BeReal is a social media app that allows users to capture and share photos in just 2 minutes, with the option to edit them using filters and stickers. Users can also engage in chats with other users, join groups, and stay updated on new features. It gained popularity for its unique approach to sharing unfiltered and spontaneous moments in contrast to traditional social media platforms.

If you’ve ever blocked someone of the 20+ million active users of BeReal, you can reverse your decision and easily unblock them. 

Though there’s only one way to block someone in BeReal, there are two ways to reopen communication lines.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to unblock people on Bereal and how to explore the list of accounts you’ve blocked.

All About Blocking Feature in BeReal

 Blocking Feature in BeReal
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Restricting an account in BeReal changes how their account interacts with your own. In particular, once you’ve blocked someone, they can’t send you an invitation to ‘friend’ you. They won’t see or even be able to act on any of your posts or your profile. 

Additionally, they won’t perceive how you react to any posts. If you’re already friends with the account, this action will remove them from your friend list, and they won’t be able to become your friends anymore.

Before discovering how to unblock someone on Bereal, you should know that you restrict them from their profile. So, first, you need to go to their account. Then, you should trigger the drop-down menu by selecting the group of circles in the corner. Next, you should select the option ‘Block’. This will restrict the account from interacting with you without their knowledge.

How to Unblock Someone on BeReal? 

Unblock Someone on BeReal
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Let’s jump into the two ways you can remove this restriction on an account!

Via Their Profile

If you want to remove the restraints between your account and another, you should:

1. Open BeReal

To begin unblocking an account, you should tap on the app’s icon. This will open BeReal, and you’ll have access to the search function to find the account you want to unblock.

2. Go to Their Profile

After you’ve opened the app, you should locate the account you want to interact with once more. You should search for their profile and then select it. 

3. Tap on X

Once you’ve arrived on their account, you should look for an ‘X’. You’ll locate ‘X’ near the top of the person’s profile. After you’ve located it, you should tap it.

4. Select Unblock

Now that you’ve tapped X, you’ll see a menu drop-down. In the list of features, there’s the option to unblock the account. Choose ‘UNBLOCK’. This will reopen the lines of communication with this person.

They’ll now be able to send you a friend invitation, see your posts, and interact with them and your account.

Via Your Profile

If you want to interact with an account again, you can remove the ‘block’ from your side as opposed to the other person’s account. You’ll need to:

1. Open BeReal

To begin reinstating communication lines with a blocked account, you need to open the app. 

2. Go to Your Profile

Once you’ve opened BeReal, you’ll have to enter your account.

3. Tap on Three Dots

After you’ve opened your profile, you should look at the top right. There, you’ll find a series of dots. Tap them to release your account’s menu.

4. Got to Privacy Settings

As you’ve now opened the menu, you should have them in the list. Choose ‘Privacy Settings’.

5. Select Blocked Accounts

Now that you’re in your account’s feature options, you’ll need to tap ‘Blocked Profiles’. There, you’ll find a list of every account you’re currently blocking. 

6. Locate Their Username

After you’ve opened the list of profiles that can no longer interact with your own, you should look for the username of the person you want to reconnect with. Near their username, you’ll find a cross.

7. Tap on X

Once you’ve found the account you want to remove from this ‘blocked’ list, you should select the ‘X’ next to their username. This will reinstate their ability to interact with your posts and profile.

How to See Blocked Accounts on BeReal

Blocked Accounts on BeReal
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As you now know how to unblock someone on Bereal, you might be curious to find out who exactly you’ve blocked so far. 

Here’s how you’ll find the list of accounts you’ve blocked:

1. Go to BeReal

If you desire to see who you’ve blocked, you’ll need to tap on the app’s icon.

2. Open Your Profile

Once you’re inside BeReal, you should go to your profile. 

3. Tap on Three Dots

In your account, you’ll see a group of dots at the upper right corner. Select those dots; they’ll open a menu with features related to your profile.

4. Select Privacy Settings

After you’ve opened your account’s menu, you’ll have to tap these settings. 

5. Go to Blocked Profiles

Among your ‘Privacy Settings’, you’ll find the list of accounts you’ve blocked. You just need to choose ‘Blocked Profiles’. Then, there’ll be every username you’ve chosen to no longer interact with.


Now that you know how to unblock someone on Bereal, whether unblocking via the other person’s profile or your own, the process is straightforward, giving users the freedom to reconnect and resume interactions. Moreover, BeReal provides the option to check the list of accounts you’ve blocked, ensuring control over your connections. So, in just a few simple steps, you can manage your connections on BeReal with ease and flexibility.

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Last Update: February 9, 2024