League is up to this day mostly a “guy’s game”, but it also has plenty of female players. As a game with a large male player base, it sure has its fair share of hot eye-candy female champions.

However, I am thankful that Riot didn’t forget about us ladies (and everyone else that enjoys looking at sexy guys) and gave us attractive male champions in League as well. 

There are champions on this list that are so sexy, it hurts that they aren’t real.

So, I made a list of the hottest male champions in LoL, ranking fifteen of the most handsome and hunkiest boys we see on the Rift.

The 15 Hottest Male Champions

15. Viego

Viego Splash Art

I might dislike playing against Viego in League, but I’d have to admit he qualifies as one of the hottest male champions.

Viego’s splash art reminds me so much of Jim Morrison, who is one of the hottest Rock’n’Roll singers to ever walk on this planet. Apart from the hair color, the resemblance is uncanny, isn’t it?!


As a bonus, Viego’s lore shows us how dedicated he was to his one true love, his wife Isolde. He might not have the most muscular body, but his passion and determination are sexy enough in my eyes.

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14. Braum

Pool Party Braum Splash Art

Braum is one of the manliest champions in the entire Runeterra universe. His beefy daddy energy is noticeable from the very first moment you see him in-game.

Not only does Braum have the biggest mustache in League, but he probably has the biggest muscles too. I bet you could grate cheese on those stone-hard abs of his.


Braum certainly is a strong, protective figure. His most macho skin to this day is El Tigre Braum. However, my favorite one is his Pool Party skin. I can’t get enough of this skin line, what can I say?

13. Garen

Demacia Vice Garen Splash Art

Lux’s older brother Garen is another mighty and hunky male presence in LoL. This champion is covered in plate armor most of the time and we can’t see his (obviously) well-built body.

Nonetheless, Garen also has a very handsome facial structure. His manly jawline and chin alone can be enough to put him on this hottest champion list.


Garen also gives me the vibes of a Knight in Shining Armor. Most of his skins portray him in that light, after all. There’s something very sexy about big, strong, protective guys, as you can see.

Garen’s Demacia Vice skin is the only one so far that reveals this sexy champion’s hard pecs. This GTA-inspired skin doesn’t disappoint in-game either.

12. Kayn

Nightbringer Kayn

Kayn’s cinematic from 2017 showed us a glimpse of the good-looking guy that was coming on the SR. I could enjoy looking at that six-pack (or is it an eight-pack?) all day long.

It was obvious that Kayn was no ordinary champion from the very start. This half-human, half-shadow hybrid exudes power, which makes him even hotter.


If you’ve ever played with or against a Kayn, you’ve seen just how handsome he is in-game. However, he does kind of lose his handsomeness once he changes his form. With his base form being the hottest, he deserves his eleventh spot on this list. 

11. Darius

Darius Splash Art

Darius is one of those hunky champions that even though is wearing armor most of the time, you just know there’s a sexy guy underneath. I mean, the guy’s manliness is obvious. Just take a look at that jawline, and you’ll get my point.

There are a couple of videos featuring Darius, where you can witness his fearlessness. That fearlessness may be one of the main reasons I find him hot, to be honest. 


Darius is most definitely a guy that will protect you no matter what, and will probably even get into fights for you. Now, who wouldn’t like a manly, fearless, protective guy?

Although there aren’t really any skins that show him in a sexy way, his hunkiness is enough for him to make it on this list of the hottest male champions in LoL.

10. Lee Sin

Pool Party Lee Sin Splash Art

I’m pretty sure that when Lee Sin was introduced as a champion in LoL, nobody had the idea to depict him as a sex symbol. That’s probably why we’ve been deprived of some steamy Lee Sin skins. Come on Riot, correct your mistakes!

Anyway, I can’t help but notice how good-looking Lee Sin is. Here are some skins where you can admire his hotness: Muay Thai, Pool Party, and Storm Dragon Lee Sin.

Lee Sin

Pool Party is my all-time favorite Lee Sin skin. It’s probably the most laid-back Lee Sin has looked, with the summer outfit and the cocktail in his hand. And, I totally think he’s a hottie I wouldn’t pass if I saw him on the beach.

9. Lucian

I could use more sexy guys like Lucian in this game. This babe is one hell of a package. With those dreamy green eyes and chocolate tan, he could steal every girl’s heart.

This merciless AD carry has some of the fiercest gazes you’ll ever witness. The fact that he’s also tall and sleek makes him even more irresistible.


Of all the skins, Heartseeker Lucian has the most elegant look. Here he’s all dressed up for a date, looking finer than ever. Just make sure your wife doesn’t find out, Luc.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Pool Party skin for this babe (yet). I know I’ll be the first in line to buy that one.

8. Pantheon

Pantheon Splash Art

Pantheon is another strong and sexy male character in League. His bulky physique is most apparent in his splash art. You have to admit, those strong muscular arms and abs are not to be ignored.

Although his in-game model doesn’t really do him justice, Pantheon certainly looks godly in the cinematic The Call. In it, we get to admire his well-built body while he fights an entire army of warriors. 


We also catch a short glimpse of Pantheon’s face without the helmet. And let me tell you, he looks oh-so-fine

So, not only does Pantheon have a dreamy body, but he has very manly and sharp facial features, too. I don’t really need to tell you how sexy beards are, right?

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7. Tryndamere

Tryndamere Splash Art

Tryndamere is probably the most testosterone-y champion in the entire game. His original in-game look reminds me a lot of Khal Drogo, whom I also find very hot

In addition, looking at his splash art, I can’t help but notice his huge biceps. On top of that, his eyes are the bluest and fiercest I’ve ever seen. Yup, Tryndamere sure is hot, there is no denying it.


The camera angle in LoL isn’t the most flattering, unfortunately. In-game we can mostly see him carrying his big sword, creating a huge dented line in the ground where Tryndamere has passed. 

With a sword that big and those huge biceps, I can’t help but wonder what else on him is big *wink, wink*?

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6. Sett

Sett Splash Art

Sett truly was a gift to all the ladies out there and to anyone who’s an admirer of a well-built male body. Also, he was literally a gift, since everyone that played League got the champion for free.

It’s obvious to say that Sett is a very sexy male character. With those muscular arms and the eight-pack, he could have any girl he wants. But, instead, he carries a picture of a girl, which we can see in one of his in-game emotes. How cute is that?!


Sett unquestionably is the whole package. If you haven’t done it yet, make sure to check out Sett’s Pool Party skin. That’s one sexy skin for sure. Is it hot in here, or is it just me?!

5. Taric

Armor of the Fifth Age Taric Splash Art

Would this list even be complete if I didn’t include this hunky support champ? In the lore, Taric literally is Runeterra’s guardian of life, love, and beauty. So, it’s no wonder why many find him to be a hottie.

His physique is very defined and well built. Rest assured, Taric’s seductive gaze in the Armor of the Fifth Age splash art has the power to make me weak in my knees. That’s not the only skin we can enjoy Taric’s sexiness, though.


Pool Party Taric is yet another handsome skin for our gorgeous support. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have Taric as a lifeguard, huh?

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4. Varus

Heartseeker Varus Splash Art

Varus might have one of the hottest male skins in the game, Heartseeker Varus. He has the look and the body of a Greek god, which is no wonder since he was inspired by one. 

Heartseeker Varus is League’s version of Eros/Cupid, the Greek/Roman god of desire, erotic love, and affection. As an owner of this skin, I’d have to say it sure feels steamy on the Rift whenever I play with it.


But, Varus himself is a very sexy character, too. In the lore, Varus, a darkin, holds the two lovers Kai and Valmar imprisoned within him, and they are three souls in one body. It is a truly touching story and shows us how Varus is literally made of love

I also like the bad boy vibe I get from Varus, which makes him even hotter. His sleek body and sharp gaze make a perfect combo with his flowing gray hair. I definitely won’t mind being imprisoned by this hottie.

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3. Graves

Pool Party Graves Splash Art

Graves is one good-looking fellow in League of Legends. In the lore, this criminal is a wanted man in every city in Runeterra (no pun intended).

With his amazing beard and mustache, Graves gives off an older guy vibe. It’s no wonder, therefore, that he’s considered to be a daddy for many League players.


The Bilgewater thief is almost always seen with a cigar in his mouth, which can be a turn-on for many.

And since I talked about Pool Party Braum, I have to admit that I have the hots for Pool Party Graves, as well. In the splash art, we can see Graves’ manly body and hairy chest. Graves is one hot champion, that’s certain now.

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2. Jayce

Arcane Jayce Splash Art

Jayce has always been a charming and appealing character in League of Legends. However, he really caught my eye with Arcane, where Jayce also gained his hot status. 

In Arcane, Jayce is this tall, tanned, muscular godsend of a man. The dark brown hair and bright hazel eyes only add to his desirableness. He most certainly is the young adonis of Arcane.


In League, Jayce is a bit older, but still very, very handsome. His well-structured jawline and devilishly sexy smile are only a bonus. The Debonair Jayce skin, for instance, gives us a glance at his gentlemanly and gallant side.

So, if you haven’t seen Arcane yet, I’ll just say: What the hell are you waiting for?!

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1. Sylas

Lunar Wraith Sylas Splash Art

Number one on this list belongs to Sylas, the Unshackled. And how could it not? The man exudes sex.

His sharp but handsome facial features and well-defined muscular body make him the hottest male champion on the Rift. With his alias “The Most Dangerous Mage in the Land”, he qualifies as a bad boy, too. And yes, bad boys are hot!


You can also appreciate his hotness in the Warriors cinematic. That scene where he walks into battle will forever be replayed in my mind. Here, he has the Freljord skin appearance, which is also my favorite Sylas skin.

Moreover, his effortless portrayal of confident power only adds to his sexiness. This champion didn’t only steal my ultimate, he also stole my heart. 

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There are many hot male champions in LoL, with some being hotter than others. Although my personal preference affected the making of this list a lot, I believe I was being quite objective in ranking these hunky champions. 

We could definitely use some more sexy, steamy portrayals of these powerful Runeterra men. I’m not opposed to getting a whole new batch of handsome male champions in League, either.

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