League of Legends can often get hectic. Since all of our teammates and opponents are real people with real emotions, problems, and behaviors, things can easily get heated up. However, toxicity is never the answer in LoL.

And it’s important to know how to report players in League of Legends if you want to deal with it.

Here I will tell you everything you need to know about reporting players in League of Legends, before and after the game. But know this first. 

Riot Games have established a tribunal system within the League Client that aims to punish all toxic players, including leavers, verbal harassers, racists, boosters, boosted players, and many other categories of people on Summoner’s Rift. 

However, this system isn’t perfect. In fact, it has many flaws that often allow toxic players to go unpunished.

But if you’ve reported a toxic player for the right category and enough other people have done the same, chances are that the player would be punished in one way or another.

That said, let’s see how do you report a player in LoL, both before and after the game!

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How to Report a Player in Champion Select in League of Legends? (Before Game)

How to report a player in League of Legends before a game - guide

Unlike in other online matchmaking PvP games, in League of Legends, it’s possible to report a player before the game has even started.

This is due to toxic conversations and behaviors in the champion select lobby, so this option is pretty handy overall.

So, here’s how to report a player in League of Legends before the game starts.

If a player is being toxic, verbally attacking people, or refusing to play his role while in the League of Legends champion select, you can report them by clicking the red exclamation mark next to their name (!).

You’ll then need to choose your reason for reporting them. And that’s it! 

Once you’ve reported someone in champion select, you’ll quickly receive this message in your chat “Thank you, your report for Player has been submitted. The game will continue.”

But don’t worry, this message is only visible to you and not the other players.

Keep in mind that reporting a LoL player before the game starts doesn’t mute them too. You can still make conversation with them and read their chat messages. 

However, if someone is too aggressive and you don’t want to talk to them, you can mute them by clicking the chat bubble icon on their name next to the red exclamation mark for reporting.

This will only mute their messages or the rest of the game but not their in-game pings. Those can be muted inside the game only.

This is an important fact to understand: reporting players in champion select doesn’t cancel the game or ban them immediately.

The match continues normally but Riot is notified about the reported toxic player/s. And it’s up to them to take action.

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How to Report a Player in League of Legends After a Game?

How to report a player in League of Legends after a game - guide

The process of reporting a LoL player before and after a game is very different. Aside from the fact that you need to wait until the match ends, reporting players after the game gives you more options overall.

So, here’s how to report players in League of Legends after the game.

When you enter the post-game lobby in League of Legends, you can report players by clicking on the red exclamation mark next to their names (!).

You can also select up to 3 different reasons for reporting them. And you can write a short comment to Riot Games about your case.

To help Riot with punishing the person you’re reporting, it’s crucial to select the categories as accurately as possible.

For example, if you want a player to get banned for being AFK, don’t report them for verbal abuse (if they haven’t been toxic in chat) and confuse the system. Report players only for the reasons you see fit.

Here are all the reasons you can report players in League of Legends after the game.

  • NEGATIVE ATTITUDE – griefing, giving up.
  • VERBAL ABUSE – harassment, offensive language.
  • LEAVING THE GAME / AFK – staying in the base for long periods of time.
  • INTENTIONAL FEEDING – feeding if the player is griefing, and not just having a bad game.
  • HATE SPEECH – racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.
  • CHEATING – using unapproved third-party programs.

From personal experience, I can tell you LEAVING THE GAME / AFK is the most punishable offense of them all. Riot Games is really strict about people that give up and stop playing in the middle of the match.

However, I’ve also seen people get perma-banned for HATE SPEECH. Racism and sexism talk in the chat is easily punishable with a long-term ban.

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How to Report a Player in League of Legends on Riot’s Website?

How to report a player in League of Legends in Riot's website - guide

How do I report someone on Riot’s website?

If you’ve been a victim in a League of Legends match but you’ve accidentally closed the League client after the game has finished, you can still report the harmful players on Riot’s support website. 

And here’s how to do so.

Click here to open up the official Riot Games Report a Player After a Game page.

Just scroll down and click on the “Login” button. Once you’ve logged in, you Summoner Name of the player you want to report, a category of their offense, and your comment for the situation and player.

The great part about this method of reporting LoL players is that you can do it any time. Unlike the previous two methods, you can always log in to the Riot Games’ website and report toxic players.

This is especially helpful when you forget to do so in the League Client.

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Does Reporting Do Anything in League of Legends?

Does reporting in LoL do anything?

League of Legends uses an automated Disciplinary System. This means that all reports are read by an algorithm that decides whether to punish players or not.

So, your reports always help the System be more accurate in punishing players, but this does NOT guarantee a punishment each time you report a player in LoL.

In other words, the majority of our reports in League of Legends aren’t viewed by real people. Instead, a computer sorts them out based on the commands that Riot employees have given.

I know this may be a “turn off” for many players, but the Disciplinary System can actually be very good.

You can always know whether your reports have done anything if you receive a message in your League Client informing you that a player you’ve recently reported has been punished.

For more severe cases like an extreme racist or sexist speech, Riot employees will also look into the matter. They will punish the person accordingly, depending on the level of their offense and the history of their accounts.

If you’ve been a victim of such an extreme case, you can use this Riot Games page to contact them for help.

And that’s all about reporting players in League of Legends!

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