Kindred’s ultimate is one-of-a-kind ability in LoL, to say the least. Contrary to most champions, Kindred’s ult is a fully defensive cooldown and it doesn’t deal damage.

Instead, it works to protect Kindred and their teammates from certain death. 

But since it also affects enemy champions in the same way, many players wonder just what the heck is with this ability.

And to understand it, think of it like this.

How Does Kindred’s R Work in League of Legends?

Kindred's ult in LoL

Kindred’s ultimate – Lamb’s Respite is an AoE effect that stops death in LoL.

When activated, it casts a circle on the ground. And all units inside the circle (allies and enemies) are invulnerable and kept at a minimum of 10% HP while they’re inside. When the effect ends, everyone receives a heal.

The most similar ability to Lamb’s Respite in LoL is Tryndamere’s Undying Rage. And although there are differences between these spells, the core idea is the same.

Kindred’s ult is an AoE ability that can benefit multiple champions while Trynd’s ult only benefits him.

How long does Kindred’s ult last?

Kindred’s ult lasts for 4 seconds in total. This duration doesn’t change with ranks or levels, so it’s always the same. It simply means that Kindred activates this ability, everyone inside of it won’t die for 4 entire seconds. 

So if Kindred’s ult can benefit both allies and enemies, how exactly should you use it?

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The Best Ways to Use Kindred’s Ultimate

Even though Kindred’s ult can be used in many different ways, here are some critical situations you need to be aware of.

The ideal way to use Kindred’s ultimate is when you’re on low HP and there are no enemy champions inside your circle. You and your teammates can “cheat death” with this ability for 4 seconds and receive healing afterward.

This gives you a huge advantage in team fights and denies the enemy team gold.

Obviously, casting Lamb’s Respite to save yourself from dying is the initial goal of the ability’s design.

However, League of Legends is often hectic and unpredictable and you’ll have to sacrifice this cooldown in many different scenarios.

For example, if Kindred comes to gank his teammate Syndra but she’s close to dying, then Kindred will be forced to use his ult to save Syndra. 

That said, here are some scenarios of how to use Kindred’s ult effectively in LoL and gain advantages.

  1. Use Kindred’s ult when your enemies use their best cooldowns.
  2. Use Kindred’s ult to save one or more allies from your team when they’re on low health.
  3. Use Kindred’s ult while you’re waiting for your other cooldowns.
  4. Use Kindred’s ult to counter execute abilities in LoL (Urgot’s R, Pyke’s R, etc.)
  5. Use Kindred’s ult when you’re playing aggressively and dive enemy turrets.
  6. Use Kindred’s ult to prolong your life while taking objectives or backdooring. 

Keep in mind that these aren’t all the usages of Lamb’s Respite. Try to think creatively about using Kindred’s ult to counter your enemies in one war or another.

And that will always be a good way to use this ability.

Here’s a YouTube video of how you should use Kindred’s ult.

Things to be Aware of When Using Kindred’s Ult

The most obvious problem of using Kindred’s ult is the fact that you can save an enemy player from dying.

And in a game where the whole point is to eliminate enemy champions and destroy their bases, this could set you behind significantly. 

So, what should you be aware of when using Kindred’s ultimate?

The first thing to understand is that you aren’t completely immune inside the circle of Lamb’s Respite. Many champions can push you out of Kindred’s ulti and finish you off quickly.

For example, Lee Sin is considered a direct counter pick to Kindred simply because he can kick them out of Lamb’s Respite.

This makes Kindred vulnerable while Lee Sin is protected. In this case, Kindred’s ult is more helpful to his enemy than themselves.

Other picks that can do the same are Blitzcrank, Pyke, Syndra, and others. So, be careful around those champions.

On the other hand, all silence and stun abilities can stop Kindred’s from using Lamb’s Respite on time.

This is why I always recommend using Quicksilver Sash on Kindred, especially against heavy CC teams. Crowd control can make your ulti totally useless, so it’s a good investment. 

Does Kindred Ult Work on Baron?

Kindred ult works on Baron in LoL

If you’ve made it thus far in the article, you may be wondering if you could save the Baron Nashor with Kindred’s ultimate. 

And here’s the answer.

Kindred’s ult – Lamb’s Respite works on Baron Nashor, Dragon, all jungle camps, and both ally and enemy minions.

It grants invulnerability and healing to every unit inside the circle, no matter if it’s a champion or a monster. Kindred can use this tactic to smite/secure the Baron for his team.

No other champion in League of Legends has the power to extend the life of Baron Nashor or the Dragons in this way. Lamb’s Respite can obviously be of huge help, especially in 50-50 smite fights.

For example, Kindred can use his ult on the Baron right when the enemy jungler smites. The enemy smite won’t deal damage since Lamb’s Respite keeps all units alive for 4 seconds.

Then, Kindred has a clear chance of smiting the Baron when his ult ends.

Can Kindred’s Ultimate Save the Nexus?

And if you’d simply like to know if Kindred’s ult works’ on Nexus, here’s what you need to know.

Kindred’s ultimate ability doesn’t work on the Nexus or any turret in the game. And you can’t use it to save your Nexus from being destroyed.

Kindred’s ult also doesn’t work on jungle plants and wards. It only affects moving units such as champions, minions, and monsters.

It would be super cool if you could use Kindred’s ult to grant your Nexus invulnerability. So many games are ended simply because you couldn’t stall your opponents for a few seconds more before they finish.

Unfortunately, only Bard’s ultimate can save your Nexus from being destroyed in League of Legends.


Even though Lamb’s Respite is a difficult ability to understand at times, its core idea is simple – save everyone in the circle for 4 seconds.

And depending on how and when you press your R button, you’re going to have different levels of success. 

Personally, I try to use Kindred’s ult when I’m very close to dying or when the enemy is dumping all of the damage on me (for example, Syndra’s R).

But using it to steal Barons and Dragons is also recommended.

I hope this guide helped you to figure out how to use Kindred’s ult effectively in League of Legends!

Good luck!

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