Warding is one of the most underrated skills in League of Legends, despite being one of the most fundamental and important ones. Good warding practices can save you from dying, get you objectives, and provide much more benefits.

Since mid lane is a lane that has proximity to nearly every objective and all the lanes, it is a great place to place wards from. 

And reading this, you will come to discover all the best warding practices and locations every mid laner should know

Ward Lane Bushes

Katarina warding lane bush

We are gonna start with lane bushes. These are the two symmetrical bushes that stand opposite each other and lead to the river. They are locations where you will often be ganked from, and having them warded is essential.

There is one healthy practice that you need to know when warding these bushes. The bush you ward will decide the side you will be playing on. You will want to play on the warded side, as that will make it much easier to respond to enemy ganks.

If you play on the unwarded side, it will be easy for enemy jungler or other laners to go through for of war and attack you. There is little chance that you will be able to respond to these threats.

Ward Neutral Objectives

Katarina warding the dragon

As a mid laner, you will be close to both baron and dragon pit, and it would be silly not to capitalize on this location. Whenever an objective is coming up, it would be wise to ward it.

Truth be told, this should not be the responsibility of a mid laner, but you should do it anyway. Many support and jungler players will forget to ward these objectives, especially in lower elo. 

Having an enemy take an objective simply because someone failed to ward it is really bad. The official League of Legends statistics shows that the team that takes the first dragon instantly has a 10% higher chance of winning.

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Ward Ally Jungle

Katarina warding allied jungle

Another great warding location for a mid laner is ally jungle. Since you are found between both sides of the jungle, you can quickly get to either side and ward it off.

I would recommend putting a ward in the allied jungle early on if you feel like they are under threat of being invaded, but you can also put some wards later in the game.

The wards I would recommend in later stages of the game are control ones. These wards will hold strong for a while, and they will prevent the enemy from invading one side at all times.

These wards are highly situational, but you should be able to tell which to use once you get some experience.

Ward Enemy Jungle

Katarina warding the enemy red buff

Warding enemy jungle has many benefits too. I usually ward enemy jungle with one objective in mind, and that is tracking the enemy jungler.

The first ward I will usually place is at enemy raptors 1:15 minutes into the game, this ward will last long enough for enemy junglers to be sighted, and it allows me and my jungler to predict their further pathing location.

The raptors ward also tells us which camps they started and reveals their CS number. This will allow our jungler to deduce if they can invade or not.

There is another warding strategy I employ for warding enemy jungle, which is relevant for the late game. I will usually pick up a control ward, and place it in high-traffic areas of the enemy jungle.

These kinds of wards do a great job at revealing the enemy’s location, and just like the raptor ward, they help us predict the enemy’s further pathing.

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Mid lane is one of the best roles to capitalize on warding. Since mid lane is located in the center of the map, it is easy to control most key areas. There are many useful wards you can place, depending on the state of the game. 

You can ward lane bushes, objectives, and ally and enemy jungle. With some experience, all these wards will prove extra useful, and they will help you squeeze in some extra wins and LP.

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Last Update: March 2, 2024