Ever since his release, Kayn has been one of the most popular junglers in League of Legends. He’s an original concept, a champion with a unique design and a dynamic playstyle that offers so much.

But figuring out how to gank as Kayn in LoL has never been easy.

Like all champions in League, Kayn has strengths and weaknesses that you must be aware of if you want to take full advantage of his ability kit.

This is very important when it comes to ganking, especially during the early game and before you choose your form.

That being said, here I’ll discuss how to gank as Kayn to help you improve and become a better Kayn player and a jungler overall.

And no matter if you’re new to the champion or not, this guide will clarify a lot of things for you.

Let’s begin.

How to Gank as Kayn in LoL?

Ganking as Kayn

Like with most junglers in League, there are tons of things that can determine your success in the early game.

Paying attention to the entire map will allow you to see opportunities about which lanes you should gank as Kayn.

When you choose a lane, you should approach from an unexpected angle using your E ability.

You also want to hit your W since it provides crowd control essential for setting up a successful gank.

Once you choose one of Kayn’s forms, ganking becomes a lot easier. For example, Red Kayn can knock up enemies with the W, and Blue Kayn generally has more damage to secure the kill.

That said, here are all the things you need to practice in order to have better ganks as Kayn in LoL.

Improve Your Clear Speed

Kayn is a great farming jungler and has more than enough tools to quickly clear the jungle camps. 

But you can always compare your own clear speed with that of high elo players and learn how to kite each jungle camp and how to use Kayn’s abilities and mobility in order to have the fastest clear time.

This helps you scale faster and have more time for ganks.

Say Hello to the F Keys

Watching the map & checking each laner’s position makes you a much better jungle player, no matter what.

For this, you’ll want to use the “F2”, “F3”, “F4”, and “F5” buttons on your keyboard to quickly check how each of your teammate is doing.

This gives you a nice control over the entire Summoner’s Rift and helps you make better decisions about where you should gank.

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Kayn's mobility

As mentioned above, Kayn’s E – Shadow Step gives him bonus movement speed and allows him to pass through every terrain in the game.

And many people believe that this ability is actually the best movement ability in League of Legends, especially for a jungler. 

On top of this, you have a small dash range on your Q which you can pass through walls with it.

With that being said, you are very likely to get more than a dozen gank opportunities if you simple observe what’s going on on the map and position yourself accordingly.


Kayn’s mobility allows you to deep ward the enemy jungle without being detected. You can also deny enemy vision with Oracle Lens and achieve a map control for yourself.

Establishing a good vision is super important and it’s a vital part of being a successful ganker. So, don’t forget to always have Control Wards in your inventory and place them in strategic places.

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Ganking as Kayn in Mid Game & Late Game

During mid and late game, you still want to go for ganks using your mobility. You have your ultimate that allows you to dodge a lot of damage from the enemy or finish off a target which is a big winning factor.

But it’s best to play around enemy mistakes, cooldowns, and mispositioning.

After your transformation, you have more tools to make a successful gank. As I mentioned above, you get a knock-up (W) if you go Darkin, and bonus movement speed (E) while playing as Shadow Assassin.

When playing Darkin, try to approach from a position that allows you to land your W to knock up your enemies.

And if you’re playing Shadow Assassin, use your movement speed for reaching your target and burst them down.

Gank the lane n which the enemy has less survival chance, either no-dash champions or someone that has used his Flash before.

Always double-check the state of your laners because you don’t want to gank when they are unable to follow.

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What Do You Consider As a Successful Gank?

As a Kayn, it’s not always about killing targets or even burning Summoner’s Spells. If you see an opportunity for harassing enemy laner, you can use it to gather orbs so you can transform faster to get your power spike!

I Can’t Find Opportunities to Gank the Enemy, What Should I Do?

Don’t forget that Kayn is great at farming the jungle so you can focus on doing that if you can’t see any gank opportunity.

Of course, going for ganks is more optimal than farming, but sometimes you just need to wait for an opportunity to arises. So just keep on scaling and you’ll find your gank eventually.

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If you are new to the jungle role, you will have to put in a huge effort in order to master Kayn. His mechanics are easy to learn but figuring out his forms and the way you should gank isn’t.

I want to advise you to be a strategic player with Kayn, to follow your team and keep the communication up, at least wing pings.

Use your mobility in creative ways and always try to surprise your enemies when ganking!

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