In League of Legends, there are many champions with some sort of invisibility. But what we often call “invisibility” in LoL is simply not.

For example, Twitch and Rengar do not have invisibility. Instead, they have “camouflage.”

So what is the difference between camouflage and invisibility? And which champions have invisibility, stealth traps, or camouflage abilities in LoL?

Camouflage vs. Invisibility in LoL – What’s the Difference?

Invisibility usually lasts for a couple of seconds, but it hides the champion completely. It is lost upon attacking, but some spells and items can be used while invisible.

Camouflage lasts much longer (or indefinitely), but it’s always broken upon attacking, using an ability, or being near an enemy champion. 

Control Wards and Scryer’s Blooms reveal camouflaged champions but not invisible ones.

The Oracle Lens only gives off the shape and position of the invisible or camouflaged champions but doesn’t reveal them entirely.

Both invisibility and camouflage are part of the Stealth mechanic in LoL. However, they’re designed with different intentions.

The point of invisibility is to give an advantage to some champions during combat. Because invisibility only lasts 1-2 seconds, it is only used to reposition during a fight, change the target, or run away. 

For example, Kha’Zix can enter invisibility multiple times during a team fight and assassinate multiple enemies.

On the other hand, camouflage is used before the fight starts. It’s a tactical form of Stealth that allows some champions to set up their attacks beforehand.

The perfect example here would be Twitch, who uses his camouflage to sneak around his enemies and fight from a perfect position.

Some champions like Teemo or Nidalee can place down stealth traps anywhere on the map. They can’t be seen, but you can easily reveal them with Control Wards, Scryer’s Blooms, and Oracle Lenses and destroy them with auto-attacks.

All Champions with Invisibility in League of Legends


Akali is invisible in her Twilight Shroud
Akali in her Twilight Shroud

Akali is perhaps the most unique champion when it comes to her invisibility. The old Akali used to cast a circle where she could stay invisible, but you could reveal her with a Pink Ward.

Now, Akali’s W is a ring of smoke that grants her true invisibility.

Akali can move around her W and stay invisible for its entire duration. When she attacks, she breaks her invisibility for around 1 second. Then, she enters invisibility again. 

Oh, and enemy turrets can’t see or attack Akali while she’s hiding in her Twilight Shroud.


Kai’Sa isn’t the most popular champion with invisibility in LoL. In fact, her invisibility isn’t there for nearly half of the game. Here’s why.

Kai’Sa can only become invisible if she evolves her E – Supercharge. All of Kai’sa’s basic abilities require enough of a certain stat from items to upgrade them.

In this case, Kai’Sa’s E requires 100% − 70% (based on level) Attack Speed from items only, for which you need gold. And that’s why you don’t always get invisibility with this champion.

But once you get enough Attack Speed, Kai’Sa’s E grants her 0.5 seconds of invisibility every time she uses it. Pretty handy for a marksman champion, especially in a team fight.

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Kha’Zix’s invisibility comes from his ultimate – Void Assault. And like Kai’Sa, Kha’Zix can also evolve his abilities and improve them.

Without evolving, Kha’s R grants him 2 charges of invisibility that last 1.25 seconds. But if Kha evolves it, he gets 3 charges instead of 2.

He also becomes red, so that’s how you can spot this change.

Kha’Zix’s invisibility is super effective during team fights because it allows him to outplay his opponents.


Qiyana in her invisible terrain
Qiyana in her invisible terrain

Qiyana is another champion in LoL with a unique invisibility effect. And her stealth is a combination of two abilities – Elemental Wrath and Edge of Ixtal.

With her W, Qiyana hops to targeted locations and collects its elements. For example, If you jump towards the river, Qiyana will collect the water element.

And the next time she uses her Q, she gains an extra effect. In this case, the water element grants a root and a slow.

Well, if Qiyana uses her W on a brush on Summoner’s Rift, her Q gains the brush bonuses. And upon using, Qiyana will damage the target and create a green brush-like path in front of her.

This path lasts for up to 3.5 seconds, and Qiyana can remain invisible while moving in it.

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On the other hand, Shaco has one of the simplest invisibilities in the game.

When Shaco uses his Q – Deceive, he blinks to a targeted location and instantly becomes invisible. This stealth effect lasts anywhere from 2.5 seconds to 3.5 seconds, depending on the rank.

Interestingly, Shaco can cast his ultimate while invisible, but he breaks his stealth if he casts his E. His W only reveals his position and shape but doesn’t break invisibility.


Talon’s invisibility comes from his ultimate Shadow Assault. This is an ability of two parts, and the stealth is the first one.

When Talon activates his R, he instantly becomes invisible for up to 2.5 seconds or until he attacks an enemy.

During this time, his movement speed is increased. And when he finally attacks, the blades around him deal bonus physical damage.

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Teemo standing invisible with his mushrooms
Teemo standing invisible with his mushrooms

Teemo is the only champion in League that can stay invisible indefinitely. However, Teemo’s stealth is limited by movement.

If Teemo stays in a brush for 1.5 seconds, he becomes invisible. He can move inside the brush without breaking stealth. Attacking or moving outside of the brush will break the stealth.

Teemo can also become invisible if he stands in one place (anywhere on the map) for 1.5 seconds. But if he isn’t inside a brush, any movement will break his stealth, so not only attacks.


Vayne is the second ADC champion in League of Legends with true invisibility. But unlike Kai’Sa, she doesn’t need to evolve her abilities to gain stealth. However, she gains invisibility for only a limited period of time.

Vayne’s Q allows her to tumble in a targeted direction. But if Vayne has her ultimate activated first, using Q grants her invisibility for 1 second.

Of course, auto-attacking and casting abilities will break the stealth, but Vayne can become invisible again by casting Q another time.

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Wukong has a great way to trick his opponents, and it involves invisibility.

Wukong’s W – Warrior Trickster allows him to dash in a targeted direction and become invisible for 1 second.

He also leaves a clone behind that lingers in place. And Wukong can easily break invisible if he strikes an enemy champion in any way.


Neeko becomes invisible during Shapesplitter
Neeko becomes invisible during Shapesplitter

Neeko’s invisibility works similarly to Wukong’s. The only difference is that when Neeko uses her W – Shapesplitter, her clone doesn’t linger in one spot. It follows a chosen path and mimics Neeko’s run.

Neeko is invisible for the first 0.5 seconds upon activating her W.

Shapesplitter is an amazing ability for tricking your opponents.


LeBlanc is the only champion in League of Legends that can’t control her invisibility. And that’s because it comes from her passive – Mirror Image.

When LeBlanc’s health reaches 40%, she automatically becomes invisible for 1 second. She also creates a clone of herself that mimics her auto-attacks.

After LeBlanc breaks her stealth, she can’t trigger this effect for another 60 seconds.

All Champions with Camouflage in League of Legends


Rengar's camouflage during Thrill of the Hunt
Rengar’s camouflage during Thrill of the Hunt

Rengar wasn’t always a LoL champion with camouflage. In fact, he used to have an invisibility effect until Riot Games reworked his ultimate – Thrill of the Hunt.

Now when Rengar activates his R, he becomes camouflaged for 12 / 16 / 20 seconds, depending on the rank. Enemy champions are informed that Rengar is within a 1600 range by a “pair of eyes” above their HP.

Rengar can’t be seen during this time unless he gets in a 710 unit range with an enemy champion.


Evelynn is another popular champion with stealth. And the best part about her is that Evelynn can stay camouflaged as long as she wants.

But Evelynn doesn’t have camouflage until level 6. Once she reaches level 6, her passive – Demon Shade automatically puts her into stealth.

When Evelynn takes damage or performs any kind of attack, her camouflage is broken. And it takes 4 seconds for her to enter Demon Shades again.

Evelynn can be detected in a 700 range radius.

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Pyke’s camouflage is a bit more limiting than Evelynn’s. It comes from his W – Ghostwater Dive, and it only lasts for 4 seconds.

When Pyke uses his W, he gains camouflage. And similar to Rengar, all enemy champions within a 1500 range are alerted that Pyke is moving in stealth nearby.

If someone comes in a 600 unit radius, he can also see Pyke.


Twitch sneaking around with his Q
Twitch sneaking around with his Q

Twitch’s stealth is simple camouflage that he often uses before the fight even begins. Once he activates his Q – Ambush, he becomes stealthed after a 1-second delay.

He also gets a 10% increased movement speed, and he can run around in camouflage. 

When Twitch breaks his camouflage, he also gains bonus attack speed. And if Twitch slays an enemy champion, the cooldown of Ambush is reset. The detection radius of Twitch is 500.

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Viego’s camouflage is simple to understand, but it has many different uses. Here’s what you need to know.

Viego’s E – Harrowed Path creates an area in which he can move while camouflaged. However, if Viego casts his E next to a terrain, the ability creates a camouflage area around the whole terrain.

And Viego can move around without being seen. But you’re in a 450 radius with Viego in his Harrowed Path, you’ll be able to see him.


Senna’s camouflage isn’t the same as any other champions on this list. But it is technically camouflage since she can’t be seen outside of her detection range (400).

Instead of making her invisible to the enemy champions, Senna’s E – Curse of the Black Mist transforms her and her nearby allies into ghosts.

The enemy champions can see the shape of these ghosts, but they can’t differentiate between Senna’s ghost and those of her allies.

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Akshan staying in camouflage near terrain
Akshan staying in camouflage near terrain

Akshan is another champion in LoL with “unlimited” stealth. Technically, if Akshan stands next to terrain the whole game, he’ll never break his stealth.

In other words, when Akshan uses his W, he gains camouflage for 2 seconds. But if he uses this ability in a brush or next to a wall, this effect is extended indefinitely.

He can move around the terrain without breaking the stealth.

However, all enemies within an 800 range can detect Akshan while in stealth.

All Champions with Stealth Traps in League of Legends


Not only can Teemo become invisible himself, but he can also plant invisible traps around the map. On level 6, he can plant 3 mushrooms, but each time he levels up his ultimate, he also gets one more charge.

Teemo’s mushrooms are stealthed from enemy champions and other units. When Teemo’s opponents step on his traps, the traps explode, dealing AoE magic damage and slowing the targets. 

However, Teemo’s mushrooms can be revealed with Oracle Lens, Scryer’s Bloom, or a Control Ward. It takes 2-3 basic attacks to destroy them.

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Nidalee’s traps work in a similar way to Teemo’s mushrooms. They come from Nidalee’s W – Bushwhack, so she can use them since level 1.

These traps are invisible to an enemy champion. And if an opponent steps over them, they detonate and deal magic damage only to the primary target (not AoE like Teemo’s traps).

Nidalee’s traps also go down in 2 to 3 auto-attacks.


Jhin's traps are stealthed
Jhin’s traps are stealthed

Jhin’s E – Captive Audience is another variation of stealth traps in League of Legends. Jhin can place multiple traps around the map but only store two (2 charges max).

Upon collision with an enemy champion, the Captive Audience traps slow everyone in the area. They can also deal bonus magic damage, but only if the enemy stays in the trap, which doesn’t happen too often.

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While Teemo, Nidalee, and Jhin have their traps, Shaco has his boxes. His W – Jack in the Box allows him to place down invisible boxes around Summoner’s Rift.

They’re immune to any damage while stealthed but can easily be destroyed once the stealth is broken.

When an enemy unit comes in contact with one of Shaco’s boxes, it gets feared and receives damage. The box continually attacks the enemy, dealing magic damage. Once the box is activated, it stays up for 5 seconds.

What’s interesting about all of these stealth traps is that they can be seen right before they enter stealth. When Shaco, Nidalee, Jhin, or Teemo place down these traps, they’re visible for around 1 second, even to the enemy.

Because of this, your opponents can know when you’ve put your traps, even without lenses and wards.

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Wards are also stealthed, but they aren’t traps. A player can’t know if an area is warded without Oracle Lenses, for example. Colliding with an enemy ward does nothing if its stealth isn’t broken.

On the other hand, Duskblade of Draktharr nowadays gives invisibility to all champions. Its passive grants invisibility whenever you slay a kill/assist without a cooldown.

That’s why you often see a Master Yi main scoring a Pentakill without even breaking stealth. 

I hope I gave you enough helpful information about stealth, invisibility, camouflage, and traps in League of Legends! There are all the LoL champions with invisibility up to this point!

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