If you’ve avoided the tutorial in League of Legends and want to play it again, I’ll tell you how to do it in this post. But I’ll talk if it’s possible to skip it too.

When my girlfriend first sat down to play LoL, my account was already in Diamond elo. And it would’ve been silly of me to throw her into a live game, even in a normal one.

Instead, I let her play the LoL tutorial again on my account.

Even though it’s not the ideal way to familiarize yourself with the game, the League of Legends tutorial offers some valuable info. So here’s what you should know about it.

Can I Redo the League of Legends Tutorial Again?

You can redo the League of Legends tutorial as many times as you want. Whether you’ve played the tutorial in the past or you’ve completely skipped it, you can access it via the client.

It works like any other game mode (Practice Tool, Custom Game) and can be played at any time.

Even though this may sound easy, it might be complicated for new players who can’t navigate the League client the best way.

And so, here’s how to replay the tutorial in League of Legends.

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How to Replay the LoL Tutorial Again?

How to redo the tutorial in LoL again?

If you don’t know how to redo the tutorial in League of Legends for the second or third time, follow these instructional steps:

  1. Open the League of Legends client and press “Play”.
  2. Go to the “Training” tab and find the “Tutorial”.
  3. Press “Confirm” to activate it.
  4. Select the part of the tutorial you want to play (part 1 is “Welcome to League”).
  5. Click on “Start Now” to launch the game.

And there it is. This is literally how you start the tutorial in League of Legends no matter if you’ve already done it in the past or not.

Keep in mind that if this is your first time playing the LoL tutorial, you’ll have to do it step by step. This means that you’ll have to complete all 3 parts of the tutorial.

At the start, only part 1 is unlocked. And when you finish it, part 2 becomes available for playing.

All 3 parts of the tutorial will teach you different things. Here’s what to expect from each of them:

  • Welcome to League (Part 1) – teaches you basic movements and lets you try out a few different champions.
  • Power Up (Part 2) – breaks down the leveling system and tells you how to increase the power of your champion.
  • Shop for Gear (Part 3) – gives you the fundamentals of itemization in League of Legends.

But what if you don’t want to play the tutorial in LoL? Can you simply skip it?

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Can You Skip the Tutorial in League of Legends?

The 3 parts of the tutorial in League

If you were wondering whether you can skip the tutorial in League of Legends, here’s what you should know:

You can’t skip the tutorial in LoL on a new account. If you’re just starting to play League, you’ll have to complete all 3 parts of the tutorial before you’re able to play normal games with your friends.

However, if you’ve leveled up your account before the tutorial was added, you don’t need to do it.

In this sense, everyone that has played League before the tutorial was added to the game has actually skipped it. For those players the tutorial still stands as “incomplete” but they aren’t required to do it.

It’s simply there but it isn’t a must.

However, all new players have to complete the tutorial and there’s no getting around to it. Some video games allow you to skip the tutorial and jump into a live game right away.

But League isn’t one of them.

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If you were wondering why you can’t just skip the tutorial in League of Legends, I may have an answer for you.

Riot Games doesn’t want to let people ruin the experience for other players in live matches (even normals) if they haven’t completed the tutorial first.

This is understandable for new players but quite annoying for older players that simply create a new account. But that’s how it is for the time being.

In any case, I hope this article helped you figure out how to replay the tutorial again for the second or third time in LoL.

You can also watch this YouTube video breaking the LoL tutorial and completing it by losing

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