We can safely say that Heimerdinger is unlike any other mid lane champion in League of Legends.

First of all, we aren’t sure if Heimer is actually a mid laner. Second, Heimerdinger has one of the most unique champion designs in LoL. And third, no one really knows how to counter him!

So one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is: Is Heimerdinger AP or AD?

Is Heimerdinger AP or AD?

Heimerdinger W in-game info

Heimerdinger is a pure AP champion and does magic damage. All players go for a full AP item build on Heimerdinger.

So if you want to counter him, make sure you buy enough Magic Resist.

The only way to deal physical damage with Heimerdinger is through his auto-attacks. Every champion in League of Legends has a base Attack Damage that grows with each level.

In Heimerdinger’s case, he starts the game with 56 AD on level 1 and ends it with 101,9 on level 18.

If you purchase Attack Damage items, like Infinity Edge, for example, Heimer’s AD will increase, and his basic attacks will do more damage.

However, you should never do it in an actual game because it isn’t practical at all.

Instead of an AD item that only increases your auto-attack damage, you should get an AP item that will increase the damage of all Heimer’s abilities.

That said, I hope I helped you figure out whether you should play Heimerdinger AP or AD. I’ve personally tried playing AD Heimerdinger, and I can tell you for sure that it’s not great.

The champion lacks all possible tools for being a ranged ADC, so you’re better off with the AP build.

However, you can play Heimerdinger in the bot lane!

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Can Heimerdinger Be an ADC/APC?

Heimerdinger AP or AD - turrets
Heimerdinger’s turrets deal magic damage

Heimerdinger isn’t technically an ADC, but he can be played as a carry in the bot lane. In fact, he’s one of the best bot lane AP Carries you can play, so definitely give him a try.

In the modern-day League of Legends, the ADC role isn’t restricted to marksmen only. Yes, they’re the most popular choices for the role, but they aren’t the only ones.

In fact, we see more and more mages being picked in the bot lane. So the “bot” role is for “carry” champions, regardless of the type of damage they deal.

If you’re a bot laner and in a team with Camille, Jarvan IV, Zed, and Pyke, then picking an AP champion such as Heimerdinger is actually recommended.

Heimer, in particular, is great in the ADC/bot role because he can completely control the lane. Pair him with a support that’s also a dominating laner, and you have yourself an easy laning phase.

What support is the best with Heimerdinger ADC? Who goes good with Heimerdinger?

  • Pyke – offers high damage throughout the game, and he’s full AD, so you’ll have a mixture of AD and AP damage in the bot lane.
  • Morgana – brings crowd control and spell immunity, which is very helpful on Heimerdinger because he doesn’t have mobility nor defensive abilities.
  • Bard – it’s very easy to set up kills with Bard’s ultimate because it gives enough time for Heimer to put down his turrets.
  • Senna – deals great amounts of damage overall and can constantly heal Heimerdinger.
  • Yuumi – turns Heimerdinger into a one-man army, making him unkillable while also bringing crowd control to the table. 

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Heimer is undoubtedly one of the most confusing champions in LoL. Not too many players truly understand his mechanics because he isn’t the most popular pick in any role.

But this is what we can all agree on – Heimerdinger is an AP champion that deals magic damage and can carry games from all lanes.

So if you were wondering if Heimerdinger is AP or AD, I hope my post helped you out.

And if you’re thinking about trying out Heimer in the bot lane, either as an ADC or a support, I’d definitely recommend you do that.

He is a super useful champion that can win games easily if practiced enough!

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