Veigar plus Yuumi is one of the most infamous bot lane combos in League of Legends. Not only are they both scaling AP champions, but their abilities synergize extremely well with each other.

Veigar can rely on Yuumi’s assistance to score kills around the map. And Yuumi can remain in a safe spot while attached to Veigar.

But how do you actually play the Veigar and Yuumi combo in the bot lane?

True, both of these champions are relatively easy to play. And I totally recommend this combo to any beginner in LoL, no matter whether they play the bot lane or not.

However, you still need to know how to act during the laning phase, the mid game, and the team fights in the late game.

In this post, I’ll go through everything you need to know about playing Veigar and Yuumi bot. We’ll discuss their synergy and the way you can optimize their abilities to surprise and defeat your lane opponents.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

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Veigar and Yuumi Synergy – Explained

Veigar and Yuumi have a high level of synergy. All of their abilities can be combined together. Yuumi and Veigar can roam around the map and score kills with their fantastic CC and overwhelming damage.

In lane, their true potential comes after level 6, but they get benefits from being around each other from level 1.

Here are the 3 main ways you can synergize Yuumi and Veigar:

  1. Yuumi can slow enemies down with her Q and help Veigar hit his skill shots.

This combo is pretty self-explanatory, but its effects can be really enormous. In short, anytime Yuumi uses her Q and slows their opponents, Veigar can strike them either with his own Q or his W.

Now, Veigar’s W is one of the most challenging abilities to aim in LoL. It has an internal delay, and unless the target is in CC, it’s almost impossible to hit them with it!

So, the slow effect provided by Yuumi helps Veigar successfully aim his W.

Buy Yuumi’s slow is also great for Veigar’s E. Veigar’s cage is a key ability in his kit. But he often struggles to apply the stun when his enemies can outrun him.

With the additional slow, Veigar can place the cage in spots where it’s impossible to escape it!

Yuumi gives Veigar 20% AP
  1. Yuumi’s W grants Veigar 20% additional Ability Power.

If this sounds totally broken – believe me, it is.

The way Yuumi’s W works is that it lets her attach to an ally, right? Well, each time she attaches herself to an ally, she grants that ally a bonus of up to 20% of her own AP.

This may not sound like much if Yuumi has only support items. However, if Yuumi is full AP, 20% equals around 150+ bonus AP in the late game.

And it’s still wouldn’t be too broken if we didn’t pair her with Veigar too! Veigar has the highest AP of all champions in the game, naturally.

And it’s no problem for him to reach 1000 AP in most games. Well, imagine 150 AP more on top of that! Time for literal one shots!

  1. Veigar can always stun enemies after Yuumi uses her ultimate.

Yuumi makes it extremely easy for Veigar to optimize his Event Horizons. Anytime she uses her ultimate, Veigar should position himself offensively.

This will allow him to root their opponents and cast his E right on top of them.

Now, there are a few ways to improve this synergy. For example, Veigar can place the walls of his cage on top of the rooted champions rather than putting the ability around them.

This will stun the enemies immediately after the animation appears. It will also extend the CC duration and allow Veigar to quickly bring one target down.

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How to Play The Yuumi and Veigar Combo?

Playing Yuumi and Veigar in the bot lane isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There are a bunch of other duos and particular champions that can really ruin your day.

And you need to know what to do against them, specifically in the laning phase.

So here are the general guidelines you need to follow with this combo:

  1. Play passively until level 6.

Both Veigar and Yuumi have no distinct strengths before level 6. Their damage is at the lowest stage in the early game, so you should always play the laning phase carefully.

Until Veigar unlocks his ultimate, he should focus on getting stacks with his Q. This is your safest option and the most promising one.

Sure, you can poke enemies and get your AP stacks that way, but it’s usually not worth losing the gold and the health over it.

On the other hand, Yuumi can’t do much without a couple of items in her inventory, so it’s good for her to play passively early on too.

Veigar and yuumi in bot lane
  1. Often roam and look for opportunities around the map.

Veigar and Yuumi really excel at ganking. Their combined crowd control is simply amazing at setting up kills for your entire team.

A single roam to the mid lane is likely to give you or your mid laner a kill. And you only need to slow or stun the opponent down!

The same can be said for assisting your jungler. Both Veigar and Yuumi should pay attention to their jungler’s movement around the map.

And if he’s on the bot side, look for ways to help him invade or take objectives.

  1. Unleash chaos in team fights.

The team fighting is the strongest point of the Veigar and Yuumi combo. Not only do they both have AoE crowd control, but they can also help each other in setting it up.

For example, Yuumi can speed up Veigar and allow him to trap their enemies in his cage. And similarly, Veigar’s E lets Yuumi root their opponents while they’re standing in one place. 

They can play the team fights offensively or defensively, depending on the current game.

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Veigar and Yuumi is an enjoyable combo to run in the bot lane. It’s new and unique – perfect for players that want to diversify their playstyles. 

If you’re going to play these champions with your friend or loved ones, you’re going to have a blast! But it’s totally possible to destroy your opponents with a random solo queue teammate too. 

You should definitely consider picking this duo when your team comp is mostly AD. AP bot lane adds a lot of benefits to the team, especially the Veigar and Yuumi combo!

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