There are over 160 champions in League of Legends, so it’s kind of surprising that there are only a couple of redheads in the game.

Riot has kept their numbers small, but what we got is more than we can handle.

It’s not always easy to focus on the game and win those LP when there are so many attractive ladies on the Rift.

And, if you’re into redheads, there is at least one champion on this list you decided to main just because of their big, bouncy… ahm, red hair.

4. Zyra


Let’s start this list with my favorite deadly thorn goddess – Zyra. This redhead has one of the biggest personalities in the game and her confidence is through the roof.

Her powerful appearance and confident voice lines are what make her so hot. There are only a few skins where you can really appreciate her hotness, although all of them portray her as intimidating.

So, let’s just say I find her intimidating personality very sexy. There is a perfect amount of it in her Crime City Nightmare splash art, which is also my favorite Zyra splash art so far.

If you remember the cinematic A New Dawn, then you have seen with your own eyes how incredibly sexy this redhead is. Of course, she’s not the only redhead that appears here. 😉

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3. Leona


Leona’s hair is auburn, which is a natural shade of red. Sure, her hair might not be as bright red as the rest of the ladies on this list, but she still is a redhead, kind of.

One thing is certain – Leona’s thick thighs have been on your mind at least once if you’ve ever played her.

And if you’re wondering if she can squish your head like a watermelon between those thighs, you’re not alone.

Interestingly enough, Leona has never really been portrayed as a sexy lady in League of Legends. She’s mostly been a strong feminine figure, but that’s enough for a lot of players to have some impure thoughts about her.

Leona even gives off the mommy vibe because of her supportive character. You know you can always lean back on her, and what more can you ask for in a girl?

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2. Katarina


Katarina is probably one of the champions that come to mind when you think about hot redheads in League.

She’s a femme fatale and one of the most lethal ones at that. However, the sexiest part about Katarina isn’t her deadliness, but her knowing how deadly she is and being cocky about it.

In fact, her sharp knives and Katarina’s tight black leather suit are some of the things that made me try her out as a champion when I was getting into League of Legends. 

So, it’s no wonder that Katarina is one of the female champions in League of Legends with the highest amount of sexy, seductive cosplays.

Furthermore, as we can see in her splash art and in the A New Dawn cinematic, Katarina’s sharp facial features are very distinctive and unique and match her assassin personality perfectly.

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1. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

The redhead with the highest sex appeal on this list would have to be Miss Fortune. She’s one of the most sexualized female champions in League of Legends and here are the reasons why.

First, she often wears revealing clothes that accent her full breasts. There are multiple Miss Fortune skins for every admirer of a nice rack, such as Arcade, Secret Agent, and Candy Cane MF.

The Candy Cane one is my personal favorite because it makes the jolly seasons even jollier.

Second, she is curvy and we like it. I’m good at maths, so when I say that her hourglass figure is a mathematical perfection, you should trust me.

Third, she’s a redhead (that’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?). Her long, wavy scarlet hair is one of her most distinguishable features. It’s almost hypnotizing the way it bounces when she’s walking on the Rift. Yes, I’m totally talking about the hair.

Finally, she’s an absolute hottie and she certainly knows it. Some of her best voice lines have to be “Sure you can handle me, summoner?” and “You’ve got dangerous eyes…

I like that.”. She’s seductive and likes to use her sex appeal as a weapon – and I don’t think anyone minds that.

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Each of the four ladies on this list has their own charisma and strength of character.

Whether it’s because of their seductive personality, stunning features, or lethality, nobody can be immune to their charm for too long.

I would hope to see even more stunning redheads in the years to come, although it seems like the days of Riot releasing female champions with raw animal magnetism are long gone. 

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