Not too many champions can be compared to Ahri. She’s been one of the most popular and most played characters in the history of League of Legends.

Ahri is a very safe pick. Because she has good CC, great burst damage, and amazing mobility, Ahri can roam and gank pretty well. There aren’t too many hard-counters for Ahri and you can play her in all team comps.

Ahri is especially good at charming enemies and bursting them one by one.

If you’ve played even a single game against Ahri, then her strengths are apparent to you. She’s an elusive character that’s difficult to shut down. 

For example, experienced Ahri players only trade when they have their passive up (for self-healing) and they only engage when they have their ultimate available (for escaping). In other words, you’re the one that dictates the rules of the fight when you’re playing Ahri.

So, here are the top 5 reasons why Ahri is such a good champion in LoL and why you should play her!

If you need help starting out with Ahri, here’s my quick Ahri guide.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Play Ahri in LoL

1. Ahri Has Fantastic Mobility Thanks to Her R – Spirit Rush

Ahri's mobility is very good thanks to her R

The first thing I want to focus on here is Ahri’s ultimate – Spirit Rush. This is one of the best ultimates in the entire game, simply because of how effective it is. You can add this ability to any champion in the game and it will immediately make them 10 times better.

Ahri’s ult is essentially three dashes into one ability. Once activated, Ahri dashes forward in a chosen direction and has 10 seconds to dash two more times. There’s a 1-second cooldown between the Spirit Rush charges, so you can’t spend them all at once.

But what makes Spirit Rush so good is that it can be combined with the rest of Ahri’s abilities. The most popular example is when Ahri dashes forward and uses her charm to quickly trap an enemy. But R + Q and R + W are also effective ways of dealing damage.

The best part about Ahri’s ult is the fact that it deals its own damage with every dash. Each charge does magic damage that scales with AP. The animation is similar to Ahri’s W, so the two abilities can be used together when bursting an enemy.

Ahri’s mobility is just fantastic. Rarely who can keep up with her when she’s trying to get away with her R. Usually, three dashes are more than enough to get you to safety. Not to mention that Ahri can jump over terrains with this ability.

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2. Ahri is a Very Safe Pick in the Mid Lane

Ahri during the laning phase

Ahri’s mobility takes only one part of her safety. But she is also a ranged champion that has a lot of self-healing. Because of this, Ahri is a very safe champion to play in the mid lane, even if the enemy counters you.

Ahri’s passive – Essence Theft plays a key role in keeping her healthy. When Ahri uses an ability, she can gain up to 3 stacks of Essence Theft. At 9 stacks, Ahri’s next Q – Orb of Deception also heals her. This effect scales with AP and it can easily be monitored because the orb Ahri is holding turns green.

Essence Theft is powerful on its own. But in combination with runes like Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter, it becomes really OP. The amount of self-healing that Ahri can do with her damaging abilities is just insane. In the late game, Ahri can heal up to 50% of her lost HP with a single Q.

But Ahri’s self-healing is also good during the laning phase. I’d say that she’s safer than many other mage picks, such as Ziggs, Xerath, or Zoe. Depending on how well you utilize her passive, you can keep Ahri at 80-100% HP at all times.

It also helps that Ahri has a medium range on all of her abilities, so she doesn’t need to always enter danger. She can charm and damage her enemies from afar, which is pretty handy for a champion that can’t escape damage without her ultimate.

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3. Ahri Has Amazing Burst Damage and Can One-shot Enemies

Ahri burst

Ahri’s ability to assassinate enemy champions is legendary. Ever since she’s been added to the game, her charm-and-burst combo has been feared by everyone on the Rift.

All abilities in Ahri’s kit are designed with synergy and work perfectly together. They can also be activated all at once to apply crowd control and deal massive amounts of damage in a short period of time.

For example, Ahri can use her E to charm an enemy champion, making it impossible for them to react. Then, she can activate her W, Q, and auto-attack at the same time to burst the charmed opponent. 

Another combo that works fantastically well is to use W right before you dash forward with R and secure a charm. Both W and R will damage the enemy at the same time, and you can follow it with Q.

Obviously, there are a lot of different burst combos you can do on Ahri. Take a look at this YouTube video if you aren’t familiar with Ahri’s ability combos.

Ahri also has great damaging numbers and scaling ratios. The more ability power you build the deadlier the burst is. But even with one or two items completed, Ahri can one-shot a squishy enemy in LoL if she lands a charm. That’s her win condition and you should always try to do that!

4. Ahri’s Charm is One of the Best Single-Target Crowd Control Abilities in LoL

Ahri's Charm is one of the best abilities in League of Legends

To be an effective assassin in League of Legends, you either need high-damaging abilities or a combination of damage and crowd control. Ahri falls into this second category because she first needs to charm an enemy then burst it with her other spells.

But Ahri’s charm isn’t simply a stun or a root that forces opponents to stand in one place. And unlike fear, it forces the charmed enemies to walk towards Ahri. And unless the enemy players have Cleanse or QSS, they have no option to avoid Ahri’s damage.

The reason why Ahri’s charm works so well is that it synergizes with the rest of her abilities. While the opponent is charmed, Ahri is always in range of her W and R. Her Q is also guaranteed to deal its full damage since it can pass through the enemy champion twice.

On top of that, Ahri deals 20% increased damage with all of her abilities to a charmed enemy. This also means that the charm always deals 20% more damage, no matter if it’s the first ability used. And all subsequent abilities Ahri casts against that target are 20% stronger.

There are so many different ways that Ahri can use her charm. Thanks to AP/ability haste items in LoL, she can charm multiple enemies in the same team fight. Each charm opens up an opportunity for a kill since it also helps the rest of her team.

And that’s why Ahri is such a good champion to have on your team.

5. Ahri is a Fun Champion to Play

no chance of catching me 😏

If you’ve ever played Ahri before, you know that she isn’t an easy champion to play. She might not have the most complicated mechanics in League, but she does require skill, knowledge, and practice.

Well, that’s also what makes Ahri a fun champion to play. 

Even if you’re a beginner, you can pick up Ahri and become decent at playing her. But the truth is that the champion has a high skill cap. So there will be something new for you to learn each time you play Ahri, which is always exciting and fun.

Other than that, Ahri is an interesting character to be around. Her voice and quotes are intriguing and it’s fun being around her. Hell, even the idea of Ahri is cool – she’s a super-attractive female that kills with her looks.

Ahri has tons of different skins that you can get. My personal favorites are Dynasty Ahri and Foxfire Ahri, but Elderwood Ahri is known to help you land better charms.

In any case, you’ll rarely get bored of playing Ahri, which is definitely what you want from a League of Legends champion.

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Is Ahri a Good Champion to Main in 2023?

Ahri is one of the best champions you could main in LoL. She’s a great mid lane pick and has everything you need – damage, crowd control, mobility, and self-healing. Ahri is a fun champion to play and offers a lot of room for practice. And you can easily carry games with Ahri if you master her.

Ahri is a great character all around. Fun and powerful, you can use her to start climbing today!

I hope this post helped you figure out why Ahri is such a good champion in League of Legends!

If you want to see how I play Ahri, check out this YouTube video.

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