This blog is written for new and existing pet owners, who are passionate about keeping their furry friends happy and healthy but can’t find the correct ways to do so. Therefore, the content will give you a comprehensive guide about pet health monitors, what role they play in keeping your pet active, the best devices in the market, and how to select the ideal monitoring device. 

Before we jump into the details, you will be surprised to read Grand Review Research’s data on the pet wearable market. It says that on a global scale, the pet wearable market’s worth was $2.70 billion in 2023, and by 2030 it is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 14.3%. The significant surge in the growth is due to the support of pet owners who are getting awareness on the monitoring tools and how they can assist in keeping their pets fit and happy. Observing its affectivity, the gadgets are attracting funding to make the functioning accurate and better. 

What Are Pet Health Monitors?

what are pet health
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First, let’s give you a brief introduction regarding pet health monitors. These devices track the pet’s health, activity, amount of sleep, the nutrition they are consuming, amount and quality of sleep, and temperature. The monitors send the data to the pet owners through applications further making it easy for them to figure out whether their pet is fine or needs attention. It can be in the form of varying behavioral patterns such as sleeping or scratching that serve as a signal to the already present mental, physical, and medical state. The collected data assists the vet in identifying the diagnosis and tells the owner to take the necessary preventive measures to get their wagging tailback on their paws. 

What Are Pet Health Monitoring Applications?

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You find applications for everything on Play Store, mobile application developers have launched pet monitoring applications too. Once you bring the pet wearable device and make your pet wear it, the sensors get activated and begin collecting data. That report is received on the particular application for the owner to see and analyze the issues. The good part about the application is that even if the owner is engaged in their work, the app’s features provide them with vaccination reminders and medical follow-up, the data takes the shape of a proper report that can be shared with the vet to figure out the illness and prescribe the care accordingly. 

The Role Of Pet Health Monitor Devices In Keeping Your Furry Friend Thriving 

The pet health monitoring devices have stolen the show because the gadgets help the owners detect the health of their fellow companions and the pet stays happy too in the following ways: 

Pet Health Monitor Devices
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Mental Health

If you as a pet owner are not that active, then you won’t invest much time in playing with your pets too. As a result, your pet will feel lethargic too, and end up developing behavioral issues. Would you like your dog acting strangely around friends and family? You did not adopt the pet for lazying around, so get up and play with your friends to make them mentally sharp. 

Interactive Games and Puzzles 

The purpose can be served both indoors and outdoors via puzzles, tricks, toys, and interactive games like ball chasers, wand toys, or catnip-filled toys. Buy treat-dispensing toys to keep them busy for hours. 

Apart from that, if you have to leave the pet behind due to some emergency and you know that they are full of life and can get bored very quickly then invest in the Danigh-buy Cat Pointer Toy, Dog Laser Pointer,7 Adjustable Patterns Laser, Long Range 3 Modes Training Chaser Interactive Toy,. Your kitty will love the toy as the laser light reaches a good distance, and is very bright which will keep the paws on its toes. Then you do not have to operate it manually as the slider switch does the honors of giving laser, flashlight, and black light. Making it safe from accidentally turning on. 

For dogs, you can purchase the Twister Puzzle Game Dog Toy, It proves to be an excellent source of activity as the puzzle consists of a treat dispenser. What a good way of merging mental stimulation and encouraging to play and learn solo to prolong the playtime. Once your dog gets the idea that this toy has compartments filled with its favorite treats then the fondness is bound to boost. They will look forward to play with you and get the reward. And don’t stress about the cleaning part as the toy can be washed with warm soapy water.

Furthermore, Pet Craft Supply Jiggle Giggle Dog Toys can also become your dog’s new favorite toy. You can play fetch with them as the toys are plushy, stretchy, and long in nature so your dog will have fun cuddling, shaking, and fetching it. If your dog has a habit of chewing on stuff, then the toy won’t harm the dog as its ultra-soft plush is constructed out of materials that are dog-friendly and non-toxic. 

Bear in mind to buy toys for your pets keeping their breed, age, and size in mind because otherwise, you won’t get the desired outcome of sharpening your pet’s mental skills. 

Smart Collars with GPS 

Taking care of your pet’s mental health is necessary, but we understand how worried you become when they go out of your sight, and that too for the entire day. You call their name, but no response fills your mind with all types of negative thoughts. Therefore, smart collars with GPS will eradicate the mental tension. The new collars have the feature of tracking the current location of the pet and some of them have geo-fencing options too that notify you if the pet trespasses the boundaries and enters unknown grounds. The GPS will instantly send alerts on your pet monitoring application updating you on the location of the pet. How convenient, right?

You can release the burden off your shoulders by buying Whistle Go Explore/The Ultimate Health + GPS Location Tracker for Pets. The device and the application come forward with the feature of live tracking that gives you alerts in seconds if your dog is near or 3000 miles away. Make the most out of adding multiple members too as any of you can take the dog along for a casual walk and your family will still be informed about your and your pet’s location. Hence the demand for smart collars is increasing as pet owners want to release the tension of searching for their pets. 

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Physical Health 

Like humans take care of their physical health, the same exercise applies to pets as well. The latest monitoring devices are embedded with physical health monitoring features that detect and save the pet’s routine movements. Some devices carry calorie intake measurement options too to determine whether your pet is getting sufficient nutrition or not. The results will assist you in determining that does your pet needs to be more physical or if the timing has to be reduced. The physical health monitoring can be done in the following ways:

Regular Exercise 

Does your pet love to play indoors and outdoors? Are they full of energy? If yes then go out to that dog park in your neighborhood and play with your buddy. Consider yourself lucky as they are getting their required amount of exercise and no matter how active they remain throughout the day, their stamina will remain intact. On the other hand, if the pet feels tired sooner than expected then look into their diet and how much food are they consuming on a daily basis. 

Balanced Diet 

When you are shopping for pet food for your dog and cat, make sure they receive a properly balanced diet. Or else you are encouraging them to walk on the obesity path. Thoroughly read the description mentioned on the packets that tells the amount of calories, and the quality of ingredients the food is prepared from, and see for relevant certifications. If you spot a nutritious meal that is approved by The Association of American Feed Control Officials, then you just hit the jackpot as the certification means that the pet food meets the necessary and minimum standards that are healthy and safe for your pet to consume. If you still feel doubtful about whether the meal will suit your pet’s digestion, don’t hesitate to consult your vet as they can provide beneficial information surrounding your pet’s nutritional needs which you might still be unaware of. Keep their bowls filled with fresh water as you don’t want to see your friend become dehydrated after playing. 

Smart Pet Feeder 

Being a responsible pet owner you would like to see healthy wagging their tails or the cat giving you hints to play with them. This will happen if you give them a balanced diet and don’t go overboard in feeding them. The smart pet feeders are available in the market to serve the purpose of checking how much meal has the pet consumed, providing portion-controlled meals, and tailored feeding schedules that avoid the chances of forgetting what time you fed them. It takes the smartness to the next level because a few feeders can track the way your pet eats involving the amount and the times the food was digested. Bringing a premium quality smart feeder will reduce the worries about whether your pet is getting the right proportion of nutrition, preventing your pet from becoming obese or malnourished, resulting in critical health issues. 

Example: Whisker Robot Feeder is still leading the race for cat parents. It adds value through a wide range of feeding options, a useful application that no other feeder could come close to, and effective, accurate timing, and portion control options. At first glance, the feeder’s design looks friendly, and a guest from the future. Yes, it is heavy but only to prevent it from getting knocked over and to prove that multiple lab tests were conducted to ensure that the device stands sturdy. 

Medical Data 

pet medical data
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Pet monitoring tracking devices are known to assimilate the tracked data. The good part is that the data can be shared with your pet’s vet, who can assess, evaluate, diagnose, and write treatments according to the pet’s condition. If not the precise information, then you will be furnished with the basic measures to start applying for the well-being of your fur ball. Pet owners must not forget that pets grow old too and as they age their illnesses increase as well. Here the following strategies can help you:

Smart Thermometer  

You must have come across the usual thermometer to note down your fever, but did you ever hear about the smart thermometer? The thermometer is designed to take the temperature of your pet if you observe that they are continuously lying or not eating properly. Otherwise, they become agitated when such a tool comes within their range. Experts recommend buying the Mella Home Pet Thermometer. It can be put under the hindleg or foreleg of the pet and within seconds accurate reading will be in front of you. How? The non-intrusive instrument uses machine learning to monitor the pet’s temperature and lets you know in maybe less than 15 seconds. Due to Bluetooth connectivity, the devices hold the potential to record and send the data to the owner’s mobile application. Guess what? After that, the report can be exported and sent to the vet on the spot. The vet can tell you what medicines to take. 

Healthcare Measures

If your pet is fond of playing outdoors, then they are prone to catching fleas, ticks, and heartworms. In this situation take your pet to the nearest salon as it’s time for some grooming or if you have enough time on your hands then you can manage it on your own. 

Begin by brushing the coat, which will remove the loose hair, and distribute the natural oils to bring out a shiny and healthy coat. Check their ears and nails, trim them if need be. Shower them with the specific shampoo and conditioner you brought. 

Routine Data

Even when you are outdoors handling engagements, your concentration is on your pet, wondering how are they doing in your absence. With pet monitoring devices, you can still see what they are up to: 

Pet Monitoring Camera 

Pet monitoring cameras have simply changed the definition of supervising your pet in your absence. Gone are the days when you couldn’t enjoy your leisure time as your pet remained at the back of your mind. The camera allows the owner to watch what their furry family member is doing and some devices enable you to talk to them also. 

Example: Eufy Dog Camera D605  has broken the records in the market through its easy installation, high-quality audio and video. The mobile application will facilitate the scanning of the camera’s QR code which will enable the functioning of the functioning of the device. The image quality is not disturbed at night since the sensors detect the time of the day and shift automatically. Nothing can miss your eye since the pet camera is there. 


Pet monitoring devices are unquestionably helpful in giving pet owners accurate data through the wide range of tools available in the market that can keep your furry friend happy for a longer period.

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Last Update: February 16, 2024