The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts there will be 80,000 new job opportunities for electricians through 2031. To benefit from this booming industry, you need to ensure that all your services are well-managed.

So, as an electrician running an independent business, what is the most challenging aspect of managing your work? Is it the paperwork, handling appointments, or finding more repeat customers?

Simply put, you just need an all-in-one management tool like Housecall Pro. As a powerful SaaS platform, it can manage all your work, including job scheduling, payment processing, and dispatching invoicing. And there’s more to it!

Read below as I introduce you to Housecall Pro in detail.

What Is Housecall Pro?

What Is Housecall Pro
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Imagine working as an electrician on a tough schedule every day and missing out on new appointments because you cannot manage calls on time. In that case, you would not only lose new clients but also face a strong backlash against your professionalism.

All of this is not worth it, especially if you are a capable electrician with a solid portfolio and experience.

So, to overcome this problem, you need a system that can easily manage your day-to-day tasks automatically, allowing you to focus on your skills without worrying much. This is where Housecall Pro comes in!

Founded in 2013, this SaaS operating platform is designed for home service professionals who wish to strive and grow. It combines the facilities of business solutions and financial services to help you run all aspects of your venture.

With over 25,000 HVAC, cleaning, electrical, plumbing, and other small businesses as clients, this platform hosts a thriving community of professionals to help everyone succeed.

Why Should You Use Housecall Pro Anyways?

In the electrical industry, electricians like you are often getting house calls for big and small tasks. This process is pretty tiring and unmanageable, especially if you are a one-man show. To streamline your bookings while developing smooth communication with your clients, Housecall Pro acts as a savior.

You can use it for several tasks, including:

  • Managing online appointments
  • Dispatching teams
  • Automating Billing
  • Generating new leads
  • Requesting reviews
  • Reducing paperwork

When the software manages all the above, you are only left to focus on providing great service as an electrician and a skilled worker.

You may wonder how Housecall Pro is better than other CRM platforms. When it comes to providing a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Housecall Pro wins the race.

Here are some Housecall Pro reviews to believe that.

Why Should You Use Housecall Pro Anyways?
Why Should You Use Housecall Pro Anyways?

Source: GetApp

How Does Housecall Pro Work for Electricians?

Suppose I get a client. But while finishing my job, I mistakenly schedule my next customer for an already booked slot. Booking two clients for the same schedule sounds like a disaster, right?

Such mishaps may happen when you are managing an electrical contractor service on your own or even with a team. However, they can also be avoided with the help of a well-designed SaaS platform.

The CRM software of this technology can streamline your tasks while making customer management as easy as possible. From ensuring you get the best leads to managing your online booking, payments, and customers, Housecall Pro does it all as a perfect team member of your venture.

Here are some fantastic features it offers.

Housecall Pro Career Feature

With a few simple steps, the SaaS platform helps you set up your electrical business. This allows you to earn job security through the available opportunities and establish a stable career for a long time.

At Housecall Pro, you can also learn about an easy way to get an electrician license to work legally in your region. The platform offers many resources that are available in this regard.

How Does Housecall Pro Work for Electricians?
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The Software Delivers Personalized Services

According to Housecall Pro reviews, this platform gives you all the details of your customers even before you visit their house for the job. It helps you know the details of the work required and the equipment and tools available to the client.

With this feature, you are in a better position to quote a price for your service. Additionally, all of this information saves you ample time at work as it helps streamline the job.

Result? A happy customer!

SaaS platforms like Housecall Pro:

  • Keep customer profiles on its system with notes that only you can view.
  • Send all digital invoices to help you get your payment quickly online or in person.
  • Create checklists for service reminders, invoicing, and onboarding.

Pipeline Helps You Manage Your Leads

Pipeline Helps You Manage Your Leads
Source: House Call Pro

The Housecall Pro’s lead management board, Pipeline is a helpful system in all aspects. As an electrician, you can use it to benefit from its customizable forms, request guides, and tracking system. You can also increase your conversion rates with the help of the available smart automation suggestions.

The feature also allows you to get industry insights to elevate your performance to a new level.

Simple Online Booking

Scheduling errors are a nightmare, especially if you have built a good reputation. However, these can easily be avoided with Housecall Pro’s simple follow-up automation and direct-to-calendar scheduling.

The optimization tools of the platform save you from making mistakes when scheduling appointments. You can also use them to send automatic reminders to clients so they can prepare for their upcoming appointments.

Additionally, you can upload relevant images and descriptions on your page to help your employees know the information that they may require to work efficiently.

Seamless Communication With Your Clients

Simple Online Booking
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Direct communication is key to every electric contractor’s success. A lack of good interaction can make you lose your customers to other professionals working in your industry.

The good thing about Housecall Pro is that it understands all of this. The software allows your customers to book your services at any hour of the day.

I can also use it to automate my appointments, follow-up reminders, confirmation texts, and emails.

In fact, you and I can utilize the review management feature to help get automatic reviews from your customers. This may help you land more work opportunities without putting in much effort. If you have a website, use the technology to upload reviews on its specific page instantly.

With the use of simple push notifications, you can communicate any changes to your customers or team members.

Set Your Rates and Profile Professionally

Despite being a non-techy person, using Housecall Pro won’t be a hassle for you. The Housecall Pro login process is pretty smooth and simple.

After you Housecall Pro log in to your profile, you can use the platform’s user-friendly onboarding wizard to set your price. The Price Book available on the platform gives you the industry rates to set competitive rates for your services.

In addition, you get an online booking link from this medium that you can post on your website or social media pages. This allows you to secure new bookings from anywhere you want, helping you run your venture more profitably than ever.

Use Service Tools to Attract Clients

The SaaS platform allows you to lead by example. It gives you the opportunity to use its advanced tools and engage with customers in a better way. By creating visually attractive buying experiences, you can grab the attention of more clients in a short time.

You can also find several proposal templates and save ample time when creating one from scratch. The templates just need to be filled out and then sent to ensure a timely service is offered.

Use Service Tools to Attract Clients
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Housecall Pro Pricing

If you want a boost in your electrician career, using Housecall Pro as an ultimate work management solution may work wonders for you. Since it utilizes the community and transactional rating system, you can consider Housecall Pro as the future of home services worldwide. Its feature-rich interface and responsive roadmap make it stand out amongst other CRM platforms.

The platform isn’t available for free, but it comes with different plans that you can avail yourself of as per your budget.

The Basic Plan

This plan consists of solutions to streamline your operations and is available for $49/month for one person only when billed annually. However, if you choose to get billed monthly, the rate is $69 per month.

You can enjoy several features through this program, including real-time dispatching, easy estimates, paperless invoicing, customizable notifications, prize book management, and an easy-to-use dashboard.

The Essential Plan

This one is considered the most popular one. It comes to $129 per month in case of annual billing and $169 for monthly billing. At this price, the plan provides several advanced features to help you scale up your electric venture.

You can buy it to benefit from QuickBooks integration, detailed job reporting, custom checklists, equipment tracking, postcard marketing, and Zapier integration. The plan can be used by one to 5 people at a time.

Max Plan

This plan is available for one hundred users and is ideal for anyone who wants to build a growing venture. You can book a demo for this one and pick a price based on your customized features.

Some essential features in this plan include advanced reporting, data integrations, and escalated phone support.

Housecall Pro also allows you to have add-ons such as sales proposal tools, recurring service plans and flat rate price book within your package. All these valuable solutions help increase the usability of the CRM platform, enabling you to increase your performance and workflow by manifolds.

Wrapping Up

Your small business in the electrical industry needs more than your matchless skills. It requires the power of automation and technology to help you manage your work professionally without any errors.

This is exactly what Housecall Pro offers, adding value to your services while helping you earn more income than you can imagine.

The good thing is that you can pick a plan from a variety of options available and experience its features to make your work manageable. Isn’t that all we want to beat competitors and grab more customers?

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