It’s no secret that League of Legends has plenty of female champions that have stolen the hearts of many players. Maybe you even started playing a certain champion because they attracted you with their looks first?

Of course, the best part about League of Legends is that with over 160 champions in the game, each female champion has unique characteristics and they can be found in every role.

In a previous post, I ranked the fifteen hottest male champions. So, it’s high time we talked about the hot ladies in the game. In this post, I’m ranking fifteen of the females we see in-game, based on how sexy they are.

15. Irelia

Order of the Lotus Irelia Splash Art

Irelia certainly isn’t the most feminine female character in League, but she is a hot one for sure. The tight armor she’s wearing and black leather leggings accent her curves in a very tempting way. 

Since we don’t have any provocative Irelia skins, we can still daydream about what’s underneath all that armor.


Although there aren’t any sexy Irelia skins, the Frostblade Irelia splash art slightly makes up for it. Both the new and the old version, but especially the pre-2018 splash art give us a glimpse of this thick bootylicious assassin. 

And, I’m certain I’m not the only one when I say that Irelia’s deadliness is kind of a turn-on, too.

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14. Sivir

Spectacular Sivir Splash Art - Full Skin Overview

Sivir definitely belongs in the top fifteen list of hottest female LoL champions. In most of her skins, she wears very revealing clothes that accent her well-toned body.

She even has a skin that was directly inspired by Wonder Woman, namely the Spectacular Sivir skin. And, I think we can all agree that both Sivir and Wonder Woman are hotties.


In addition, Sivir’s original husky and smoky voice will forever stir my blood. It makes the delivery of all the Sivir’s lines so much sexier. 

Another immensely provocative skin is Huntress Sivir. This skin emphasizes all her goodies, including her firm breasts.

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13. Fiora

Pool Party Fiora Splash Art

I think we all know about Headmistress Fiora and how erotic this skin really is. The sexy teacher wears glasses, a tight black dress, stockings, and black high heels. This combination is bound to bring fantasies into your head.

And the best part? That’s not even the only hot skin Fiora has. Pool Party Fiora is yet another exceptionally inviting skin for this female champion. Here we have Fiora dressed in a two-piece bikini and shorts. 


The splash arts don’t disappoint either. Both Headmistress and Pool Party Fiora have one of the steamiest, sauciest splash arts in the entire game.

Fiora’s sexy accent is one more thing that makes her attractiveness stand out. It is compared to the accent French people have when they speak English, which is very attractive IRL, too!

12. Morgana

Morgana Old Splash Art

The Fallen Angel, Morgana, is one of the hottest supports in League of Legends. She represents a strong female character, which I find very appealing.

In the lore, she binds her wings to embrace humanity and fights for the truth from the shadows. This is another reason why I find her to be so sexy – she stands up for what she believes in. Moreover, her apparent fondness and openness to bondage are only a plus.


Since we are talking about Morgana’s sex appeal, I’d be crazy not to admit that the old splash art was so much hotter and overall better than the new one (which is why I included it here).

In it, you could see the mage’s fierceness in her eyes and facial expressions. The large round breasts and the slim waist were only a bonus, really.

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11. Riven

Valiant Sword Riven Splash Art

Riven is a fighter champion in League that we mostly see on the top lane. Even though she isn’t sexualized (as much) as other champions on this list, we can’t deny how hot she is.

As a champion that has been around for over a decade, she has been one of the very first strong female presences in LoL, and everyone loved her for it.


Riven mains will agree with me when I say that Battle Bunny just hits differently (pun intended). Released all the way back in 2012, Battle Bunny Riven really is a sight for sore eyes. In the splash art, Riven holds up her sword ready to attack, but she’s posing in a way that accents her entire body.

As for some of the newer skins, Valiant Sword Riven stands out with its splash art. This skin is the only one where Riven has black hair and it suits her oh-so-well.

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10. Leblanc

Leblanc Splash Art

The first time I saw Leblanc, she reminded me of Maleficent, with her powerful presence and the big staff she carries everywhere. Both of them are giving me the mommy vibe, and you can’t tell me you haven’t thought of Leblanc in that way.

Leblanc’s sexiness is so evident, that it might even be superfluous to write about it. I mean, I don’t need to convince you how hot Leblanc is, do I?

In fact, Leblanc is so sexy, that she doesn’t even need to have any provocative skins to prove that. Her original look itself is enough pants-dropping as it is.


Leblanc’s body is smoking hot. She could be wearing full-body armor and I would still think that. In fact, both her Coven and Debonair skins are so tantalizing for that reason exactly. I like it when a girl doesn’t give up her goods easily.

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9. Caitlyn

Officer Caitlyn Splash Art

We all fell in love with the sheriff of Piltover, our little cupcake Caitlyn. But, don’t let her sweetness deceive you. This girl can actually shoot like a pro, and look hot while doing it!

If you’ve seen Arcane, then you’ve also seen the steamy exchanges between Vi and Caitlyn. The short girl-on-girl action we witnessed brought us to appreciate Caitlyn even more.


However, the hottest Caitlyn skin to this day would have to be Officer Caitlyn. Officer Caitlyn is so sexy, I know I wouldn’t mind getting arrested by this hottie.

Pool Party Caitlyn is a close second in terms of hotness. Who wouldn’t want to see this babe wearing so little while revealing so much? 

8. Samira

Samira Splash Art

Samira is undoubtedly one of the hottest marksmen in League. In the lore, she’s a Shuriman-born mercenary, and a dangerous one at that! 

Her appearance instantly hints at her deadliness. Samira’s full-sleeve tattoos make her both menacing and sexy. Her tattooed arms are very well-toned and muscular, too. If you check her out more closely, you’ll notice her entire body is very athletic.


Samira is yet another champion in the Runeterra universe with a unique accent.

She also has a beauty mark on the left side above her lips. Her long luscious curly hair and green eyes are two more of Samira’s irresistible features.

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7. Qiyana

True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition Splash Art

This Latina has all the features to put her in the hot category. Qiyana is one thicc assassin, blessing us with her presence since 2019. I can’t even imagine a time before her, can you?

She’s one of those girls that know just how amazing they are. If you play with her, you’ll hear her say that she’s “better than all nine of her sisters”. That self-esteem and confidence are making her even hotter. 


As a part of the True Damage group, she appears in the music video of the song GIANTS. And, yes, she’s just as sexy here. That shot of her sticking her tongue out with the words GG EZ lives in my head rent-free.

In a Reddit post, Qiyana lovers admit that saying that Qiyana is hot is just as unnecessary as saying that ice is cold. 

6. Akali

K/DA ALL OUT Akali Splash Art

Continuing with the tattooed ladies in League, we have Akali on the 6. spot of LoL’s hottest female champions. 

Akali’s one of the most popular champions in LoL and has been a part of both K/DA and True Damage. And with a good reason, too! She is definitely one of the most lethal female presences in LoL.


Her tomboyish and strong looks only add to her hotness. As we can see in her splash art, she has some very sexy tattoos on her back that continue down her right arm and left shoulder. 

This rogue assassin’s gaze is one of the fiercest you’ll ever witness. The original Akali’s deadly red eyes are the only thing that isn’t covered by the bandana on her face. 

5. Katarina

Red Card Katarina Splash Art

The lethal Katarina with her long red hair, tattoos, and black leather armor easily belongs on this hottest female champions list. 

Katarina wears a short black bra-like top and black leather leggings, revealing her toned abs and busty cleavage.

This sexy champion has been around since the very beginnings of League. Thankfully, there are many steamy skins for this hot assassin. Some of them are Slay Belle, Kitty Cat, and Red Card Katarina, to name a few.


The Mercenary skin for Katarina has a very saucy splash art, too. Mercenary Katarina accents her side ab tattoos and her big round breasts. Overall, Katarina is very gifted in the chest department, and I’m here for it.

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4. Nidalee

French Maid Nidalee Splash Art

The most attractive thing about Nidalee is her natural, wild look. She wears tribal clothes and has tribal marks all over her body. 

Even in her human form, Nidalee gives off this feral, untameable vibe. She is half woman, half beast, as she can also shapeshift into a cougar.

In her original splash art, we can notice how mother nature has gifted her, especially in her chest area. To this day Nidalee holds the hottest rack in League of Legends. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.


Nidalee even has some of the sexiest female skins in the entire game, too. Snow Bunny, French Maid, and Leopard Nidalee have been around for over a decade. Still, we can’t stop talking about them to this day.

3. Evelynn

K/DA ALL OUT Evelynn Splash Art

Everything Evelynn does screams with sex. From the way she looks and acts, to the way she talks emits pure sensual energy

Just listening to some of her voice lines in-game will get you weak in the knees

You’ll get the idea by reading these two:  ​”Their mouths say no, but their bodies say “flay me alive.” and “Naughty, naughty. That gets you a lashing.”


It’s safe to say that Evelynn is into S&M and isn’t afraid to express her eagerness and sexuality.

In addition, she’s a part of K/DA and is the hottest one of all the members IMO. But, don’t take my word for it. Just take a look at More music video and you’ll get it.

2. Miss Fortune

Arcade Miss Fortune Splash Art

Everyone knows about Miss Fortune and how hot she is. MF is obviously the most sexualized female character in the game. 

This champion has the biggest collection of the juiciest skins and splash arts. She has big round breasts, a tiny waist, and a plum derriere. Miss Fortune really is the whole package.

Playing just one game with Miss Fortune will make you realize how provocative and sexy she is. That is if her splash arts haven’t convinced you already. 

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune’s hourglass figure is to die for. It makes me wanna slide my hand up and down her flawless body. 

Captain, Candy Cane, Pool Party, Arcade, and Gun Goddess Miss Fortune are all gorgeous skins for her Royal Thigness MF, too!

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1. Ahri

K/DA Ahri Prestige Edition Splash Art

Ahri is objectively the biggest hottie in the game. The Nine-Tailed Fox is the most charming champion in League. I mean, she even has an ability named “charm”. 

Ahri is proof that you don’t need the biggest breasts or an hourglass figure to be sexy. Her actions and words are hotter than any clothes she may wear.

While playing with Ahri, you’ll hear her say: “Indulge me”, “How tempting”, etc. My favorite is her taunt “Should I make your pulse rise… or stop?”. 


Ahri’s seductive voice delivering her voice lines is bound to make you fantasize about her. And, her appearance in K/DA is only a bonus.

So, there you have it. Ahri is definitely the hottest female champion in League of Legends.

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Bonus: Kai’Sa

K/DA Kai'Sa Splash Art

Kai’Sa is very attractive with those bright purple eyes and full lips. Her long purple hair also adds to her sexiness. 

Okay, that last one might be just me, cause I love the purple color (but don’t love it enough to include Lulu in this list). 

The Daughter of the Void is also a part of the band K/DA and has multiple skins with this theme. However, her original look with the full-body void armor is hot on its own. Kai’Sa is sexy even when she’s covered from head to toe.

Kai’Sa has been featured in so many cinematics since her release. She’s even seen in the Bel’Veth’s champion cinematic. After all, she is one of the most played ADCs in LoL. And yet, I somehow can’t get enough of her.

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League of Legends has a huge collection of hot female champions, as we can see on this list. Although lately, Riot’s on a mission to remove all sexualized female splash arts, I hope they won’t touch our precious Ahri, Miss Fortune, and Evelynn. 

The irresistible sexual energy is a part of what makes these champions what they are. Trying to make them more modest would remove a core part of them, in my opinion.

However, some of the champions on this list such as Caitlyn, Irelia, and Riven show us how one female can also be considered hot without showing a lot of skin.

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