir.

  1. There aren’t any new animations for this skin.
  2. Bandit Sivir doesn’t come with new voice lines.
  3. The bordeaux and brown colors of her armor don’t really stand out on the Rift.

In my opinion, this skin is just too dull for the price of 750 RP. It has its moments, but it’s mostly just Sivir in another outfit, doing and saying the same things the original Sivir does.

Unless you’re a collector and want to have all the skins in the game, or you’re a Sivir main, there truly isn’t any particular reason why you should get this skin.

If only Bandit Sivir wasn’t made ten years ago, we might have seen improvements and probably would have gotten some pretty cool chromas for it too.

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