Opening chests is something we all look forward to. And why shouldn’t we? Hextech chests contain skins, shards, wards, emotes, and everything that is shiny!

But the problem often is – we don’t get enough of them!

So how do you get more chests in League of Legends? And how do you do it the fastest way possible?

Don’t worry – the whole process is very simple. Riot Games have developed a system that gives all players the chance to earn an equal amount of Hextech chests.

This system works the same way on every server and each account you may have.

So let’s jump into the specifics and see how you can earn your chests today in LoL!

How to Get Chests in League of Legends?

Hextech Chests in the loot system
3 Hextech Chests collected

You have two ways of getting chests in League of Legends.

The first is by playing a game and achieving an S score on your champion. And the second is through buying the chests (with real money) from the League’s client store.

There is no difference between the Hextech chests acquired from playing and from buying.

The regular way, the way that most people get chests in League, is the first one – finishing a game with an S grade.

Now, there are many things that decide whether you’ll get an S at the end of the match or not. But generally, this is the rulegreat performance = S grade.

And the way to check whether you can actually get a chest is to visit your profile. At the bottom left corner, beneath your banner, there is a tiny icon of a chest with a number.

The number tells you how many chests you have available for acquiring right now.

And if you hover over the icon with your mouse, you can see when you’ll have another chest available. 

Another thing you can do to check whether you can get Hextech chests in LoL or not is in champion select.

If you click on the chest icon next to the icons for each role, you’ll filter your champions based on whether you can acquire chests for them or not.

Keep in mind that you can’t see this icon in ranked or custom games.

But if you simply want to buy your chests, simply head over to the client store.

One Hextech chest in League of Legends costs 125 RP and the price of Hextech chest + Hextech key is 195 RP. You also have other bundles that offer more chests for a lesser price!

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How Many Chests Can You Get in League of Legends?

Checking how many chests you have available
4 chests ready for collecting

You can get up to 4 chests in League of Legends per month. You can acquire a new chest every 7 days.

If you haven’t acquired a chest in a long time and have 4 chests available, you will NOT get a new chest after 7 days.

There are only 4 chest slots for each player in LoL.

It’s simple, right?

Each of us can get up to 4 chests in one month of playing League. And when you have a chest available for claiming, you can jump into a game and try to earn an S grade.

But even if you don’t succeed, that chest will be stored on your account until you do get an S grade.

However, avoid not claiming any chests. Once your 4 chests slots are filled, Riot Games won’t give you additional chests, no matter how long you wait.

And after you acquire one of the 4 chests, you’ll still have to wait 7 days before getting a new one.

But you can get up to 4 chests per day in League of Legends! If you haven’t played your LoL account for a while and 4 available chests – you can get them all in one day!

You’ll have to play extremely well and earn an S grade in 4 games, but it’s not impossible!

Also, there is no limit to how many chests you can open in one day either. Even if you have 5 or 10 chests in your Loot, you can open them at once!

To summarize:

You can get up to 4 chests in one day (if your slots are full).

You get a new chest slot per 7 days.

You get a total of 4 chests per month.

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What is The Fastest Way to Get Hextech Chests in League of Legends?

Hextech Chest in the LoL Store

A very fast way of getting Hextech Chests in League of Legends is to spam normal games with 4 other friends.

When one of your friends earns an S grade, you automatically get a chest exactly as if you were the one earning that S grade.

Or you can purchase chests with real money from the store, which is the fastest way of earning Hextech Chests in LoL!

Earning chests while playing with your friends is a great method. It’s significantly quicker than simply trying to get an S grade by yourself.

Even if your friends aren’t high elo players, you still increase your chances of acquiring chests by teaming up with them. Not to mention that your S scores also reward them with chests too!

There are many other strategies you can do to get chests in League of Legends fast.

One of them is to play assassins, such as Talon or Katarina. These are hyper-aggressive champions and score many champion takedowns per game, which will get you an S in return.

However, even if you go for the assassin approach, my advice is to keep playing with your friends until you get your 4 chests. 

Are Hextech Chests Worth the Money?

Hextech Chests reward: Wicked LeBlanc skin
Hextech Chests reward: Wicked LeBlanc skin

Hextech Chests are worth it for getting random cosmetics in League of Legends. They only cost 125 RP or around 1$ per chest.

You shouldn’t expect to get a champion skin from every Hextech Chest. But you will get lots of skins nonetheless.

If you earn your free Hextech Chests on a schedule, you may not need to buy them from the store. Sure, they drop skins at a regular rate, but they also drop champion shards and Eternals you will never use.

So, analyze your account and see whether you absolutely need Hextech Chests before you spend any money!

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Popular Questions About Hextech Chests in LoL!

Can You Only Get One Chest Per Champion?

Yes, you can only get one chest for each champion in one season of League of Legends. If you’ve already acquired a chest for Ahri, for example, then you can’t get another chest for Ahri until that season ends and resets.

So one chest per champion per year!

How Many Chests Can You Get in a Season?

If you acquire your chests on time, you can get around 45-50 chests per season in League of Legends.

This is because a season in LoL doesn’t last a full year. And a full year has 52 weeks. We get a chest slot for every week of the year, so around 45 chests per LoL season.

Can You Get Hextech Chests from Bot Games?

No, you cannot get Hextech Chests from bot games in League of Legends. The only way to acquire chests is to play matchmade games.

Matchmade games include real people opponents, both from your team and from the enemy team.

These are ranked games, normal games, ARAM games, etc.

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Can You Get Hextech Skins from Chests?

Yes, it’s possible to receive a Hextech Skin from opening chests. The chance isn’t very high, but Hextech Chests do contain Hextech Skins.

Also, chests can give you Gemstones that you can use to craft the Hextech Skins. 10 Gemstones are required for getting one Hextech Skin in LoL!

Can You Get Prestige Skins from Chests?

Nope, you can’t get prestige skins from opening Hextech Chests. Masterwork Chests do contain prestige points, but no prestige skins either.

Can You Get Chromas from Chests?

No, Hextech chests do not contain Chromas. This is because Chromas are tied to a specific skin.

And if you could get a Chroma for a skin you do not own, then that Chroma pack would be worthless until you buy that skin.

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Hextech chests are worth chasing since they contain expensive skins. And sometimes, you can get these expensive skins for your favorite champions.

I hope this post helped you figure out the best for you to earn chests in League of Legends. If you want to get them as fast as possible, I heavily recommend you to play with friends.

And if you want to get more than 4 chests per month, then you can purchase more from the store.


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