Running a small business is like juggling a dozen tasks at once – from scheduling appointments to managing invoices, the to-do list never seems to end.

Fortunately, tools like Housecall Pro vs Jobber offer a lifeline for overwhelmed entrepreneurs. They help streamline numerous operations to boost productivity and free up your valuable time.

However, with both options shining brightly on the horizon, the question lingers: which is right for you? This guide will dissect both platforms by comparing their features, pricing, and user reviews to help you make an informed decision for your business.

What Is Housecall Pro?

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Housecall Pro is a popular software solution designed for field service management. It primarily targets small businesses such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, carpet cleaning, and more.

Ever wished you had a personal assistant to handle the nitty-gritty of running your business? That’s where this platform swoops in. Introduced in 2013, the all-in-one software lets you schedule appointments, manage payments, and handle customer communication seamlessly.

This, in turn, allows you to organize workflows so you can focus on what you do best – delivering top-notch services, that is.

Housecall Pro Features

Housecall Pro offers an array of features to revolutionize your workflow. Below, we’ll dig into some.


Gone are the days of manually creating invoices and chasing down payments. With Housecall Pro, you can automate tasks and integrate them with your current processes to simplify invoicing.

From generating invoices with a few clicks to sending them directly to your clients’ inbox, the software tool takes the hassle out of paying and getting paid.

Besides, the invoicing software seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, which is a plus. It saves time and minimizes errors.

All-In-One Payment Solution

All-In-One Payment Solution

Imagine your technicians completing a job and collecting payment on the spot, all without missing a beat.

With Housecall Pro, your team can accept credit and debit card payments on the fly. It also offers Google Wallet and Apple Pay to accommodate various payment preferences.

Besides, with rates as low as 2.59% with Housecall Pro’s card reader, you can keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.



Housecall Pro’s intuitive job scheduling software lets you optimize your bookings and serve more customers without breaking a sweat. You no longer need to juggle schedules and manually assign jobs.

The platform allows you to minimize administrative work with its drag-and-drop job scheduling feature. Simply drag appointments to different slots, assign technicians with a click, and watch as your schedule falls into place.

GPS Routing

This feature lets you keep tabs on your trucks and optimize your operations with ease. Housecall Pro’s Vehicle GPS hardware gives you real-time insights into your trucks’ location, status, and performance.

Whether you’re managing a single vehicle or an entire fleet, you can trust the platform to provide reliable and accurate tracking data.

Housecall Pro login is as simple as a few clicks. Once you sign in, you’ll access more options like HCP Assistant, Google Local Services, Reporting, and Email Marketing besides the ones listed above.

Housecall Pro Pricing

Housecall Pro Pricing
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Housecall Pro offers straightforward pricing plans tailored to your business needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of its pricing structure.

  • The Basic Plan, starting at $49 monthly, is suitable for solo operators. It offers some decent features, from scheduling to dispatching and more, to optimize your business.
  • Essential Plan. This plan can be your best bet if you have a small team. It offers essential features like scheduling, invoicing, and online booking, all for just $129 per month.
  • The Max plan offers advanced features like escalated phone support and a sales proposal tool for growing businesses looking to supercharge their operations. You’d need to contact HouseCall Pro to learn about the pricing for this plan.

What Is Jobber?

What Is Jobber
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Founded in 2011, Jobber is a cloud-based field software designed to simplify and streamline operations of service-based businesses like plumbing, landscaping, and HVAC.

It offers tools to manage scheduling, invoicing, and client communication, acting no less than your business’s central hub. With Jobber, you can create and manage job schedules, dispatch technicians, and track their progress in real-time.

Jobber Features

Whether you’re a solopreneur or managing a team of technicians, Jobber has the tools you need to stay organized and focused on delivering exceptional services to your customers.

Below, we’ll explore popular features and how you can leverage them to maximize your business’ efficiency.

Sending Quotes

Sending quotes through Jobber is like giving your potential customers a sneak peek into your business’s quality services. The professionally designed and interactive quotes make it easy for customers to understand and approve the services they need.

Besides, with the ability to add services, customers can customize their quotes to fit their needs.

Work Orders

Say goodbye to lost work orders and missed opportunities!

With Jobber, you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to managing your field service work orders.

The platform ensures that every job moves seamlessly from start to finish, thanks to simplified scheduling, intuitive job tracking, and invoicing tools. From the moment a job is scheduled to its completion, Jobber keeps you organized and in control of the way.


Scheduling work and communicating it to your customers and crew has never been easier.

Whether you’re scheduling a route maintenance visit or a last-minute emergency repair, Jobber’s calendar keeps you organized and on track.

Plus, with its built-in communication tools, you can easily keep your customers and team informed throughout the work progress.


This feature lets you manage and customize the incoming requests to capture all the essential information you need to proceed with the job.

This ensures nothing falls through the cracks and things run smoothly. What’s more, you can share your customized request on your socials or website to let new leads and existing customers fill out requests directly and conveniently.

Jobber Pricing

Jobber Pricing
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Jobber offers various pricing plans to cater to different businesses’ needs. Here’s a quick look into its pricing structure.

  • This plan is ideal for solo operators. You can access all essential features like client management, scheduling, and invoicing at $69 monthly.
  • This option may suit you best if you have a small team of 5 people. It offers several advanced features at $169 monthly to ensure your business runs smoothly.
  • Grow plan provides additional customization options and priority support for larger teams and enterprises starting at $349 monthly.

Housecall Pro vs Jobber: Customer Reviews

Housecall Pro vs Jobber Customer Reviews
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Analysis of Jobber and Housecall Pro reviews show both platforms boast a significant user base. Housecall Pro has an overall rating of 4.7, which is higher than Jobber (4.5). A few business owners believe that Housecall Pro has simplified their life.

In fact, they highlighted that the platform’s name “is limiting this amazing product to residential service calls, when in fact it is so much more.”

Jobber customers also seem pretty satisfied with the product’s performance and contribution to their business. However, a user mentioned that “once you delete something, there is no way to get it back,” which they feel is a bummer.

Housecall Pro vs Jobber: Pros and Cons

Housecall Pro vs Jobber customers seem satisfied with the platforms’ overall performance. However, there’s no rose without a thorn, and both come with a few downsides. Below, we’ve given a glimpse into the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms.

Housecall Pro Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface
  • Advanced automation features to streamline operations
  • Seamless integration with various payment processors
  • Excellent customer support
  • Regular improvements based on user feedback


  • Higher pricing tier to access some advanced features
  • Occasional performance issues reported during peak usage times

Jobber Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive client management tools
  • Extensive scheduling features tailored for home service businesses
  • Accessible customer support through various channels
  • Mobile app provides on-the-go access to key features and information


  • Steeper learning curve compared to some other platforms
  • Higher pricing tiers
  • Limited built-in integrations with third-party software

Housecall Pro vs Jobber: Which One Is Better?

Choosing between Housecall Pro vs Jobber depends on your specific business needs and preferences. Overall, both platforms offer a range of features designed to streamline operations for service-based businesses. However, they both have unique strengths and weaknesses.

Housecall Pro may be a better fit if you prioritize a user-friendly interface and advanced automation features. Besides, its pricing is relatively lower than that of Jobber’s. So, businesses with low budgets or those only starting out might prefer it.

Contrarily, Jobber may be preferable if you value comprehensive client management tools and customizable request forms. It also allows you to send quotes to customers and offer them customization options.

Consider your business needs when deciding between Housecall Pro vs Jobber. Make sure, however, to take advantage of free trials offered by both to explore their features and determine which one aligns best with your preferences.

Wrap Up

Small businesses need something reliable to help lighten their load and keep things running smoothly. Tools like Housecall Pro and Jobber offer a bunch of handy features to make life easier.

After digging into what each brings to the table, it’s evident that Housecall Pro’s got a minor edge with its customer reviews, user-friendly vibe, and affordable pricing plans. However, Jobber’s no slouch either with its knack for managing clients.

So, whether you’re about simplicity or crave some serious customization, there’s a solution waiting for you to help level up your business game.

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