To get the session ID in php, you can use the php session_id() function. session_id() returns the session ID if a session is active.


$session_id = session_id();

If you want to start a session with your own session ID, then you can use session_id() before you start a session with your own ID.


Session handling is a big concept in php that allows us to handle and store user information across an entire website or web application.

When working with sessions, the ability to get the session ID is very useful.

In php, we can get the ID of a session easily with the session_id() function.

If there is a session active, session_id() returns the ID of the session.

Below is an example showing how you can get the session ID in php.


$session_id = session_id();

You can also pass your own session ID if you want to initialize a session with a specific ID. You can replace the system-generated system ID with your own ID.


Passing the Session ID Between Pages in php

After a session has been started for a user, many times we want to be able to store information about this user and also make sure that we can access this information in any page that is necessary.

There are two methods to propagate a session id: cookies and a URL parameter.

The session module supports both methods of session id propagation.

Sometimes a user will have cookies turned off, and so if this is the case, then php will use a URL query string parameter to pass the session id across pages.

To be able to access a session in all pages of your website or web application, you need to add session_start() at the top of all your php pages that needs to access the global SESSION array.

Then you can access session variables in the following way:

// create session variables
$_SESSION['user_id'] = '10';
$_SESSION['user_name'] = 'TheProgrammingExpert';
// get session variables
echo $_SESSION['user_id'];
echo $_SESSION['user_name'];

Hopefully this article has been useful for you to learn how to get the session id in php.

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Last Update: March 13, 2024